1. E

    Extract hood.

    I have a Neff cooker hood which obviously needs wiring in. The cable is fitted with a 3 pin plug. The cable exits the top of the hood very close to where the ductwork also exits the top. When I fit the ducting covers the cable will be inside this. so either I drill the ducting cover, which I am...
  2. J

    Can you supply a cooker extract hood off a cooker switch?

    Not used to domestic installations so I'm unaware of many of the regs. Can you spur off the cooker switch to feed an oven extract hood? TIA
  3. G

    Extract Fan 1 Amp fuse - but UK only

    Hi All, Been asked to fit a bathroom extract fan that a customer has already purchased. When checking the manufacturers instructions they are stipulating a double/ triple isolating switch - nothing unusual there - but they are then stipulating a 1 Amp fuse and then in brackets 'UK Only'. This...
  4. littlespark

    Replacing a 12v bathroom extract fan

    The situation is, customer has a rather old wall mounted 12v extrtactor fan, with pullcord, humidistat and timer. Make is Johnson & Stanley "Dryflow" Its wired through a transformer with PL, SL and N at the fan... Transformer is in the attic. The problem is the fan runs constantly. I think the...
  5. S

    Can I extract this myself?

    I think this may be old cable/phone server, can I just cut off myself-held together with a few thin wires.
  6. 123

    Marcrist Core set with dust extract

    Has anyone used one of these? Have a few jobs coming up that need a fan cored through red brick wall which tend to be a nightmare as the wall is wet and the dust jams the core drill. This is the item
  7. H

    Electric motor problems on dust extract

    Hi all, hope i can get a bit of help here. I have a dust extract in my shed which i use when i am turning. This morning i went to switch it on and it blew the 13A fuse, i replaced it hoping the fuse was at fault which it wasn't, well i had to try. The motor plate 230v, 13amp, 2 pole, single...
  8. F

    Domestic Bathroom extract isolator

    Hey peeps, I have a movement sensor in my en suite which turns on the extract fan. Trouble is, it's been installed so that it only triggers the fan when the light switch is on. I want to rewire it so that the fan comes on irrespective of whether the light is on or off (but obviously still...
  9. 8

    Building Control - Extract fan with filter?

    Evening all. Note sure about this one: I have a job of new circuits to install for a new domestic extension - nothing fancy. It has a ensuite shower / toilet on the new install, 2 walls of the en-suite are internal to the extension, 1 wall backs on to next doors extension (touching), and...
  10. S

    Ceiling mounted extract fan

    Hi. Not had much to do with domestic and subsequently have not fitted many bathroom fans. Have builders in doing my loft conversion and am wiring myself. Now the only place for the extractor fan is in the ceiling with duct run through void out soffit. Unfortunately I only just had enough height...
  11. R

    Bathroom fans

    Hi, We have a bathroom fan controlled by the light switch with over run, fitted when we had a partial rewire. Have all the correct paper work relating to the work. The bathroom has no window, hence the fan. Would it be electrically safe circuit-wise to have another one wired and fitted up to...
  12. J

    Fan Switching...

    Hi Guys, Installing a whole house vent system that will tick over constantly. PIR's to be installed in each bathroom to boost the fan while the bathroom is occupied. The client would like an extra vent in the utility room to extract the heat while the tumble drier is running...?!? Crazy i...
  13. the pict

    shower pump and extractor

    Any one ever wired a extractor to run when the pump is running only, is there a connection within the electrics connection box IE run side of the motor. over run I suppose is easy enough from the perm live Pict
  14. B

    how to make the hole in tiled wall nice?

    I am going to install an extract fan in a bathroom. it is on first floor. it should be a quick job but the outside wall is tiled wall, the tiles are about 100mmx100mm, how to make it nice? can i just buy this kit? cheers
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