1. G

    Portable Generator (Health & Safety Query)

    Hi all, Firstly, apologies if this thread is in the incorrect area of the forums. I'm currently undertaking a degree in Health & Safety - I'm about to begin an assignment in which a portable generator was housed in a confined space, which, ultimately led to the death of an individual through...
  2. B

    Multi Use Portable Solar Solution

    Hi All, Sorry to jump straight in with a question but not sure where to start. I’m basically looking for a portable solar option around 100W to cover all bases: Increase my boat’s solar capacity (it came with a 100W panel wired in but I’ve since upped my battery draw). Use on the car to keep...
  3. peeko

    Portable cabin wiring

    Does anybody know if there's a minimum csa for final circuits in a portakabin type unit? They're static, used as a site office & canteen - I've got something in my head about 2.5mm2 tri-rated but not got my books with me, am I getting confused with trailers? These have been done in 1.5 & 2.5 t&e.
  4. I

    Testing portable welfare units with built in generator

    Hi I’ve recently tested a unit and rcd times are fine and R1R2 but Ze and Zs are High values and are not within bs7671 for a tns supply , I don’t really know what ze I should be getting to start with and would it be better treating it as a TT ,I will admit I’ve never done one before and only...
  5. L

    Guitar amplifier made portable?

    Hi there! Me and a friend would like to go busking in London. We do have two guitar amps which will be enough for the amount of instruments/mics we will be using. However, the amps still need to be plugged into a socket. Is there any way we could buy a cheap power bank or another kind of...
  6. H

    Is Portable applaince test PAT is must for private houses , schools and hotels ?

    It's a question In UK is PAT must for 1)private houses 2 )schools 3) hotels ? Thanks
  7. A

    Electric fire circuit issue

    I have been given from a friend an electric fire as seen attached. The fire comes all as one with fire surround and hearth with a power cord and 3 pin plug at the end. The fireplace is rated at 2kw. As far as I was aware this is ok to just plug into my downstairs ringmain. Am I correct With...
  8. littlespark

    Reliable portable reversing camera

    I'm looking for a reversing camera for my van, basically for when i'm hooking on a trailer on my own. I believe they only work when reversing, (taking power from the reversing light) but I would like it to work when I want it to, so I can check the trailer load while driving. Do they work with...
  9. Electrical2go

    Keep your cool 5% off portable fans. (Plus your standard -5% as a forum member)

    Prices from £9.74 (inc forum discount) Hurry selling fast!
  10. D

    Diy portable power supply

    Im a joiner and as one i need powerful tools, i had a crazy idea to use my li ion batteries in series to run 240v universal motors i have tried 2 18v batteries in series so far and it works but i want to make something that is safe, im thinking running an earth cable into a plug and just using...
  11. Thebonse

    Supply to Portable buildings and portacabin/container

    Hi Fellas Sure i had another login but seems my account has been recycled......anyway. Im running a supply to multiple portacabins and shipping containers. The Supply is a TNS and is approximately 95m away. I have decided on a 63A 3phase circuit and calculated the cable size @ that length to...
  12. rolyberkin

    Kewtech Portable Appliance Adaptor Box (17th Edition)

    Hi Has anyone used one of the Kewtech PAT adaptor boxes or got any views or experience of using it? I have a load of my own band/pa equipment to test such as amps and extensions leads etc, would this be up to the job? PATADAPTER1 Portable appliance adaptor box | Kewtech -...
  13. D

    Circuit that displays correct P-N-E on a small portable distro board

    Hi All, I am designing a few small single phase power distribution boards for stage use. A 63A CeeForm inlet will supply multiple 16A CeeForm outlets Between the I/O will be a dual pole breaker > a RCD > then individual MCB's for the 16A outlets. There will also be a panel meter displaying...
  14. H

    Conduit Bender

    hi looking to buy a 20mm steel conduit bender, something that's portable so I can put it in the back of the van. cheer
  15. R

    Should it not be PA Testing?

    I've noticed that it's called PAT Testing everywhere but surely it should be called PA Testing otherwise its Portable Appliance Testing Testing!!!!!:dunce2:
  16. A

    Portable Appliance Testing advice.

    The company I work for are responsible for carrying out all the testing in a high profile chain of stores. The customer is of course expecting everything to be done correctly so they are fully complaint. My company has said that any appliances that are located above the ceiling or in voids...
  17. D

    3kw shower!

    Clutching at straws here methinks but I promised a client I'd do my best. Scenario is a stable block being knocked down and rebuilt with the existing supply definately not being replaced. The client has asked if a shower head on a long hose is possible so that horses and dogs can be washed down...
  18. P

    Fixed Appliance Testing Problems

    Hi Guys I had the joy of testing the kitchen appliances in a new rental. The fridge, freezer and washing machine were all free standing under the worktops and couldn't be moved on account of the floor tiling laid down in front of them. Only way to test was at the individual FCUs. I could only...
  19. JD6400

    Safety certs for a generator ?

    I have just been approached by a client who is a fencing contractor and is about to start on a contract for the national grid , they have asked for the usual pat certs but they have also asked for certs on his portable Genny's . I can not really think of a cert that would cover this ! What do...
  20. Dean Williams

    EICR Limitations

    Just had a meeting today with Peter Lee Williams, NICEIC assessor for my promotion to QS. amongst other things he said that one of the limitations for eicr's should be that portable appliances have not been tested. just wondering what everyone's thoughts are. I thought it was unnecessary.
  21. R

    Workbench, Which is best??

    Dear All, I'm apprentice, I'm investing in some tools and wondered what peopls thoughts were on the best work bench to buy for build quality and usefulness... Thanks for any Advice...
  22. C

    Got my C&G in Portable Appliance testing today... Info and advice on testers please

    Hi folks, I passed my C&G Portable Appliance testing today. Another string to the bow so to speak. I Have only ever done appliance testing as an employee when I used to work for people, so this is my first step into the PAT world alone. Im looking at PAT equipment now, trying to decide the...
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