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  1. W

    Gu10 compact down lighters.

    I’m about to rewire my house and I’m on the hunt for some recommendations. I want some gu10 downlighters but unsure what to go for, having not installed any for about 7 years I’m not down with the current market. I’m looking for something that’s compact, fire rated, decent terminals...
  2. V

    Optima Compact G3 Outside bellbox ( Sounder) change

    Hello everyone, I hope you’re well. I have a problem with my Optima Compact Gen 3. I don’t know how can I change the outside bellbox, sounder without raising the alarm. If you have any idea please let me know! Thanks
  3. W

    Veritas 8 Compact

    Hi All, I've installed a Veritas 8 Compact today, and when it came to carry out the walk test all of the zone lights came on at once. I have wired it with 1 PIR to each of 6 zones. the remaining two zones are linked out. I am using a global tamper which is wired in series. All other tests are...
  4. O

    ADE optima Compact G3 set entry/exit time on multiple zones

    Hello I’ve recently had to rewire my home alarm system as the engineer who installed it did such a shoddy job that all the cables were hardly in and causing the system to trigger every couple of moments. I’ve recently been able to get the system working correctly however, I am unable to set...
  5. GBDamo

    Testing compact electronic ballasts

    Currently in the process of changing lamps, all 32w GX24p-3. Every one has had to have the ballast changed. New lamps in, not working. New ballast in working. Ive phoned the ballast supplier and they report there are no lamp incompatibility issues. The customer is pushing back on cost, as...
  6. Tilly

    ADE optima compact panel.

    Hi guys, thanks for the add. Alarm is quite a few years old, no problems until recently. The PIR in my shed started playing up, couldn't find the problem so it was was omitted. After a couple of bikes and a boys 360 was stored I became worried, so started to check the wiring out. The pir...
  7. A

    G4 compact panel keypad fault

    Hello, sisters alarm had gone off and when I arrived to the led keypad the buttons were lit up but not the indicator lights. Swapped keypad for crystal lcd screen and there is a display but no reaction to attempting to reset the system. Took panel lid off and ALARM IS NOW GOING OFF. Any ideas?
  8. R

    Hive receiver installation on Vokera Compact A Combi

    I'm trying to install a hive active heating into a Vokera Compact A Combi boiler. I think I understand the principles of the system but am looking for support on wiring the receiver to the boiler. The boiler electrical diagram can be found here http://qr.vokera.co.uk/qr?code=20099226 (figure...
  9. N

    Ade optima compact fault

    Hi Can anyone help. I have fitted a new bellbox to my optima compact panel every thing ok with that but my exit and entry on zone 1 as stoped working ,can i use a different zone to use as a exit and entry zone by swapping the wires over.If i do a chime test zone 1 does chime when opening the...
  10. Bob Geldoff1234

    Veritas 8 compact lack of fuses?

    Just a quick question regarding a Veritas 8 Compact alarm panel I fitted.Where is the fuse protection for the bell,key pad etc? I noticed that there aren't any fuses any more. What happens when there is a short in one of the cables? In the past you would replace the fuse and it would work...
  11. Baddegg

    Most compact consumer unit....

    Any thoughts on the most compact consumer units available? Needs about 8 ways...
  12. GBDamo

    Excessive??? Compact fluorescents failing.

    Would like to tap into the hive mind a bit. A customer has approximately seventy suspended ceiling modular lights with TL5C circular fluorescents in and is calling us out roughly every six weeks to change lamps, five or six at a time. Averaging out gives a lamp life of about 18 months which I...
  13. C

    ADE Optima Compact Fault

    Hi guys. For the past 2 nights (9:30pm last night & 8:40pm tonight) my house alarm (ADE OPTIMA COMPACT) has gone off by itself. When the alarm goes off: - The internal alarm sounds - The external alarm sounds and strobes. - And on the user panel the power and tamper LEDs are lit up in red...
  14. B

    Honeywell/ADE Optima Compact Gen4 panel - Issue with LCD RKP

    Help please from any Honeywell Alarm guru's out there - I have an installed Optima Gen4 panel (8EP396A-UK, about 18 months working no issues). To make things a little easier for access, I have just added a LCD remote keypad (8EP417A) and this has no LCD display. This is in fact the 2nd one in as...
  15. S

    Accenta Optima Compact PA Disconnecting

    I have just bought a house that has a Accenta Optima Compact installed. It is a previously rented house and has a Personal Attack Alarm in both bedrooms. If I put the panel into engineers mode and disconnect the PA terminals will this disconnect the Pas or will I need to put a jumper over the Pa...
  16. Rocboni

