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  1. T

    Holes through joists

    Hi all Question regarding the amount of cables through holes in joists. Is there a set amount that you should stick to, or does it not matter how many cables are through a joist hole. As long as there is movement in the cables, finger gaps side of cables, reason i asked as seen about 8/9 cables...
  2. T

    Marking holes for steel trunking

    Hi, silly question but in College we only learned how to mark up holes for end caps. I’m just wondering what the standard practice is for marking holes in steel trunking for attaching couplers? The previous Electrician I was working with we used templates but there’s non on this site so i’m...
  3. S

    paint ceiling 1st or drill holes ?

    Hello Everyone I have a freshly skimmed ceiling with no holes. Planning to have some downlights installed. Obviously I have to mist coat then paint ceiling but should the holes for the downlights be drilled before or after? My thinking was if before then wet mistcoat paint might drip all over...
  4. PJElectricalSW

    I always wondered what the little holes are for!

    Found this on my travels today visiting my favourite customers. I hadn't noticed this previously and I can only assume this is the result of a recent 'solar PV service' the customer had last month. My customer asked for my opinion as she had also not noticed the wire previously, the words 'I...
  5. peeko

    CPCs in wrong holes inside consumer unit...x8!

    Hi everyone, I've recently done some testing on some welfare trailers used on building sites on behalf of the rental company at their base. Mixture of fixed wire/PAT/FAT to make sure they're going out to the customer OK. I've done 8 so far and they were brought brand new 12 months ago and I've...
  6. Gavin John Hyde

    Whats your method for holes in ceilings

    Been fitting some new lights today in a Georgian townhouse that has been converted to apartments. Finding the unexpected in these old buildings around Bath is nothing new. Took the old light down and the hole in ceiling is 4 inches across at its widest part, good point was I could get my arm up...
  7. FatAlan

    Notches or Holes, clip or not to clip?

    Appart from the building regs specification on the size and positioning of notches and holes in joists is there a best practice on what to use? Is it just the case that notches are used in place of holes due to the cable positioning being outside that prescribed for holes. Are there any issues...
  8. Marti

    Sore Holes! What should I use?

    And the first filthy minded individual that answers "Vaseline" goes to the back of the class :) About to buy a HOLE SAW set. One of those with the dinky QR arbor to push the disk out will do nicely. My, very serious, query is "what sizes are the most useful?" 20 and 25mm for grommets and...
  9. Leesparkykent

    Nylon snap in bush

    Any one know a supplier of these? looking for 25mm and 20mm as have a few new builds that are all metal portioning...Fed up of using grommets. cheers
  10. G

    Hardend steel, what cutter?

    HI all, got 15 x downlights to install in a soffet, its got wood under it and also about 3mm steel plate above, my usual ck or starret cutter wont even touch it, ive have drilled one out with a series of holes but it was a nightmare, any hardened cutters out there that might do the job? CHeers...
  11. happyhippydad

    Which Makita drill driver?

    I currently have a Makita 453 and 459. I like them both but they don't really have enough umphh if I want to get through something tough. I'll definitely be sticking with Makita and have seen the DDF458 which has a max torque of 58/91nM which I think would be fine or maybe even the 481 but that...
  12. J

    Impact vs combi drill for drilling holes

    Who uses impacts to drill holes though wood rather than standard drills Ect, I've just started and think there amazing. Anyone see any pros cons from using an impact instead of a standard drill?
  13. the pict

    The metal thingy for spacing drill

    Lost my thing as above, you know the thing bent metal thing with two holes spaced for doubles and an extra hole for duals tried umpteen search terms but all I get is the pattress and drywall template any ideas P
  14. R

    Core drill purchase

    Would appreciate some advice on this please. Got a contract starting next month rewiring 200 kitchens within a chalet complex. They require 6" extractor fans to be core cut through the concrete structure roughly 350mm in depth. I am looking at buying a dedicated core drill to do this. What...
  15. uksparks

    Poor work

    Hi, To cut a long storey short, I saw another electrician do this, new sub meter. they were both middle aged and he drove a brand spanking new VW transporter, a nice black one so obvious making the money, but anyway, they looked like they had been doing it years, they also did the rewire on...
  16. G

    first job tools

    Just wondering what will i need for my first day work?
  17. S

    EICR Check Sheet Question

    Hi guys, was just wondering if anyone could tell me what this actually means: 7.6 Cable entry holes in ceiling above luminaires, sized or sealed so as to restrict the spread of fire. List number and location of luminaires inspected. (Separate page) Is it only relevant to designated fire...
  18. B

    getting down(or up) inside a stud wall.....long flexible drills?

