1. Marcus Vaughan

    Comments - Full Rewire Required - C1

    Hi All, A top quality EICR report attached. I'm detecting an increase in opportunists looking to scare the bejesus out of landlords in particular. This report is utter crap. Everything ticked or N/A on the inspection schedules to suggest all is satisfactory but then some belter C1's in...
  2. E

    UK Puzzled by electrician comments about earth fault.

    Hi, Our house has just had an electrical safety check by a qualified electrician. He said he had found an earth fault but was called away on another job and can't return for three weeks. Meantime, I am left wondering about his comments and would like to get a better understanding. He said we...
  3. K

    Could I ask if you could help explain the comments re a Domestic ElCR report that has come back unsatisfactory please

    Background: I have a ex council 1st floor flat that I bought, I moved in to care for my disabled mum and so rented the flat as I could not do enough hours work and care. I was told I am a kind landlord and when asked to do things I will jump immediately as I would not like my tenant to have a...
  4. Darkwood

    So has anyone tried the 'The Last of Us II' on PS4 (Caution may contain plot spoilers in comments)!!

    With a lot of supposed backlash which I feel is somewhat a deliberate rating bashing by gaming critics, what do you think of it? I actually overall enjoyed it and my only critique is the cutscenes are too many and too long and the fact you cannot skip them even after completing the game.
  5. D

    UK Garden light repair comments

    Pulled up old garden spike light to reveal what you see in the picture (the light was made in Italy - ERAL was printed on the inside). Originally I thought the part remaining in the ground was the bottom of the spike, but now think it might be a conduit for the wire inside. My plan is to fit...
  6. S

    Consumer Unit I would be interested in your sage comments

    Hi, a quote I just sent out to a customer. Have I interpreted the regs correctly ? You're welcome to use it if you think it's ok.'s meant to get the point across in laymans terms.
  7. littlespark

    Comments please

    Went to price up a board change today from fuses to rcbo. Opened the outside meter box and saw this. The fuseboard is on the end of the 16mm twin and (unconnected) earth about 1m through the wall.
  8. alasdairp

    Handy little adapter - comments please!

    Another New Year post. Not a video this time! A really useful bit of old kit for 'old boys' like me... Used by me as a child and still useful at times this year. Is it legal or not? Starter for 10 points... Q1/. would it still be legal if it had never been unplugged? Q2/. Is is legal to use it /...
  9. J

    Comments on specification recommendation

    Hi all, Bit of a long post - sorry! Am developer/client on a residential project (new block of flats) where an engineer has specified some equipment, and was hoping to get some feedback from guys on the tools if you see what I mean?. Integrated LED spots (type not specified - to be confirmed)...
  10. HappyHippyDad

    Comments on this DIY job please?

    Evening.. I am working on a large property at the moment putting in a new bathroom, kitchen etc. The owner has done a fair bit of DIY. One such job entails using a bit of 2 core flex (0.75mm) from a JB under the floorboards, then up the wall in trunking and across the loft where it reaches its...
  11. Pete999

    Pete's Videos For information and comments if you like

    Like the title says
  12. Spoon

    UK red squirrels carry 'a form of leprosy'

    You know how the government lied about how Mad Cow disease could not be transferred to humans........ WE ARE DOOMED!!!! :) Only the Zombie killing gamers will survive..... :) UK red squirrels carry 'a form of leprosy' - scientists - BBC News -...
  13. L

    Vivaro/Traffic or Transit? Owners comments......

    New van time (well probably a 2011 or newer), I'm drawn towards a SWB/MWB high top Transit for extra space but there are loads of Vivaros about but most people that have them seem to think they have dodgy gearboxes etc. If you've got experience of either.......
  14. J

    comments please

    I have a proposed design for office power which involves a 32 A single phase ring circuit running in singles in sub floor trunking via a flexible conduit directly to a rotosoc type desk socket connector to be fixed under a group of desks. The connector is branded as being manufactured to...
  15. J

    System quotes - Any comments

    Hi, my first post as I am looking to get a solar panel system installed. I have had two quotes so far, both from what appears to be descent installers given the reviews I have seen and the discussions I have had. Quote 1 SMA 3600TL inverter and 16 x 250W REC Peak Energy series panels Quote 2...
  16. A

    comments on existing installation ?

    Hi All, I have done a partial rewire on domestic 2 storey flat and not sure what to write on the certificate : I have rewired all power points and left only 3x ligting circuits , the results where not satisfactory so I changed all fittings and switches, found the faults and rectified them ...
  17. B


    Evening gents, Called yesterday to change a broken fcu.On completion checked zs, 115 ohms. Cut out had no earth clamp on lead (pilcsta), but I found 10mm G/Y going into block paving. The lady had a board change in 2010 by scottish & southern With ze given as 6.5 ohms. Did a ze via lead sheath &...
  18. L

    Comments on existing installation

    Hi Everyone, I have gone back to using hand written certs a lot easier and all completed on site. The problem is with the elecsa certs when doing a consumer unit upgrade the comments on existing installation box is too small to fill in all observations so I have seen a observation continuation...
  19. D

    Rates & Comments

    Hi - I have been offered a PAT testing contract in the North of Scotland for 60p an item. Although PAT testing isn't my main business this seems a little low to me. I normally test small shops and business and do low volume work but I get around £2 an item. As this contract involves hundreds of...
  20. S

    insert negative comments about Electrical Trainee here

    as per robd's proposal. i'll start with.........they're insufficiently educated in the under-pinning knowledge that is required of ALL electricians.
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