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  1. B

    Gobsmacked. Need opinions

    TITLE SHOULD BE GOBSMACKED... (Sorted that for you re' -'Darkwood') Hi all, been a while since I posted. I went to a job today and removed a socket for inspection. All I done was removed the socket screws, the terminations were not altered at all, literally just took the front screws out so I...
  2. C

    Removed alarm, confused by wires!!

    Hi all, I’ve removed the antiquated burglar alarm from the wall in my understates toilet. It’s on the circuit marked as ‘downstairs lights’. I had expected to be able to simply joint the corresponding wires that went in and out, but they’re not the same colours! Any advice on how I should...
  3. 4

    Domestic Confused with Forum Position on DIY

    Maybe someone can enlighten me, as I am surely missing something here. I regularly read posts by people who are clearly really not competent to undertake work - yet members on here will give them what in effect is encouragement and part knowledge. No knowledge is dangerous but a little...
  4. H

    Help with apprentice wages

    Hello, I am an apprentice electrician and I study at college in the evenings which I pay for myself. My employer pays me an apprenticeship wage which is awful and I feel like I may be getting mugged off abit. The employ doesn’t help me with anything at all? Is everything they’re doing legit...
  5. S

    Totally confused - converting dimmers to switches

    I have a double dimmer socket in my lounge, one operates ceiling lights, the other wall lights. The dimmers have both stopped dimming so I'm changing them to a double switch. Having removed the socket I can't make any sense of the wiring. There are 2 cables entering the box; one (left) has...
  6. P

    Please help.... confused.... What training is best to become a domestic electrician?

    So, i am not 18th edition or part P, this is my aspiration to become an electrician. I am 44 and working towards a career change. Looking at being employed rather than going it alone to begin with. What are the best or needed courses to be a domestic electrician? Any help or guidance would...
  7. M

    Confused by this question - help?

    I’m revising for an exam and they’ve given me a multiple choice question paper but no answers (helpful!). Can anyone help me out with this one? An insulation resistance test between live conductors on a single-phase circuit has been carried out and gives you a reading of 0.00M ohms. State one...
  8. J

    Confused about the terminal numbers in a distribution board

    Recently I’ve started my level 3 electrical course but get confused with what the numbers mean for the earth and neutral terminals .
  9. jonnyb

    Confused about a fault with downstairs lighting, any ideas?

    Hi chaps I have a query and wouldn't mind any suggestions. I've been preparing a consumer unit swap, ran the usual tests and no major worries except a low insulation resistance test on a ring. Going to swap the board tomorrow morning. Customer asked me to swap some lighting switches whilst I was...
  10. C

    I really need advice from an electrician ASAP. please help me? Im so confused

    I really need advice. I know nothing about electrics so i am looking for someone to give me some basic answers and help. I want to put lighting around my ceiling. I need 20meters, I found 20 meters of led strip lights on ebay, they come in 4 rolls of 5 meters totaling 20 meters. It says the...
  11. S

    Confused by information I have been given

    Hi Guys, Just for clarification as I've been told so many different things, what qualifications do I need to become a fully qualified electrician? I currently have my city and guilds level 2 qualification and I have 17th edition which I will be updating to the 18th I am also doing my level 3 at...
  12. W

    confused by colour coded wires

    Hi all, originally posted this on new member but I am keen to get a response. I am trying to repair a tumble dryer. I ordered a part from ebay, the part being a sensor brush. The original sensor brush has a thin black wire and a white wire attached. The new sensor brush, although identical to...
  13. M

    Confused about an RCD issue

    The full blurb is below, but the TLDR is: RCD that tested perfectly (ramp test to 27mA can't remember the numbers for trip times but all was good), nothing I can find that would be causing the tripping, someone replaced the RCD with an apparently identical one and the tripping stops... I'm...
  14. L

    Strange Forum- confused

    What is with all the strange Chinese posts and other out of context threads? Have I missed something or has the PRC hacked the forum?:)
  15. kamylka

    Hello! Looking for a career change and very confused!

    Hi everyone After working in retail and hospitality for about 10 years I have decided the work has sucked enough life out of me, and I decided to change careers. My partner is currently working towards a gas engineer qualification, we're also planning to invest in properties in the future. A...
  16. John Lundrigan

    I'm confused about Type C Breaker Disconnection Times

    Hi All, When I consult Table 41.3 for a Type C Breaker rated 16A I see s max Zs of 1.37 Ohms. However this value is defined for both a 0.4s AND 5s disconnection time. This is obviously correct so I am missing something. Fig 3A5 also shows the table 0.1s to 5s. Can anyone explain please...
  17. Doomed

    Confusion two rate electric meter?

    Got an e-mail from an estate agent we look after rented properties for: "Hi, As discussed, the tenant of this property has advised that in order for them to have a smart meter installed the meter in the property needs to be changed to a two rate meter. However, an electrician will need to...
  18. B

    Utterly confused to courses

    Hi everyone I'm renovating my house and want to move switches, double up on sockets, expand a few and move the lights. In the future, I might decide to do a few small domestic jobs (pretty much the same) if I enjoy it. I've been looking at courses, all promising all kinds of things to all...
  19. M

    Hi messed up confused. Changing 3 way switch to 2 way switch

    Hi im a noobie. I tried connecting the electric cable to a 2 way switch from 3 way and it didnt work. I only connected 4 wires. There was 6 wires in total. 3 blue and 3 brown. If i connect a terminal to it will it fix it lol. Meaning if i connect the 3 blues and brown on 1 side of terminal and...
  20. D

    confused with procedure need help

    installed a secondary 2 way consumer unit to run a boiler and immersion heater i know i have to issue an eic but what do i actually test? r1 + r2 of the radial to the secondary consumer unit and both radials from the secondary consumer? please can someone give me a rundown of what id need to test?
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