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  1. peeko

    Anybody recommend good calibration services?

    I don't know if it's just me but the prices of getting testers calibrated has seemed to have gone through the roof. I appreciate the kit isn't cheap, I got a quote for some myself a few years back, but when the guys drop in to do it in the wholesalers I've also seen how long it takes. I've just...
  2. Lister1987

    Packaging MFT for transit to Calibration Centre

    Anyone sent Thier meter(s) to Calibration Centre in Stafford via the provided UPS service they offer? How would you advise to pack the MFT? (aside from well), send in original hardbox inside a cardboard box/ wrapped in rubble sack?
  3. M

    HV calibration in scotland

    Hi everyone, I have been asked by a customer to resurrect some of their very old testing equipment . Long story short , I have managed to get an old Ferranti HV insulation tester back up and running but , I know for a fact that the next thing he is going to ask me is , "can someone calibrate it...
  4. Lister1987

    Trainee Offered a 2nd hand 1730 for 475, no calibration - Worth it?

    As above, images have the unit with minor wear and tear and shows leads & case. Does state it requires calibration - would this be worth the price? I've got no intention on going out doing jobs but I figure I'll be using something at College and this gives me time to learn the unit and it's...
  5. PJH2903

    Megger 1730 calibrate or not before sale?

    I have an MFT1730 which I will be selling (have upgraded) and would value the groups opinion. The calibration certificate has expired so is it worth me spending the money to have it recalibrated before I sell it? What would you all pay for a meter that is in excellent condition calibrated v’s...
  6. happyhippydad

    CEF offering calibration for £35 + VAT.

    My title looks like an advert! It was time for my MFT to be calibrated so I started ringing around. Wilts (Rexel) are my choice for buying all my gear although they are usually expensive for calibration, as they were this time £75+VAT. I rang CEF next and they were £35+VAT. I asked why they...
  7. happysteve

    Kewtech KT63 MFT with calibration certificate

    Used Kewtech KT63 MFT, with leads, hard case, instructions, and calibration certificate dated 12/03/2019 (i.e. last week). Purchased October 2014, used until about September last year. Great little tester, simple, small and lightweight (will not give you neck-ache!). Only takes 4x AA batteries...
  8. John Preston

    Do you need a calibration certificate on new equipment?

    I've been looking at buying some new test equipment and have noticed that there is always an option to buy with or without a calibration certificate. (extra cost involved) Surely if the equipment is "brand new" then you shouldn't need it... or am I wrong?
  9. L

    Meter Calibration at responsible rates?

    Does anyone know a good, reliable and fast service? nearly forgot well priced too.
  10. B

    What Happens During Meter Calibration

    as some of you know my background is as an electrician in the RAF mainly working on 3 phase machines including generators. When it comes to meter calibration they are always done and any meter found to be out of calibration is quarantined until it’s been done. My new employer seems much more...
  11. oracle

    Challenging Fluke on calibration issue

    I once (in another country) sent a Fluke thermometer to them for calibration. It came back with a Calibration certificate which showed 96 degrees at boiling point, ie 4 degrees out, and - 4 degrees freezing point also 4 degrees out. I boiled my kettle with the thermometer aimed at the water and...
  12. G

    multifunction tester calibration kidderminster

    Does anyone know where I can get a multifunction tester calibrated near Kidderminster, Worcestershire?
  13. G

    Calibration test sheet anyone

    HI all, tryd to search but cant seem to find it Has anyone go a copy of the monthly calibration test sheet for a multifunction tester so I can check it monthly. Cheers Grand
  14. telectrix

    FREE Calibration 20 thnigies bugger

    Friday 16th Marcch. YESSS Warrington are having a free cal. day.
  15. B

    Multi function tester calibration

    Hi guys Nice simple one Where do you get your mft calibrated and how much does it cost? I have a kewtech kt63 I’m struggling to find prices and companies in Essex that do it Any help is appreciated Thanks
  16. S

    Can anyone recommend MFT calibration service centre in the north east

    Hi All - as per the title, any recommendations in the north east as I don't really want to send the tester via courier ! thanks
  17. happyhippydad

    Good price for calibration.

    I thought I would share some good news :) It's time for me to get my MFT calibrated so I started ringing around to get the best price as the wholesalers seem to change their prices every year. Guess who came out on top by a long way...... CEF! £35 + VAT. I questioned the price saying it...
  18. telectrix

    Free Calibration, Warrington YESSS.

