1. PJH2903

    Pro Electrician Reliable Lancashire Electricians | Hudnott Electric Ltd

    Friendly and Qualified Electrician in Lancashire -Hudnott Electrical Ltd We are a small company based in Bacup, Lancashire specialising in domestic electrical work. I am an electrician working exclusively in the domestic sector. I will undertake all types of general domestic electrical work...
  2. Soulcraft Electric

    Alterations to an installation with a 1980s (?) Wylex board protected by a single external RCD

    Just carried out a pre-work survey (older property and I wanted to check it over) for a client that wants a few extra sockets and other bits and bobs. The installation has a 5-way Wylex board (I’m guessing 1980s - white/cream plastic) which has had RCD protection added externally at some point -...
  3. S

    Bonding required when alterations in special location

    hi guys Just a quick question as I’m being told I don’t have to Would I have to install bonding to water and gas services if I’m to install a fan in bathroom due to it being a special location
  4. A

    garage wiring alterations

    Hi, I've bought a new build house and it has a detached garage. There is a single breaker on the house consumer unit for the garage which feeds a cable into the garage. This cable runs underground and comes up into a switch (inside the garage at the front) that seems to shut off all electrics...
  5. C

    Wiring and Kitchen alterations

    Hi guys, Going to a job where they are having a kitchen rip out and new one installed, the upstairs has just been tiled and finished so any works to happen under the boards are a no go, what are people’s thoughts on through crimping for socket movements and chasing down to just below worktop...
  6. P

    Alterations to large office with full test records,RCBO's only on cleaners sockets

    Hi, I am doing alterations to a fifth floor office in a special effects company. I have a few questions. On looking at the installation it is only 5 years old and in good condition, all records of testing and good electric layout drawings. With the new update on the regs in mind i see that there...
  7. G

    Domestic New installation addition or alteration

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and have a relatively simple query!! I've recently completed a rewire however the existing upstairs and downstairs lighting circuits were not replaced as they are in good condition and were rewired a few years ago! I have slightly altered the aforementioned circuits...
  8. kingeri

    EICR - estimating dates of alterations and additions

    I find it relatively easy to judge the age of additions and alterations to installations with some degree of accuracy (I think). One useful clue can be the date stamp or sticker on accessories and MCBs etc.. My problem is I don't know how to read most of them. Is there a method I am unaware...
  9. D

    Domestic Getting Contractor switches fitted - Northernpowergrid area

    If you ask the DNO (Northern Powergrid) about contractor switches they'll send you to Meterplus (a division of NPower) and Meterplus will want to extract £82 plus VAT from your pocket. However if you find the supplier is NPower or British Gas your in luck. First find the supplier by...
  10. D

    Contractor Switches - Free !

    First find out who the supplier is at Homepage If you then phone Northern Powergrid you'll be pointed from the DNO (monopoly) to Meterplus a division of NPower and told the cost is above £82 +VAT However if the supplier is found to be NPower - all your customer has to do is just phone...
  11. C

    Signing off work in southern Ireland

    Hi all and a happy new year, I have been asked by a familly member to carry out some domestic electricaL work, some new circuits and additions/alterations to existing over in Galway, Ireland. Does anyone now what the rules are regarding signing work off (if needed). Thanks :clover:
  12. G

    Rcbo`s for tv shop?

    Hello everyone new electrician signing on. Have a small query? I have to do some alterations to a small tv shop soon. I have no info at all yet about the installation as yet. I am just getting info in my head together before i get on site. Being a small commercial site, i am presuming it will...
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