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  1. Gavin John Hyde

    Having a clear out of bits and bobs

    Having a clear out of stuff still. Got a brand new unused unopened Armeg Accelr8 Hole saw (20mm). Have the full set and a few spares os getting rid of this one.. They are around £29.00 for 2 in the shops so if anybody wants one I will post it to you for the good price of £12.50 Also got the...
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    I'm having a clear out of surplus bits

    As the title says I am having a clear out... Have as follows Kewtech KT115 multimeter £25 I will post it for free. Barely used and In Very good condition. Also got a kewtech FC2000 checkbox, about 18 months old in excellent condition £75 with free signed for postage. (pictures to follow) good...
  3. D

    UK How to attach ceiling light clear wires

    How do attach this ceiling light? The wires are all identical, clear, no colours, numbers or codes. Please see pic. Thanks
  4. S

    Clear chandelier wires

    We have got a chandelier but the wires are clear it has 2 clear wires and a earth wire but one of the wires has a S on it what colour does this go to on the ceiling rose thank you for reading
  5. SparkySupplier

    For Sale Schneider Lisse & LED downlights to clear

    Evening All, I have 10 x Schneider Lisse 1 gang 1 module PC faceplates to clear. GGBL8050PC. Offers welcome. Will post. Also got a load of slimline LED downlights to shift. Details to follow...
  6. R

    Not sure and not really clear in the regs

    The IEE Regulations are non-statutory but, if they are adhered to compliance with which one of the following statutory regulations is most likely? a) Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002 b) Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 c) Cinematograph Regulations 1955 d) The...
  7. D

    Clear reasons why to change old wylex rewireable fuse board keeps poppin up sick of lookog like I'm

    See wylex boards do they need to be changed and need de clear advise the customers always re luctant an my advice and answers seems unconvincing. What reasons wwhy and de advice
  8. buzzlightyear

    no earth on lighting r1+r2 what do you put on sheet

    what would you put on test sheet r1+r2 no earths
  9. S

    What's needed for self certification

    hi guys hope some one on here can help me out in looking to be able to self certify my foreigners. I have my 2330 Nvq lvl3 17th edition 3rd amendment Is there anything else I need? Do I need to be registered with the nic? Do I need liability insurance? Been looking round on google but the...
  10. A

    does this RCD need replacing

    hi everyone a second opinion would be appreciated was called to a house in February as RCD was intermittently tripping. some times 3 times a day sometimes none. during my initial look i discovered when the oven was ran for more then 5 minutes the RCD tripped. my inspection then found a...
  11. T

    A Q about minor work cert???!!!

    Hi everyone, im new in the electrical field. the scenario is someone asked me to reconnect main ins a RCD wires. but he asked for certificate for that. I only reconnected to wires. I did take Ze,Zs for 2 breakers after the RCD, RCD tests, Main Bonding, Main cutout, earth arrangement details...
  12. ElectroChem

    Intermittent faults...

    Intermittent faults are the spawn of the devil. Their mission on earth is to torment electricians and confuse apprentices. Just wanted to make that clear.
  13. M

    How do you clean polished louvres and opal diffusers?

    Does anyone know how to clean polished louvres and opal/polycarbonate diffusers? I know some detergents can wreck polished louvres so you have to be careful.
  14. whinmoor

    Working in Bad Weather

    Will you still work on a roof if it's icy? Just wondering if anyone had any strategies to deal with early morning frost. Might it be possible to spread salt/grit/sand across the roof surface before going on? Working from roof ladders with a hook over the ridge might be safer but limit...
  15. W

    clearing fault on micc

    Fault on micc, one leg of two-core down to earth. Anyhow big probs cos fixed / glanded into conduit box in concrete ceiling...supposed to be phased and tested before, the fault magically appeared after! Ideas what to do and get out of hole before boss finds out We settled on one guys idea who...
  16. P

    megger mft 1553

    hi all ive lost the insulating tips off the leads on my megger. does anyone one know where i can source some. tried google but cant seem to find any. must be using the wrong search terms thanks paul
  17. M


    Hi, Just a quick one which may have already been posted, just wondered if anyone has used websites such as ratedpeople.com for work leads? Can you leave me some feedback, good or bad on these. Im currently working as self employed for various agencies, but dont want to be to reliant on them for...
  18. H

    Domestic Cooker Circuit

    Hi all, my first post! Well, I was called to a job the other night because the cooker was tripping the rcd. Didn't have an insulation resistance tester with me so i disconnected the cable supplying the cooker from the cooker connection plate turned it on and still the rcd was tripping.Any way i...
  19. J

    Unusual RCD tripping

    I have had a call out to investigate an RCD tripping. Initially this was thought to be caused by a leak from the shower. The installation has been installed poorly with a multitude of junction boxes under the floor (i counted 15 within 2 metres of the fuseboard). I located the problem...
  20. A

    neutral earth fault split load cu

    been working with another spark today on a job where the rcd keeps tripping intermittentley all legs clear >299Mohms. Lighting is on non rcd side all clear apart from 1 c/ct down to 0.49Mohms the other spark reckons this was taking the rcd out i disagreed and just wanted some1 else to tell me...
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