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Anybody got any tips on how to remove the little plastic inserts that the likes of Click and BG supply to cover the screw heads on the front of their switches / sockets etc? I often use a bradawl but this always damages them and is fairly obvious when they are replaced.
BG normally supply double the amount required so it is easy (albeit a bit of a pain) to collect spares, however Click only supply the exact number required. Is it possible to buy these anywhere?


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Stanley blade usually picks them out easily.
I'm sure click would provide spares. I know Hager sell them separately.


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How do you get rid of the blu tac stain, or do you use white tac?
Didn't notice any staining, the blu tac tends to stay in one lump.
Maybe "blew takk" from the 99p store would have that problem but i only buy the branded stuff from wh Smith;)


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I tend to use a Stanley knife blade, but thinking about it now, I've always got some duct tape in the toolbox, so I might try that.


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1st attempts - insulation tape
2nd - Stanley blade carefully
3rd attempt - whatever because it’s not going back in looking nice!
The likes of Denmans Designa range give you 3 in the package which is useful as I’ve had the Hamilton verve (my favourite) only give 1 in the packet which isn’t impressive!

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And if you're really stuck a 3/4" screw [or other length lying round in the toolbox] a couple of turns into the centre of the cap followed by pliers on the screw.:)


And if you do that to all of the sockets in the house the owner will think it's normal and not complain :rolleyes:


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You can buy packs of these little covers on amazon and at screwfix.
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