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Problem with any GB training provider is the cost of travelling back and forth from NI, along with accommodation. If I can secure a local college course, it would be significantly less expensive and would allow me to continue earning at the same time as gaining experience. It would be nice to complete my portfolio at the same time as C&G 2365 (more likely EAL equivalent at local college), rather than completing a course and then start working towards it.

I'm determined to get started by September, one way or another, and the next few months will determine what route that has to take. This forum has been great for putting regulations into context, but I'm ready for mathematical challenges and whatever else training throws up. The practical side of the industry is probably least concerning, but there are quite a few areas that will be new to me and I'm champing at the bit right now.
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I see the guy never came back and answered the question then. Speaks volumes to me, and hardly makes the place look like a credible option.


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I think at some point he or someone else from the company has to respond as it only takes a Google search for prospective customers to find this thread and draw their own conclusions
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I just wanted to say that I got the exact same experience today as everyone above has described (spoke to a guy called Jag/Jack today) who asked me a lot about my personal situation, education etc but didn't disclose anything around the course apart from being NVQ level 3 trained which would take between 9-12 months to complete domestic and commercial parts for. He wanted to do a follow up call on Friday with me and my wife, but it got the alarm bells ringing as he didn't talk about money and seemed too good to be true. I did some digging (which led me to this thread) and found that the company is registered under GET ON THE TOOLS LIMITED, which was incorporated in December 2020. The director has another company under his name, which was incorporated in Jan 2021. I don't think I'll be progressing with this company as there is a lot of unanswered questions here and nothing concrete to rely on (their Facebook page 'community' section has one post, and no other reviews).

So my question is, where does a guy who wants to train, but can't give up work, go?
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Omg my partner had interview with a r dhania and he wanted to speak to me, he spoken to me and wanted to know if my partner really serious about the course and if he elegiblenfor some payment system. He made me watch a trade college 10min video whilst on the call and today he going to call again to do a course guide conference and he wants me to be apart of it also. This is very strange, ive never had anyone do interviews this way and i dont under why i need to apart of so much interviewing.

Hi there,

I had a webcam interview with someone that represents this college and I must say it was all very unorthodox. We spent 50 mins just talking about me and my personal situation and absolutely no information regarding the college or their courses was divulged.

We now have another 'interview' scheduled for next week in which he wants my partner to also be in on the call. I find this all very strange. They're supposedly offering training courses, so why do they need to speak to my partner??

Can anyone shed any light on this organisation? Are they even legit? My cynical mind is screaming out 'SCAM'

I would love to hear from others and their experience.


Mike Johnson

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I think it was established quite early on that this organisation has no credibility, they where asked a few pertinent questions re, company address and training centres to which there was never any reply, I would feel you would be throwing money away with them, let alone wasting your time, look for posts from someone calling themselves "Marcus" who contradicts himself and is very evasive, came onto the website saying he was a trainer in his profile and then denied it when challenged.
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The safest option is to use recognised colleges and don't be encouraged to take a level 2 to begin with. Start at level 3, it's a steeper learning curve but will save you time and money
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Didn't realise this thread had picked up so much traction since my post about TradesCollege.

I decided to ignore them and walk away in the end. They also wanted a video call with my partner involved. Other details weren't very credible as discussed already.

I've had no contact with them for 6 months but in the past week they have started calling me from various similar mobile numbers upto or more than 5 times a day, every day.

Answered 1 call and they went straight into pushy personal questions about my work/personal life. Details of my job, if I rent, live with patents etc..
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