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  1. T

    Bit confused here, IR testing.

    Hi all, this is probably a daft question to most of you. At training centre I have started dead testing. When I get to the 3 point IR test on a single circuit should I switch off the breaker for that circuit .Hopefully I am correct in removing any lamps on a lighting circuit and turned switches...
  2. D

    Confused on question about PLC's see below

    so for my question i have been asked this: 1.Explain the terms “Bus” and “Star” as applied to a modern programmable controller system. 2. Describe, with the aid of diagrams, a network configuration that could be using to connect a programmable controller system. To do this task, select one...
  3. L

    Confused at Standby Generator earthing.

    Dear All I have read several posts but still confused. I hope someone can shed some light on the Regs. 1. The Incoming Power Supply from the Utility to a Plant is 3 Phase (4 wires) TT Earthing System. If a Standby Generator says 100 kVA (3 phase +N) is installed at the Plant with an Automatic...
  4. N

    Confused newbie question

    Hey all, I'm in the process of getting myself into the electrical trade. I've already established that I need to complete level 2 and 3 electrical installations at my local college. I understand that I will need a CSCS card in order to allow me to get on site during and after these quals in...
  5. C

    Confused DIY'er needs advice on Chandelier fitting

    I have recently been given a chandelier that I would like in my bedroom, to replace the existing ceiling rose. However, I do not have the bracket that fits to the ceiling & I'm not sure what type/size bracket I need. Can anyone advise me please? If anyone can send pic's of what I need, I'd be...
  6. B

    Confused by the shear volume and what to do

    Good morning all, I mainly work on boiler faults, and repairs. I sometimes have to install wireless thermostats, or renew the fcu switch. I’ve seen a video by an electrician about using a ratchet crimp tool, and a plumber with the same. I’m after some advice as I’m thinking to use bootlace...
  7. happyhippydad

    This fault has me confused!

    I rather foolishly booked in a fault finding job in a 2 hour slot thinking I could solve it quickly, I couldn't! It has me confused, although I haven't let myself slow down yet and focus so you guys may point out something obvious. It is an intermittent tripping MCB on a 32A ring ciruit...
  8. S

    confused with ballast

    Hi I've got confused with wiring a replacement electronic ballast to a 2D 4 pin 16w lamp (UK). original ballast was fully wired, replacement is not. I thought i understood but have got confused due to someone posting a picture at work, which conflicts with my belief. see ballast photo question...
  9. L

    Changing light switch faceplate, confused!??

    I’m changing all my light switch and plus sockets to metal from plastic. I went to change the light switch in my daughters room and behind the old plastic faceplate there there 3 brown wires, one wired into L1 and then two wires going into COM, I’ve changed the faceplate to metal and put the L1...
  10. B

    Gobsmacked. Need opinions

    TITLE SHOULD BE GOBSMACKED... (Sorted that for you re' -'Darkwood') Hi all, been a while since I posted. I went to a job today and removed a socket for inspection. All I done was removed the socket screws, the terminations were not altered at all, literally just took the front screws out so I...
  11. C

    Removed alarm, confused by wires!!

    Hi all, I’ve removed the antiquated burglar alarm from the wall in my understates toilet. It’s on the circuit marked as ‘downstairs lights’. I had expected to be able to simply joint the corresponding wires that went in and out, but they’re not the same colours! Any advice on how I should...
  12. 4

    Domestic Confused with Forum Position on DIY

    Maybe someone can enlighten me, as I am surely missing something here. I regularly read posts by people who are clearly really not competent to undertake work - yet members on here will give them what in effect is encouragement and part knowledge. No knowledge is dangerous but a little...
  13. H

    Help with apprentice wages

    Hello, I am an apprentice electrician and I study at college in the evenings which I pay for myself. My employer pays me an apprenticeship wage which is awful and I feel like I may be getting mugged off abit. The employ doesn’t help me with anything at all? Is everything they’re doing legit...
  14. S

    Totally confused - converting dimmers to switches

    I have a double dimmer socket in my lounge, one operates ceiling lights, the other wall lights. The dimmers have both stopped dimming so I'm changing them to a double switch. Having removed the socket I can't make any sense of the wiring. There are 2 cables entering the box; one (left) has...
  15. P

    Please help.... confused.... What training is best to become a domestic electrician?

    So, i am not 18th edition or part P, this is my aspiration to become an electrician. I am 44 and working towards a career change. Looking at being employed rather than going it alone to begin with. What are the best or needed courses to be a domestic electrician? Any help or guidance would...
  16. M

    Confused by this question - help?

    I’m revising for an exam and they’ve given me a multiple choice question paper but no answers (helpful!). Can anyone help me out with this one? An insulation resistance test between live conductors on a single-phase circuit has been carried out and gives you a reading of 0.00M ohms. State one...
  17. J

    Confused about the terminal numbers in a distribution board

    Recently I’ve started my level 3 electrical course but get confused with what the numbers mean for the earth and neutral terminals .
  18. jonnyb

    Confused about a fault with downstairs lighting, any ideas?

