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  1. M

    Domestic Chase junction box in wall

    Hi Guys, I'm tweaking the layout to my garage and I'd like to put a cabinet against the wall right where my conservatory sockets are fed from. Due to this I need to recess a junction. I had planned to mount an adaptable box in the wall and chase a channel out for some conduit, however I'm not...
  2. Andy C

    Best IP65 adaptable box with Din rail for outside placement.

    Hi All, Quick question, I am going to provide a supply to the above from the far side of a house to intern supply 32A to a large hot tub and also a supply for some later outside lighting and maybe a patio heater. What reliable box would you suggest? It must have a din rail and 2 connection...
  3. M

    Bathroom lighting and fan query...!!

    ok so any help would be greatly received..! just finished a rewire on a bungalow... the new owners of the property are planning to do the kitchen and bathroom in the summer, so i've reused the old shower and cooker supplies and kitchen ring and put them away in the new board for the time...
  4. happyhippydad

    IP 55 Enclosure from screwfix! code 33991

    I have just used 11 of these boxes with SWA terminations They are awful and I dont want someone else to have the same problems I did. They seem ok, quite sturdy and the price attracts you, however one or two of the screws snapped when doing up the front cover and then MANY more snapped when...
  5. S

    Connection of 2 convector heaters using armoured cable on a radial circuit

    Evening Gents, Im looking for some advice, I have to connect two convector heaters on a radial circuit - I will be connecting each outlet via fused spur flex outlet, I was going to use a 3x3 adaptable box to terminate the one armoured then connect in singles to fused spur...
  6. S

    Glanding SWA into plastic CCU? Domestic

    What are peoples opinions on... Coming from a metal wylex 80A sw/fuse in a 25mm SWA to feed a plastic consumer unit? A slight differnce of opinion on site this morning!! I'm thinking the consumer unit should be metal cased, although another spark doesn't see why, other than the strength of the...
  7. T

    60A C-Block - it ok to join shower with?

    Replacing a board and was wonder if it's ok to connect the existing shower circuit (separate from board at the mo) with 60A connector in and adaptable box?Cheers
  8. D

    CU Change and extending circuit wiring

    I am changing my home CU for my NIC inspection. At the moment i have a rewirable fuse CU in a 1960's house so thought its about time its changed. On initial inspection everything seems in order, ok it all need to be brought up to 17th standards and none of the lighting circuits have an earth but...
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