1. L

    Certs for builders

    I have just done some work for a builder for a new house extension which consisted of, Additional sockets added to existing rfc Additional lights taken from existing lighting circuit. All tested with good results. I have sent a minor works to the home owner and the builder has asked me to...
  2. D

    Builder makes the headlines again....

    For all the wrong reasons...
  3. T

    Large builders

    Does anyone on here have experience or currently do any work for large house builders? What kind of prices do they offer for new build work? Me and my mate just smashed out three 3 bed houses in a week. And no it wasn’t a rough job, we are just fast workers and know how to get it done well...
  4. S

    Bloody builders!!!!

    Hi first time posting just looking for advice from fellow sparks, having troubles with builder at home. He’s suppose to be knocking down some load bearing walls and fitting steels, fitting a kitchen and a couple of windows. Was agreed this week he would knock walls down rip out kitchen and fit...
  5. Top Cat

    Blo*dy Builders!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Called today to do 2nd fix on an extension, 14 downlighters in the ceiling. On 1st fix I spoke to the builder and said leave the cable above ceiling and I will drill the holes. Could you make sure the cables for each light are below the Celotex and could you cut a section of the Celotex away for...
  6. rolyberkin

    Temporary Builders Supplies

    Hi All Has anyone recently installed a temp supply for either UKPN or Western Power? Both for single property developments. I am interested in what structures are appropriate, cannot get hold of them until next week now.
  7. J

    builders supply- amendment 3

    afternoon first time since amendment 3 came out that I have had to install a TT system I need to install site temps on a plot of land ready for new build flats. UKPN will be installing a new PME temp supply Am I right in thinking I am ok to take my tails through a nylon Wiska tail gland-...


    I often work alongside a small team of other trades on flats and house refurbishments for private owners, however on a slightly bigger project than usual, I've been asked to provide a temporary builders board in a large house that is to be converted into four flats. The existing supply into the...
  9. L

    builders and there good ideas

    Hi Evening all been to look at a job about installing 2 instant water heaters in this property, no problems you would think. These heaters are zip dex12 11kw nearly 50a each heaters yes 2 of them in same cupboard to power 1 x shower each. The house is 5 bedroom and is only on a 60a supply...
  10. Cadgey123

    Builders done a runner....

    Been doing a bit work for a "builder" over the last few months. He has been paying my invoices reasonably on time and often. I have started a rewire recently which I had taken deposit. Now first fix has just been complete the has went MIA. The client is getting worried now as they are unable...
  11. R

    Separating switch lives at fan isolator?!

    Hi guys, new to the forum, electrician two years out of my time and still learning! Im on a site 2nd fixing at the moment, unfortunately it's builders who have 1st fixed, the problem is; 3 bathrooms, 3 PIR, 3 lights, 1 fan, same circuit, I told them that where they've taken a s/w live from...
  12. A


    So I was following a van to work today which said 'British Gas Approved Builder' Not something to brag about I thought. And what do British Gas know about building.
  13. W

    The big jobs aint always the best

    Ive been analysing my work over the last 2 years and have confirmed what i have suspected for a while now; it seems that in this game everyone is always brainwashed into the mentality of getting the big jobs in, large contracts are good! well i have personally found the big jobs are up to 45%...
  14. M

    Customer doesnt want us to complete!

    Ok guys looking for some advice. Will be contacting my scheme provider and LABC tomorrow. basically builder starts wiring an extension and then calls me in to finish it and sign off. I told them i cant do that and it will need putting right as i cant even see their first fix due to plastering...
  15. P

    Informing building control

    I've just come to the end of a large domestic re-wire and I'm using it for my NAPIT inspection. The problem I have is that the builders I am working for need it signed off 'NOW'! by building control, but my inspection isn't for a couple of weeks yet. Is it acceptable to complete the Electrical...
  16. i=p/u

    ignorance of builders

    doing work for builders , i had booked myself out few days to other guy and builder seems to think he can just ring me and drop everything for him. he puts no planning into jobs and is just a nutter. ps when i saaid no on phone for 3rd time he just ripped them out . and then he said he got it...
  17. La Poste

    Cowboy builders

    New measures designed to protect the public from incompetent "cowboy" builders were announced by the government on Wednesday and given a cautious welcome by MPs. Tradesmen who operate self-check schemes, which allow them to assess their own work, will be required to meet higher standards, the...
  18. N

    Builders vans

    I keep seeing builders with 24hr callout on the van. Do people really wake up at 3am and decide they need an urgent extension.
  19. O

    Is it always the sparkies fault?????

    Been doing a job on and off for a few weeks, mainly because the chap doing the building works isn't very good at estimating times to achieve tasks. As a result, there has been the odd day where I've not been able to get on site to do work as the building work isn't ready for me then when he's...
  20. S

    Builders Prices

    can you guys give me an idea of prices for builders or even message me a guide. I really dont want to come unstuck as have done a few jobs on price for builders but with hold ups etc it soon eats into your money. As with boarding of walls whats the best route as some builders are helpful and...
  21. Amp David

    Extending a circuit issues

    Evening all, Been asked to wire a new extension. As there are plenty of spare ways in the CU, I suggested running a new 20 Amp radial. Customer, who is a friend, says theres already a socket there (used to be a conservatory there before the extension), so why don't you use add to thiat. My...
  22. A

    R1 & R2 on light circuit

    Following an install we carried out in February that tested fine when complete, we have returned (finally) to commission the installation and on retesting are getting a strange reading on a light circuit: (bearing in mind, in the intervening 6 months, builders have been in and refurbed the...
  23. G

    Most common job?

    Hi As someone who is thinking of going self employed what could i expect as the most requested type of work or request to look at. Cheers Graham
  24. Y

    Earthing conduit

    Hi all. Just a quick question for the more experience sparkies out there. Haven't done alot of conduit work before, so am not sure babout bonding. I'm helping to second fix a job and the builders have removed an internal wall, leaving a leg of the ring and shower cable. Since the runs...
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