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  1. S

    Connect PV into main breaker in CU

    Is it possible to take the PV circuit from the inverter via it's own RCBO in the CU into the incoming breaker thus connecting to the main live tail before the house circuits. Will the PV then only flow past the breaker if it is required to feed house load and any balance will be exported...
  2. F

    mains supply to flats

    had a customer enquirey to change card meters in some flats each flat is fed with 10mm twin and earth and each flat has its own earth stake on fuse fusebox side of flat,each flat has a 30ma rcd inbetween incoming supply cable and fusebox. however there is no earth stake for the incoming supplies...
  3. A

    Live Testing - PEFC / PSCC

    After a little bit of advice please We are doing our Dead and Live Testing at college tonight. I am ok on most of it but due to not having much time to practice our live testing I need a bt of advice. Live Test: CCU breaker off Prove VID - Test for dead with VID - Re-prove Ze - remove main...
  4. Baker1988

    Urgent help with domestic supply in my house

    Hello i was wondering if any one could help me i am doing my level 3 at college and have a bit of knowlege but not loads the problem is i woke up this morning and my electric wasnt working i checked the meter and every thing seems fine then i checked the db and it had power too it if i turn all...
  5. J

    Outside building supply

    Hello All I am currently constructing a cattery 70 metres from our house I will be running (if all on ) 5kw of heat lamps I will also have a 32a ring main and of course lighting My plan is to run 16mm swa from a henley block split from our house cu The house is a TT earth (with incoming...
  6. R

    Domestic MR DNO Palava

    Hi guys, I am carrying out a full install to one(top) of two flats from a converted house. Originally the house had only one incoming service head (single phase)to the property, but the new landlord decided to contact the DNO about upgrading the incoming service possibly from a 3 phase to one...
  7. Potential Power

    Forms during Installation

    I am just in the process of getting ready for assesment. I was wondering if anyone has any advise on forms they are using or pre-made for checks during installation and commissioning. This includes forms for proving the incoming inspection was completed and the process inspection during...
  8. Pip

    How can you Earth Bond plastic incoming mains water pipe?

    Hi People, Looked at a job today which requires adjustments to the CU and noticed there is 16mm from CU to MET which is cool, 10mm from MET to Gas main incoming, and bonding between all pipes coming in and out of the boiler linked off the GAS main bonding. When I pointed out that there...
  9. L

    Mains Bonding???

    I recently was testing a flat and found that the 6mm Mains earth to water was not accessable but the valve for incoming is so may be able to test from board to incoming for a result but do Elecsa officials want to actually c the bonding position as its one of the assessments for elecsa??I...
  10. T

    Fluke 1653b

    Hi all just got a fluke 1653b and was just testing my house for some practice tried to test Ze and im just getting a warbling sound out of the thing and no result, i think or should i say i hope its only the batteries need replacing also whilst im on the subject how long do the batteries last on...
  11. G

    Ze Test come up with 'fuse'

    Hi All am new to this site and am hoping some one can help. I am in the process of changing a fuse board, on testing ze (disconnected earth from board connected neutral clamp to the N bar and phase tester to the incoming live)..........push the button and bleep bleep 'FUSE' comes up on the...
  12. L

    Anyone have a good knowledge of BT systems etc?

    Need to get some answers about multiple line dialing systems. cheers
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