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  1. littlespark

    Power consumption of emergency lights

    This question comes about through a query from my mother. Her church has been closed, rightly so, for the past 6 weeks. She pops in for cleaning etc. She has noticed that the electric meter has gone up roughly 12 units each week. Without taking a special trip over, I’ve tried asking her what...
  2. S

    electrical consumption of an air source heat pump, Ontario Canada

    Hi - No idea if I am writing in the right place. Please, I cannot get a straight answer when the temperature is 0- -20 Celsius - where can I find a chart of what normal KWhr consumption is? I think mine is using far too much electricity thanks
  3. J

    Power Consumption of Solenoid Valve

    I have a 24VAC 50-60Hz solenoid valve that has a power consumption of 125VA (Pull in) and 12VA (Hold in). This is connected to the output of a 230v to 24VAC transformer, however the secondary side of the transformer has two 75VA rated power outputs and the solenoid valve is only connected in...
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