    I am trying to find a better way of getting cables down inside an existing stud wall. At the moment I am cutting an access hole below each noggin to allow me to drill and feed the conduit/cable up but would rather not have the hassle of making good. I have seen these extra long flexible drills...
  19. C

    Metal Skirting Trunking

    Any of you guys got any good ideas for mounting D/G 13amp socket outlets in metal skirting trunking? the site I am on has metal skirting trunking which has small sections with pre-cut holes for the mounting of faceplates - trouble is the trunking is so old and no identification markings to...
  20. S

    Best Drills

    Hi All, Looking for a new drill, was just wondering what you guys think works best! thanks.
  21. S

    Drilling through joists

    Hi all i need to drill a lot of holes through joists. Just wondered what people thought was the best tool flat wood bit or auger ? Thanks
  22. N

    Security mesh cage for wall mounted inverter

    Does anyone have any contacts for a reasonably priced security cage or enclosure for an external wall mounted inverter ? Our client is located in an area where they are worried about theft and/or vandalism? Thanks
  23. J

    Makita or Dewalt??????

    Im in need of a new drill and cant decide between the 18v li-ion dewalt or the makita as they are a similar price, what are you opinions good or bad.
  24. S

    drilling joists

    for the above, do you's use a dedicated angle drill or an angled attachment for your cordless drill to fit easily between joists?
  25. M

    3 Phase feed with 2 cables

    As above really, Massive green house converted into small units. Basic supply was single phase and when he asked for 3 phase this is what they ve done. Basicly you ve got 2 phase and netural from one cable and a seperate earth, 2nd cable has 1 phase another CPC. Its a private supply, All this is...
  26. J

    Drilling holes in new joist for cabling

    Can someone please help. I am running some cables in our new exstension. The joist are approx 4.2m long, am i right in thinking that i have to drill my holes between 0.25m and 1.68m on either side. Many Thanks
  27. D

    core drill idea

    I have a makita HR2470 an sds drill and want to know if i can use it for core drilling applications 4" core holes for extractor fans etc whats the difference between a standard hammer drill and a diamond core hole drill? at the moment i rent one for the day £25.00 cheers luke
  28. i=p/u

    routing of cables in domestic?

    hello again, what are your methods of chasing plaster board walls with skim. example : say i want new socket on to ring circuit at height 450mm, how would you get the cable down past the noggin/support between studs. do you chase out either side of noggin and cut into the noggin, so...
  29. B

    My Circuit Test Screwdriver Melted!!

    I bought one of these a few weeks ago from an online company (who will remain unnamed for the time being) and i was using as normal to test a circuit and the handle started melting. The company have said they won't give me a refund, and will only exchange it for another one? But before i do...
  30. S

    Requirements for drilling holes in joists

    Could anyone point me in the right direction for requirements to drilling joists? eg. distance out from end of etc... Have used a guidance sheet before but really dont have the time to trawl google searching for regs. Cheers
  31. J

    Clerk of works!

    On a recent job the main contractor had 3 electrical clerks of works and after we had fitted our 100a double pole isolators in the meter room.. using blind 25mm grommits for the tails so the metal box had two holes in the top and two in the bottom. which one of three said "yeah thats spot on"...
  32. G

    Socket box sinker for brick

    Hi, is there a socket box sinker on the market that will work on older (Tougher) type house bricks, or is it just a case of good old lump hammer, chisel, and lots of holes with a masonry drill ??
  33. S

    plastic conduit

    is it ok to use plastic conduit outside. will it be waterproof? cheers
  34. D

    Right Angle Drills..

    ..Just wondered if anyone had used a right angle attachment on an otherwise ordinary drill.. the right angled drill themselves are pricey, and since I wouldnt use it much.. I thought the 'attachments' may be a feasible option. They only cost about £20.. I think.. but look a bit 'dodgey' to me..
  35. A

    what drill bit?

    what drill bits do you guys use for making holes through floor joists? eg flat, auger, forstner etc Also has anyone used a '3d' or multi angle drill bit (MAD), they look like they can do a variety of things such as making holes in joists?
  36. tuckermot

    chip board floors !!!

    what is the method most used when you have to lift chip board floors thanks;)
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