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  1. C

    Conduit Compression Glands

    Hi All Where do you guys get your PVC Conduit compression glands from - I.e if you were to wire a pre-wired floodlight? I've seen some installations where you can just push a gland fitting directly into one of the legs of a 2-way/right angled junction boxes but I've not been lucky enough to...
  2. C

    Cable Glands - CMP Vs EATON

    EATON cable glands comes with many sealing ranges for the same gland size, Eaton gland selection chart (attached), Where as CMP glands comes with one sealing range for the same gland size, CMP gland selection chart attached. Why do EATON have many sealing ranges for the same gland size...
  3. C

    UK Cable Glands

    Hi Guys Iv'e got some 1.5mm twin cable, there is no earth wire with it and the outside diameter of the cable sheath is 7mm. I need to run it through some 6mm thick steel and have been lookling at the glands in image. Namely the IP68-PG9 but looking at measurement D, by the time the locking nut...
  4. M

    UK different glands on same isolation

    hi all, just out of curiosity can you tell me why these have different glands. 1st is a junction box for an outside light and 2 nd is an isolation for an aircon kind regards darren
  5. kenburgess

    SWA Glands : Poor Fit

    Background: Served my apprenticeship 1964 to 1969 with NORWEB but not been directly employed in the industry since then. I have just laid a 10mm 3 core SWA cable in a trench under the patio from the house to a detached garage 8.5m away. (cable run will be around 18m to 20m). There won’t be...
  6. G

    Cable glands. Info required?

    Hi All. If I could pick someones brains. I have a load of these glands that I have aquired(been given)and was looking for any information about them as I cannot find anything on the manufacturers website. having filed a bit of the corner of one away, as there is no brass visible, I assume they...
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Wiska Glands excellent customer service

    I had some glands recently that were not the usual decent quality. The rubber inserts were stiff and wouldn't compress too well. Annoyed me as I bought them for a Cu change and had to use some horrid membrane glands instead to get the job done. I emailed the customer services asking why the...
  8. R

    Ammendment 3 Compliant Glands

    Hi there folks, I wonder if some of you have noticed the problem with getting glands for the above items ?. Have seen New install without them and wholesalers telling me folks dont ask for them !!!. Anyway had chat to Wiska and their Contract catalogue has the full range, including the new 2 x 2...
  9. Midwest

    A3 CU Bespoke Glands

    Just spotted these in PE; Don't think I would use them instead of a Sprint Gland or similar, where the tails were subject to movement, but where they aren't, the TKS would be better than their Sprint Grommet. :)
  10. C


    Helped a couple of youngsters out the other day,a real overspec of installing pyros to light fittings in trunking in late 70's,kinda mad,one of the ends came off,youngsters had new pyro glands,but the orig are imperial,so struggled with fitting them. Old timer soon sorted that,used orig pot &...
  11. Gazthesparky

    AM3 Tails Stuffing gland

    I seem to have a run of jobs of upgrading consumer units. Previously I've used 32mm standard stuffing glands for the tails when I have needed to. Although the sealing gland hasn't got specific holes for the tails i find that it seals well. Anyway I've been looking at the special tails stuffing...
  12. Pat H

    Domestic Plastic compression glands for T&E into metal CU

    I'm sure this will have come up but what are the thoughts on cable entry into metal CUs? Obviously from the rear is simplest but if cables have to come in from below then do we need to use metal glands or are plastic ok? I assume for RFC its best for both legs of the circuit to enter together...
  13. M

    Trunking from CU (with fire-proof glands), does it need to be non-combustible?

    For cables coming out of a CU and running where someone getting tools on and off a shelf next to the CU may knock against the cable if careless. I'm intending to give them some basic protection by putting trunking over them. The cables coming out the side of the CU go through non-combustible...
  14. V

    Step Drill Bits

    I have a metal clad CU that I am currently installing, it's the MK Sentry one and I want to use the Wago Sprint glands on it. They make a Sprint gland that is 25mm and will accept 2 x 2.5mm T&E for a ring final. The problem is all the knockouts on the box are either 20mm or 32mm. If I bought a...
  15. M

    Industrial Size Guide for imperial aluminium SWA

    Evening everyone. Been a long time lurker on the forums but I need some help & guidance. I am about to do some work on a large industrial premises which the client wants to re-use the existing sub mains. After many discussions about replacing them they have decided to retain them. My issue is...
  16. S

    2357 am2

    ive got my am2 in april, will that include the amendment do you think or not? im curious if im honest because it wil mean getting more new books to study if it is (changes to the wording in the regs and cmin etc) any advice would be appreciated
  17. B

    Caravan park installation

    Working in a caravan park as a full time electrician found that most of the hook up point in every single pitch got high Zs reading because of using two core SWA (average 1.7 ohms TNS earthing system). In some cases up to 31ohms because corroded SWA glands and broken SWA. if there's been used 3...
  18. I

    conduit boxes ?

    anyone know if theres such a thing as a 20mm pvc conduit box that is threaded so that you can screw stuffing glands into them , like the galv ones but pvc
  19. J

    Tools for a trainee

    Hi guys, ive just started training and wondered if you could give me an idea on some tools it would be worth me buying for my first year as a trainee, and also what would be a good make of tools for me to purchase ? Thank you very much J
  20. driverman

    Eicr enclosure

    Hi guys, I'm not into EICR's but would like to ask your opinions on this situation. GPR enclosure with locked doors. Several SWA cables emerge from ground within the enclosure but glanded in free air. All glands have banjos and locknuts on and are all cross bonded together. The cores from the...
  21. J

    Extending existing swa garden light circuit and adding fittings

    A customer has 2 lights on a 30m circuit in 1.5mm swa which is buried half way round the perimeter of the garden and the lights are spurred off it at the end via Y boxes, they want another 10 lights added. I would normally use Wiska boxes & earth clamps but they want it as discrete as possible...
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