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  1. B

    Conservatory Electrics

    Hi Guys, Newbie here and I don't have any electrical qualifications, we are planning on having a conservatory built this summer and would like to have lighting and a few sockets installed. Does it have to go through part P tested?
  2. D

    Conservatory lighting

    Hi, got a job to connect up some new spotlights in a conservatory. Roof has been replaced and plaster boarded. I'm assuming insulation has also be installed. Originally the client purchased Enlite Spryte non-fire rated IP44 LED downlights, however I thought that they should be fire rated as...
  3. happyhippydad

    New conservatory questions.......

    I am having a new conservatory built in my own garden. It is 3m x 4m North facing with a dwarf wall. I expect I will put in electric underfloor heating and have a separate plug in heater if the UFH is not sufficient on really cold winter days. A few questions: 1. Anyone know where I can...
  4. D

    Conservatory Light FCU Switch Change of Location

    Hi all, I've looked at a job in a conservatory where there is a 3A FCU powering the light in the conservatory but the location of the FCU is as low down as a socket, under the window, making it difficult for the customer to reach down all the time. They want it moving to a standard height. Can...
  5. M

    Quick Conservatory Question

    Hi, I wanted to ask a question about a conservatory. I am looking to buy a house with a conservatory. The row of houses have over-head electrical incoming supply. The conservatory was built approx 4 years ago, no documents for it. The conservatory has a hole in the lead flashings to allow the...
  6. D

    Domestic Fault finding advice

    I got asked to find an occasional fault by a regular customer of mine. I'm now totally stumped. This is how the relevant part of the installation stands today... [ Main House ] 5m T&E [ Conservatory ] 30m SWA [ Garden ] 20m T&E in conduit [ Greenhouse ] [ CU - Non ]----->----[...
  7. Tiny Spark

    Drilling through conservatorys?

    Anyone know if its ok to drill through a conservatory? Planing on fitting my outside light this weekend if the weather holds out. Only problem is I need to go through the conservatory to do it! I cant see any reason why I cant as long as I stay away from the edges of the windows but just thought...
  8. F

    help with problem radial circuit pls ??

    Hi folks, called out to my aunts house couple of days ago saying she has lost power to her sockets, , upon arrival found the db was a split board and the rcd had tripped the sockets out, i turned all the breakers off and the rcd now stayed on, i turned them back on one at a time until the...
  9. M

    Fused Spur with 16A MCB, advice needed

    Hi Guys, My first post so please bear with me. I'm not a domestic electrician but am capable of carrying out most work myself. This has led to my parents requesting that I carry out a 'small project' for them and involves installing a couple of additional double plugs in their conservatory. As...
  10. A

    Socket feeding conservatory - Part P?

    Quick question - as a temporary measure our conservatory is fed by a normal 13a plug via an RCD socket in the house - a shed nearby is also connected on the conservatory circuit via armoured cable. Is this Part P notifiable? Thanks for any advice.
  11. A

    Veritas 8 alarm

    Hi, first time post here. I am having a problem with the above alarm. When I do a full set before I leave my home the alarm works normally, upon returning to my home I have to go through my conservatory first of all which has a magnetic sensor on the door, this starts the time delay on my alarm...
  12. S

    2 Radials into a 32A B type breaker and other wonders !!!

    Hi all, Hope you guys are all enjoying the nice weather and not working inside some dark small cupboard like I was today !!!! Anyway, here is the scenario. Neighbour comes over this morning and says her fuse for downstairs has tripped and cannot be re-set. I go and take a quick look and test and...
  13. U

    underfloor heating!

    ok, in a bit of a debate with myself here?!! looked a t big extension on a bungalow, guy wants underfloor heating, already speccced it himself...................if thats what he wants to do, anyway, it looks like he wants two, one in the kitchen(2kw) and one in the downstairs showeroom, all part...
  14. carl9254

    New Lighting Circuit

    Hello, is it ok to power a new lighting circuit, eg new conservatory, from a fused spur which is spared from a socket ring circuit back in house??
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