    Hi chaps I have a query and wouldn't mind any suggestions. I've been preparing a consumer unit swap, ran the usual tests and no major worries except a low insulation resistance test on a ring. Going to swap the board tomorrow morning. Customer asked me to swap some lighting switches whilst I was...
  19. C

    I really need advice from an electrician ASAP. please help me? Im so confused

    I really need advice. I know nothing about electrics so i am looking for someone to give me some basic answers and help. I want to put lighting around my ceiling. I need 20meters, I found 20 meters of led strip lights on ebay, they come in 4 rolls of 5 meters totaling 20 meters. It says the...
  20. S

    Confused by information I have been given

    Hi Guys, Just for clarification as I've been told so many different things, what qualifications do I need to become a fully qualified electrician? I currently have my city and guilds level 2 qualification and I have 17th edition which I will be updating to the 18th I am also doing my level 3 at...
  21. W

    confused by colour coded wires

    Hi all, originally posted this on new member but I am keen to get a response. I am trying to repair a tumble dryer. I ordered a part from ebay, the part being a sensor brush. The original sensor brush has a thin black wire and a white wire attached. The new sensor brush, although identical to...
  22. M

    Confused about an RCD issue

    The full blurb is below, but the TLDR is: RCD that tested perfectly (ramp test to 27mA can't remember the numbers for trip times but all was good), nothing I can find that would be causing the tripping, someone replaced the RCD with an apparently identical one and the tripping stops... I'm...
  23. L

    Strange Forum- confused

    What is with all the strange Chinese posts and other out of context threads? Have I missed something or has the PRC hacked the forum?:)
  24. kamylka

    Hello! Looking for a career change and very confused!

    Hi everyone After working in retail and hospitality for about 10 years I have decided the work has sucked enough life out of me, and I decided to change careers. My partner is currently working towards a gas engineer qualification, we're also planning to invest in properties in the future. A...
  25. John Lundrigan

    I'm confused about Type C Breaker Disconnection Times

    Hi All, When I consult Table 41.3 for a Type C Breaker rated 16A I see s max Zs of 1.37 Ohms. However this value is defined for both a 0.4s AND 5s disconnection time. This is obviously correct so I am missing something. Fig 3A5 also shows the table 0.1s to 5s. Can anyone explain please...
  26. Doomed

    Confusion two rate electric meter?

    Got an e-mail from an estate agent we look after rented properties for: "Hi, As discussed, the tenant of this property has advised that in order for them to have a smart meter installed the meter in the property needs to be changed to a two rate meter. However, an electrician will need to...
  27. B

    Utterly confused to courses

    Hi everyone I'm renovating my house and want to move switches, double up on sockets, expand a few and move the lights. In the future, I might decide to do a few small domestic jobs (pretty much the same) if I enjoy it. I've been looking at courses, all promising all kinds of things to all...
  28. M

    Hi messed up confused. Changing 3 way switch to 2 way switch

    Hi im a noobie. I tried connecting the electric cable to a 2 way switch from 3 way and it didnt work. I only connected 4 wires. There was 6 wires in total. 3 blue and 3 brown. If i connect a terminal to it will it fix it lol. Meaning if i connect the 3 blues and brown on 1 side of terminal and...
  29. D

    confused with procedure need help

    installed a secondary 2 way consumer unit to run a boiler and immersion heater i know i have to issue an eic but what do i actually test? r1 + r2 of the radial to the secondary consumer unit and both radials from the secondary consumer? please can someone give me a rundown of what id need to test?
  30. W

    ConFused about light mystery

    Hi, wondering if anyone can help me work this out. While changing a dimmer switch in a bedroom I had fuse for the lights turned off. Turning it back on the bedroom lights are working fine but the lights in the kitchen have stopped. I changed a bulb to be sure but it's not that. The kitchen...
  31. Nitram

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Having trouble with getting a JIB/ECS card

    I have been working for one main contractor as a subbie for about 5 years (hoping to go on the payroll eventually) until they went bust last year. I got my 2360 pt 1 and 2 and 17th 1st ed. and try as I might I found progression impossible given my circumstances. I find myself in need of a...
  32. John Lundrigan

    I am confused over the wording of Regulation 411.1

    Regulation 411.1 states that: Automatic disconnection of supply is a protective measure in which: (i) basic protection is provided by basic insulation of live parts or by barriers or enclosures, in accordance with Section 416, and (ii) fault protection is provided by protective earthing...
  33. F

    Tysoft Easy Cert - Confused. Fire rated downlights to minimise build up of heat?

    I need to put an image on but not sure how on here, it's quite limited. I'm just using Tysoft Easy Cert to compose a DEICR and one of the questions refers to using a fire rated downlight to minimise the build-up of heat. That's not what they are for. Every time I see this question it...
  34. AsusEpoxy

    New here, need help with light switches, really confused

    Dear all, Greetings from Singapore! Long story short, I bought an apartment a few months ago and have been trying to DIY to keep costs down. Paint, lights, fans, you name it, I did it. I have now reached a hurdle which is really confusing for me. I am at my wits end. I hope I can have some...
  35. M

    Confused! Plese help..

    Hi all, An old electrician here, I'm not actively in the trade anymore but I'm currently studding for my part P and might go for the 17th as some time. I learnt under the 15th, I have the 16th, the home study course I'm doing details a number of drawings which I've disputed with the company...
  36. S

    Confused about whether downlights need to be fire rated or not.

    Hi I'm sure this question has been asked before, but here goes:rolleyes:: I'm thinking about installing down lights in my hallway. This is on the ground floor of my house, and above is the first floor, all of which is my own house. There is no insulation the the ceiling void. So my question...
  37. S

    Somebody was confused

    Came across this today, these are the connections in a light fitting with a nice bit of brown sleeving on the neutral. It must have been a Monday morning!
  38. B

    Internal Mains Electricians Required

    Internal Mains Electricians Required call Brian Taylor on 01698324664 or email [email protected] Long term contract opportunity with Global Infrastructure Service provider with £100 million plus turnover! Working as part of the internal mains division, running new connections to multi domestic...
  39. A

    30ma trip on split board

    Any opinions on replacing a 100a main switch with 30 ma TVs, I'll have to move the internal tails from the bottom off the rcd to the top I know but is there anything to say I can't? Or just use rcbos
  40. i=p/u

    In a panel

    In an electrical panel with feeder isolators what is there bs numbers. Ideunk
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