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  1. J

    Cancelling customers

    Over the few years ive been self employed ive been pretty lucky and never not been paid and only had the odd last minute cancellation. This morning i turned up at a job thats been booked in for months. Fuseboard change, shower supply and a load of downlights throughout the house. Customer...
  2. L

    RatedCustomer.co - did you get an email too?

    Wondering if anyone else has come across this site? Looks like it's the customer version of MyBuilder as got an email about it launching today? Love the idea of telling other trades about how bad/good someone was to work with and the map function seems like a great way to locate customers to...
  3. buzzlightyear

    Don't you love customers forget you priced up a job

    Gets a call form a customer asking can you give a price for some put out side lighting, whats the address and your name .so the customer tells me ,ok will give you a time and a date to have a look, wait a minute been their before pricing up a cctv systems,gave him a price ,he said at the time...
  4. NDG Elecs

    Best customers own attempt at changing a light fitting mishap..!

    Didn't take a photo. I should have. Typical, I tried to change the light fitting DIY jobbie gone wrong. I really wanted to say something sarky or witty but he was a nice bloke so I didn't. Mock up of the seven way choc block below. Bless him! He was over the moon when I got most of the rest of...
  5. S

    Why do some customers stand 6" behind you?

    Anyone else get this? Just changed a bathroom light and the customer spent the whole time virtually stood on the bottom rung of the step ladder staring at what I was doing. Not conducive to a good morning's work!
  6. gazdkw82

    Educating customers - wasted time

    I know its not the customers fault but it's frustrating when you get asked to do some work and the plan is alot different when you turn up. Family member asked me to help her friend who needs a few socket fronts terminating, a few lights switches terminating and some downlights connecting. I...
  7. happyhippydad

    Removing an electrical cable on customers property... that doesn't belong to the customer!

    Afternoon all, I have just been to do a quote for an elderly lady to remove a cable from under a stone driveway. Her neighbours jacked up her car and moved it off her driveway, then made a channel in her driveway, then laid their cable across her driveway to their garage. They gave her...
  8. telectrix

    Pet Hates ( Excluding Customers)

    as title. let's have some of you pet hates with the trade. I'll start off with a couple: 1. Captive screws that fall out and get lost when nothing in your parts stock will do. 2. terminal screws that you can't see the head and need to tighten by feel ( many ceiling roses are this).
  9. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody accept card payments from customers?

    Had a phone call today from a company called iZettle, they make a little card reader that connects to your phone so you can take card payments from customers there and then on the spot. it has it advantages in that you don't have to chase up payment after a job and saves the risk of dodgy...
  10. Cadgey123

    Customers trying to be chancers

    How do you guys react when a customer tries to drive you down on price? I am struggling at the moment to deal with that side of things because I take offence a little, when I know they have every reason to barter with me. I just know I am very fair on pricing so maybe should stop being too...
  11. T

    Sh*tty customers video on fb

    Just came across this video on fb
  12. EMMEC

    EMM Electrical Contractors LTD

    We carry out all electrical work from electrical inspections, testing and reports, to complete system design and installation, intruder alarm systems and emergency lighting systems. We are experts at working in varied environments including schools, Sports/ Leisure Centres, Public houses, retail...
  13. Lou

    Complete Electrical Solutions

    Complete Electrical Solutions is a Cambridge City centre based electrical firm serving domestic and commercial customers. We are Part P registered and offer full warranty to our customers. We carry out a full inspection & testing service and take pride in our work which is always completed to...
  14. A

    Thinking of starting up

    Hi, I'm currently working as a domestic self employed sparks mate however the work is few and far between at the minute. I have 2365 level 3 and around five years experience. I was thinking of starting up on my own just doing minor works and nothing notifiable to fill the time when I'm not...
  15. buzzlightyear

    bad customers

    any body had bad customers not paying .
  16. H

    Faulty light, do I charge customer to replace

    Hi, I installed a security light 8mths ago, customer has informed me the light is only partially working. Customer wants a replacement or upgrade and he will pay cost of upgraded fitting. Where do I stand with this regards it being a manufactures Defect and not a fault of my installation...
  17. C

    No thanks

    Called out to a house where rcd is tripping,been going off over a period of weeks. Did insulation test,got pretty good readings overall,except one circuit,which gave me a L/E,N/E reading of 0.40 meg ohms. This was a sub main to a garage,found lighting to be at fault,disconnected. Re did test...
  18. Lou

    Sangster Electrical Ltd

    Sangster Electrical Ltd. were established 1971 and provide local and Highland wide support to long standing customers in the Whisky and Construction industries as well as offering emergency, maintenance, contract, process commercial and domestic works to single customers, firms and other...
  19. Dan

    QVS Electrical Supplies

    QVS Electrical Supplies opened its first branch in St.Ives Huntingdon in October 1994. Steady expansion followed, with the opening of a further 12 branches serving trade and diy across the south east. Nationwide, our customers have also enjoyed the same competitive pricing, quality products and...
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