1. Marti

    Domestic Best CCU is Schneider...Oh no it isn't. Anyone tried Chintz?

    I know I'm going to regret askin' but I never learn so here are two contentious question in one. The best CCU, and by "best" I mean plenty of installation room, good quality screw fixings and reliable RCDs / RCBOs. Personally, I still like Schneider; maybe because that's what I trained on. The...
  2. D

    Hi all - Newbie who isn't an electrician

    Hello all - have joined due to the fact I have just started process of looking to build an extension and have a specific query concerning my first experience of dealing with UKPN which I will try to post in relevant place. Figuring there may be more enquiries as the project develops
  3. Pete999

    Pete's Videos That's the way to do it, isn't it

    Nice cable entry
  4. C

    Electric touch hob not coming on (plus consumer unit issue)

    I've recently had a new cooker point ran from the consumer unit and have had a new touch control ceramic hob installed on it but could get absolutely nothing from the hob at all, no display or anything. After looking at the consumer unit fuse board I realised the electrician who installed the...
  5. E

    Electrician Hemel Hempstead

    Hi, I'm looking for a electrician to help out when my work load is too much, it will be self employed basis. Main line of work is domestic rewires in vacant properties so looking for someone that has expericance in first fixing and second fixing on there own. Also some commercial work and...
  6. T

    2394 And 2395

    Hi all. I'm booked onto the 2394 and 2395 combined course next week. Obviously I'm swatting up on Regs book and guidance note 3, but I would greatly appreciate and advice from anyone who recently taken the course. Cheers
  7. D

    Domestic rewirable fuses

    evening all - I have a question for some of the more learned members, I am currently trying to make a landlord understand that her rewirable fuseboard isn't up to date, so I know that in 1991 the 16th was launched meaning it wasn't to regs but I was wondering if there was any requirements in the...
  8. I

    Four cables into one single socket

    Hi all, I am continuing to replace all the sockets and switches in the house and as always the very last one is a bit of a headache. Single socket on the landing to one side of an airing cupboard. On removing the faceplate in addition to the expected two cables for the ring there are two more...
  9. H

    Voltstick Question

    I've got flu at moment so if this is a stupid/Electrical Trainee/diy type question then illness will be my excuse :).... How do voltsticks sense live cables but not neutral cables?
  10. I

    City & Guilds 2394/2395 - 2nd and 3rd year apprentices

    Hi So our company is sending the second and third year maintenance electrical apprentices on a weeks course to do the 2394 initial verification and 2395 periodic testing city and guilds qualifications. I always thought that these qualifications were ones you do after you finish your...
  11. P

    Repair to Ceiling pull cord fitting and replacement switch cable

    Got called to do a job today for a Landlord friend of mine to replace a Light pull cord fitting in "a room containing a bath or shower" Look like someone has been hanging from the fitting and even had to replace the switch cable!! Just checking this is still a repair and replacement and...
  12. R

    EICR query- Plastic pipe bonding

    Hi Just finished a EICR on a flat, and want to pick some people's brains. Scenario: One bed first floor flat Water main rises into flat in plastic pipe and is plastic throughout the installation, therefore main bonding can be omitted. Boiler is gas and is bonded on point of entry. Fuse...
  13. nowaypedro

    PL Insurance

    First post so please be gentle Just took out £2M PL insurance with Simply Business today. Price was good (less than £100). Process was easy with no hidden restrictions (i.e. 3phase) and also no gimmicks (i.e free tool cover and PI insurance). Better still - if you say i recommended you we...
  14. D

    Domestic rcd protection

    Hi at the moment im unable to afford a full house rewire and consumer unit upgrade so was wanting a little information regarding my current installation and what possible solutions i could do to add a little more protection to my current in home supply. I currently work as a 3 phase electric...
  15. B

    Dimmer Query

    Hey All, I installed two sets of 6 lights, each set controlled by a dimmer. When i bypassed the dimmers, i got 240v at the end of line lights. when the dimmers are connected, i got 208v at the end of line lights. The dimmer switches were on full, i dont know where im losing the 32v...
  16. kingeri

    EICR - coding for a single CU

    Been doing a few bits at a house down my street. Guy had an EICR done a few months ago (not by me). He wanted the stuff picked up on this put right. Fair enough, I thought. So I had a look through the EICR. The installation is in generally good condition, but I have spotted a few things...
  17. P

    extra socket

    guys been asked to install an extra socket in a house. does this need to be rcd protected if isn't already. Fuse board has rewire-able fuses its also only a short run cheers
  18. Y

    Immersion heater circuit

    Just wanting to check and get advice on immersion heaters. I have wired up them before but on the job that i'm on, the house is needing 2 3kw heaters for 2 cylinders. The consumer unit is less than 10m way from the airing cupboard, so would a radial circuit with 4mm cable and a 32mcb be okay...
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