1. ionionascu

    UK Seal wall holes with main cables

    Hi. I live in an older house and I have old white twin and earth cables going through walls in large white pipes. Unfortunately, some mice managed to squeeze through these pipes so I want to seal all the gaps. Can you please recommend a sealant that can be used for this? I read that fire rated...
  2. J

    Do "holes" stay put while electrons move?

    salt water conducts with a positive charge and a negative charge moving in different directions. Is this different than a single electron moving through copper and the "hole" staying still? I see a lot of contradicting models.
  3. I

    Pre-drilled holes in trunking EICR Code

    Morning, Company had an external contractor coming in to complete an EICR recently. They have gave us the report with a C2 for holes in trunking at high level. For reference, this trunking has been pre-drilled with 20mm holes at set distances on either side. Within this trunking is multiple...
  4. P

    Opening up holes in joist

    A friend of mine is looking to have an electric shower fitted and has floorboards up already (mostly, long story). Anyway there is a run of 2.5mm T&E already following a sane route that the 10mm T&E for the shower could take, but the holes are just a bit bigger than 2.5mm and certainly not...
  5. P

    Fill unused holes in Henley block

    I might need to remove an old heater CU leaving some cable holes in the Henley block where its tails currently go. Anyone got a good suggestion for an insulating plug for those holes?
  6. captaincaveman

    How many holes can you put in a wall?

    Hiya! Got a customer who wants me to install a cooker hood but it apparently requires a new hole for the venting as the existing one is too low down to utilise. I'm just pondering whether coring out another hole a foot or so above an existing one on a load bearing wall is a good idea...
  7. pirate

    Just interested to know how you all make holes in metal enclosures, CUs etc

    This was prompted by me seeing a couple of videos of cone/step drill being used to make holes in a CU. I use a step bit quite often, especially in plastic enclosures, but in metal ones the drilling action causes noise and considerable vibration. I like to install with as little hammering and...
  8. C

    Light Flickering and LED won't fit in holes

    Hi all. I have a few issues: - I bought an LED spotlight which is 50w (Input power 7.8w) 240v, but it flickers when I turn the lights on. There are 2 other older bulbs in the circuit which are 12v 20w..... When I take these other two out and just leave the new 50w LED bulb in it still flickers...
  9. J

    Running in circles Non code holes existing switch location

    Hi all, Please see attached photos. I'm adding 5 circuits to my basement. I've been having to go the long way around in some cases to avoid duct and future finishes. There have been several instances where existing holes would have simplified/shortened the runs (see image 4) but they don't...
  10. J

    Electrician has cut holes to close to joist ends

    Hi Employed electrician to wire extra sockets in bedrooms upstairs in an empty house. However I have noticed when I lifted floor board up to do other work, that the cables are running through holes close to ends of the joists, not within the safe zones, .25 & .4, as with Building Regs...
  11. K

    USA Why did 2 holes in my outlet turn blue

    Why did 2 holes in my outlet turn blue
  12. dokkan1080

    Drilling holes?

    Can these be drilled? The diagonal beams going up to the roof that is?
  13. B

    Open knockout holes covered up ?

    Hi all when doing EICRs and you open up your 10% of accessories what would you code a knockout hole that has a 20mm open grommet on a metal box with no cable coming through. Only insulating tape and duct tape over the top of the 20mm grommet. Would you even code it as if you have a 20mm open...
  14. B

    Holes through joists

    Hi all Question regarding the amount of cables through holes in joists. Is there a set amount that you should stick to, or does it not matter how many cables are through a joist hole. As long as there is movement in the cables, finger gaps side of cables, reason i asked as seen about 8/9 cables...
  15. T

    Marking holes for steel trunking

    Hi, silly question but in College we only learned how to mark up holes for end caps. I’m just wondering what the standard practice is for marking holes in steel trunking for attaching couplers? The previous Electrician I was working with we used templates but there’s non on this site so i’m...
  16. D

    paint ceiling 1st or drill holes ?

    Hello Everyone I have a freshly skimmed ceiling with no holes. Planning to have some downlights installed. Obviously I have to mist coat then paint ceiling but should the holes for the downlights be drilled before or after? My thinking was if before then wet mistcoat paint might drip all over...
  17. PJElectricalSW

    I always wondered what the little holes are for!

    Found this on my travels today visiting my favourite customers. I hadn't noticed this previously and I can only assume this is the result of a recent 'solar PV service' the customer had last month. My customer asked for my opinion as she had also not noticed the wire previously, the words 'I...
  18. peeko

    CPCs in wrong holes inside consumer unit...x8!

    Hi everyone, I've recently done some testing on some welfare trailers used on building sites on behalf of the rental company at their base. Mixture of fixed wire/PAT/FAT to make sure they're going out to the customer OK. I've done 8 so far and they were brought brand new 12 months ago and I've...
  19. Gavin John Hyde

    Whats your method for holes in ceilings

    Been fitting some new lights today in a Georgian townhouse that has been converted to apartments. Finding the unexpected in these old buildings around Bath is nothing new. Took the old light down and the hole in ceiling is 4 inches across at its widest part, good point was I could get my arm up...
  20. FatAlan

    Notches or Holes, clip or not to clip?

    Appart from the building regs specification on the size and positioning of notches and holes in joists is there a best practice on what to use? Is it just the case that notches are used in place of holes due to the cable positioning being outside that prescribed for holes. Are there any issues...
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