    As title. on Tuesday 11th July. @YESSS , Warrington branch. Summer Trade Day with a few manufacturers attending. 1 free calibration per bloke/blokesss, £25 per additional meter.
  19. Sparky2017

    Kewtech Part P Cheapest way

    Where is the cheapest place for calibration. Thanks Sparky2017
  20. akwoody2

    Meter Calibration

    Hi All, I need to get my Megger calibrated soon and i normally get it done by the wholesalers but wondered how many of you use an online service where they collect it and return it within 4 days and how was your experience? Thanks
  21. N

    Calibration west London

    I live west London area quite close to Uxbridge and I am looking for a place to physically take my testers to, to be calibrated. I have googled but can't find anything?
  22. Dan Brown

    Fluke 1652b Multifunction Tester

    Going to buy this Fluke MFT 1652b from someone on eBay, can anyone tell me if this is a good tester can't find it can only find the C version or 1653 I know flukes a good brand and the person has looked after it very well I am going to pay around £310 all in all is this a decent price?
  23. P

    Megger 1552 main dial selector repair required

    Can any one recommend somewhere other than megger I can get my MFT repaired. The main dial selector dial is starting to go, seems like a common fault with these.
  24. Midwest

    Free Calibration

    Hope this hasn't already been posted, Trade Skills 4 U (a forum sponsor) are offering free calibration at their new Warrington facility; Free Calibration Morning -...
  25. M

    Megger mft1730 test lead ends. (Red and Green

    Hi, Im new here so please forgive me if this has been covered. I sent my mft1730 off for calebration a month ago and didnt check the contence of the box on its return. Unfortuneately the have lost the red and green tips. Is there anywhere I could find some of these without having to buy the...
  26. H

    WANTED: Meter Calibration NE

    Best place to get meter calibrated NE (Durham/Newcastle) - any thoughts? It's Metrel if that makes any difference.
  27. C

    Fluke 1652c calibration

    Hi all, can anyone tell give me a clue where I can get a Fluke 1652C calibrated in either Bedford or Milton Keynes? The cheaper the better lol thanks chris
  28. O

    Megger MFT 1730 Calibration Fail

    Hi, just got a bit of a shock this morning, turns out my Megger has failed calibration and needs to go back to Megger for a "fixed price" repair charge of £426.24 (inc VAT) and that's before it gets re calibrated!! I had a feeling that it might still be in warranty but after checking found out...
  29. infinity

    new Megger

    I'm looking at splashing out in the 1730 Anyone know who sells them at the best price? Il also be selling my 1553 if anyone's interested its in immaculate conditions till well looked after and about 9 months calibration left
  30. T

    Fluke 1653b ze issue 0.00 every time

    I bought a brand new fluke 1653b just before Christmas, however I haven't really used it much as its mainly for personal use as I am looking to set up alone in the near future and I use a separate tester at work. When I bought the tester it came with a valid calibration certificate as this was...
  31. S

    testing problems

    Just started subbing for a company and have provided me with a megga mft1552 tester where would I locate the serial number needed to complete aelectrical installation certificate report ?
  32. S

    Megger MFT 1720

    Guys, Looking for MFT of my own now. Took the jump and started working on my own now. Been googling on ebay for MFT as didn't really fancy paying the full whack for a brand new one. Seen on ebay, guy selling a used Megger MFT 1720 for £460. I used one of these in my previously work, done the...
  33. N

    HELP NEEDED! Suggestions for change of job due to injury

    Thanks to a head injury sustained a couple of years ago, I have developed vertigo and unable to get more than 10/15 ft off the ground without feeling sea sick and needed to ask advice about suitable jobs?! I've worked as an electrical improver for 10yrs on and off and have also done a bit of...
  34. D

    Kewtech seperates and megger mit 230

    For sale set of 3 kewtech seperate testers:- -Kt35 insulation resistance tester -kt45 loop and pssc tester -kt56 rcd tester all leads and probes included. I have the testers in a strong toolbox that fits them perfectly. They are in very good condition with general wear on the cases themselves...
  35. M

    MCS NCR's

    Hello all, I have been lurking here for a while and have found the forum amusing and informative but this is my first post. We recently had our MCS inspection for solar pv. The inspector gave us a few NCR's, mostly to do with the QMS and easily sorted - I showed him what he asked for and am...
  36. G

    Megger 1502/2 problem

    Hi guys, been to turn my tester on today and it wouldn't come on so replaced all the batteries for new ones checked the fuse, still no joy. anyone else had this problem or if not can anyone recommend a good repair centre for them. regards
  37. chcnorris29

    Megger good price?

    Hello, Found a Megger MFT1502 on ebay, not cal'd but will be when sold if brought via buy it now. Seller says was given to him by old company he no longer works for and now works for a test and measurement calibration company. Sale price has starting bid (no bids yet, 4 days 20 hours left) of...
  38. I

    megger 1552

    what should it show when you switch it on after it tells you the battery power , mine says 1volt , should it say 0volts
  39. A

    socket and see pdl 310

    hi here I have a socket and see pdl 310 has calibration until april 2014 was only bought new 2013 and needed calibration cert for part p assessment, I have just bought a multifunction tester, this tester is great and never trips rcd on loop, the tests it performs are loop, pfc, voltage, polarity...
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