1. H

    B12 Sentra - strange accessory circuit failure

    Hi there, My problem is thus: I own an '88 Nissan Sentra in which all the electricals were working fine. I received some 12v LED strips in a delivery which I would like to install as daytime running lights. In order to test whether the running voltage of the car would be suitable, I attempted...
  2. Lucien Nunes

    Another socket puzzle: Why the extra terminal?

    Here's an old accessory made to BS1363. You can connect it to a ring and plug 13A plugs into it. What is the fourth terminal for? I've blanked off some text moulded into the bakelite so as not to give too many hints at first. Nothing else is hidden.
  3. mhar

    Accessory screw covers

    Anybody got any tips on how to remove the little plastic inserts that the likes of Click and BG supply to cover the screw heads on the front of their switches / sockets etc? I often use a bradawl but this always damages them and is fairly obvious when they are replaced. BG normally supply double...
  4. S

    12v Accessory Wiring Problem

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me solve my problem. I've searched everywhere and cannot find what I'm looking for. (or I'm searching the wrong things). I have an accessory that receives power when my ignition is on. What I would like to do is include a switch in this circuit, to...
  5. A

    Minor Works Views

    Hi All Just wanted your views on this The company i work for has installed a new replacement boiler and we haveinstalled a new programmer and wireless room stat. we are using an existing circuit so a minor works will be used. I’ve been told I’m going overboard certifying it, but i believe all...
  6. S

    13 Amp Radial Circuit - with added joy

    Back to my cat pee soaked floors and a RCBO protected radial cirucit that is giving grief. RCBO symptoms described by the customer, "it's a nuisance and keeps tripping so we just flick it back up, sometimes it's OK first time sometimes it can take 3 or 4 goes before it resets, sometimes we have...
  7. S

    steel conduit

    Would you put this as a code 4 on a pir? No steel conduit boxes have earth fly leads. By my understanding they all needs to be eartherd.
  8. D

    Testing after like for like change

    When changing fittings i.e. sockets and switches like for like what testing would you do afterwards as a minimum?
  9. brs73

    outdoor dimmers?

    hello there i need to install a (three gang) dimmer at a botanical centre. outdoor but under cover. been searching for weatrherproof dimmers without any luck!! any help out there would be greatly appreciated, its going to be in a childrens learning centre so there will be a good chance of...
  10. E

    Ring main fault

    I was called to a friends flat today after he had heard a big bang from the ring main. He said he checked the CU and the MCB was tripped, so not knowing anything about electrics he put it back on, he said it stayed on for a couple of seconds then tripped again. I went round to have a look and...
  11. sythai

    Megger 1552/53 Case too small....

    Getting fed up with trying to squeeze all my test leads kewtek adaptors etc in small compartment of megger case.... Would like to buy additional protective case to put all these bits in along with my clamp meter + test lamp, and just keep the megger hard case for tester alone, any ideas ...
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