    Ade optima compact bleeping

    Hi, I’ve been asked to look at a ADE optima compact plus as the zone 1 light is activating and it beeps everytime the PIR as activated I.e when someone walks Infront of it even when the system isn’t armed? You can press reset and the light goes off but as soon as it activates again it comes...
  17. Gudoldtom

    Wiring of Salus RT510RF thermostat to Vokera Compact HE29

    Hi Guys I have an old room stat which is located upstairs in the hallway that I wanted to replace with the Salus RT510RF so I can take it from room to room. I was hoping to just swap it over but I think I will need to run additional cables, if that's the case I might as well just run a standard...
  18. C

    Industrial Circuit Breaker Required

    Good Morning, Was wondering if anyone can help me out. I am looking for the following type of circuit breaker for a customer of ours. Have looked into modern replacements but can't find any suitable ones so it's looking more likely that we need a direct replacement. What we are after is the...
  19. UKMeterman

    Very simple alarm panel needed

    Hi, I am looking for a panel to replace a 20 year old System Four alarm panel, the simpler the better and has to have integral PSU and key pad. What would the group suggest? Thanks
  20. F

    SDS Drill in ceiling voids

    Ok people, we all know what it's like like working within a limited suspended ceiling void and trying to angle your drill to where you need to be. I am currently using a Panasonic SDS to do do the job which is quite compact but coming to the end of its life. My major tools are all makita but...
  21. D

    Merlin Gerin MCB's MCCB's RCBO's

    All used and removed from a working installation due for upgrade, as followed by X quantity. Merlin Gerin Multi9 C32 RCD/MCB RCBO x3 Merlin Gerin Compact C101N 63A 3 Phase MCCB x5 Merlin Gerin Compact C101N 40A 3 Phase MCCB x1 Merlin Gerin Multi9 10A Type3 MCB x1 Eaton MEM AD16B B16 MCB x1...
  22. B

    retro fit rcbo's

    Had some rcbo's to retrofit to some dorman smith 3 phase db's earlier and it occurred to me as I was fighting past the other cables in the 72 way board that they are actually a nightmare to fit in a busy as heck board. Why they so bloody long?!?!
  23. Z

    Bosch GBH 18v-li SDS

    Hi guys, I have just bought this SDS drill from Bosch. Anybody else tryed this? It looks shockingly week to me! 5.5 in concrete is a massive strugle. Or is my drill factory faulty?
  24. imago

    Compact battery screwdriver?

    Any recommendations for a compact battery screwdriver?
  25. S

    Eaton rcbo

    Lads Im after a Two 16amp EATON EMBH 116R30 RCBO's, Does anyone no if any other type of RCBO will fit?. Im having abit of trouble getting them (been let down by wholesaler at last min). CEF want £110 for the pair!!. Need them for Tuesady.
  26. L

    Domestic Help required please - CPF Dimmer

    Hi all, I have recenly installed an MK K1525 Dimmer K1525 WHI that is used for dimmer one CPF that is a Megaman Dimmerable Compact Fluorescent 18w BC The problem I have is when the lamp is cold it flickers and strobes like a disco when turned energised. What is strange that when this CPF is...
  27. T

    SDS Bosch 36v vs makita 36v

    im gonna get one of these sds drills for work but am stuck between the 2. does any1 own either of the 2 that recommends them
  28. Amp David

    For Sale Makita DA3010 angle drill

    Its 10 months old and has been used a handfull of times. Got it for a particular job I did and used it much since. Fully working order but just has the usual scratched to the body. Will get some photos tomorrow of the actual drill, but heres a link to give you all the tech spec. Makita DA3010...
  29. E

    Bosch 36v SDS Compact

    Hi guys, I am selling my Bosch Compact here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Bosch-GBH36-GBH-36-V-LI-GBH36V-GBH36V-LI-Compact_W0QQitemZ190322968472QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Home_Garden_PowerTools_SM?hash=item2c50220798&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=65%3A3|66%3A2|39%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50 It is a GBH36 and has...
  30. E

    Bosch 36v Compact

    Hi has anyone had a go with the Bosch GBH36 V-LI Compact sds drill? I have just been given about 230 new Dewalt SDS masonary bits and am now looking for a reasonabally lightweight drill. I am currently using a Makita 18v MXT combi drill but for the money I will save with these bits am thinking...
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