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  1. Pete999


    A long while back I, more importantly my Mrs paid for a course in electrical Science which included a sort of hand written course note book and a box full of experiments, we were in Moscow and not much else to do so it was ideal to brush up on my Electrical Science knowledge, sadly lost now...
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    This made me laugh... Anybody had this offer

    Just had this sent me, a link to an article... Anybody want to own up to being offered a bit of nookie in lieu of payment? Haven't myself but have had a few go change into very revealing clothes...
  3. Dan

    Want a laugh at some tiling done by DIY?

    https://www.tilersforums.com/threads/public-thread-poor-tiling-workmanship-by-diy-and-rogue-traders.63897/ Had this thread going since 2012. Some terrible and sometimes dangerous (heavy tiles falling off from a height whilst in the bath could maim your pidge!! or worse!) tiling done by DIY...
  4. buzzlightyear

    game for a laugh

    just for laughs so here it goes ,went on holiday abroad to Germany with the brother in law and sister in law few years ago so we all went out for a few drinks , after we all got in to the hotel and started to go to the bedroom to settle in bed ,so just for laughs i decided to ring his room...
  5. Pete999

    Go on Laugh I don't care

    Hi All as per the title, I would like to write a Thesis on or about the onset of short, fast track "How to be an Electrician" courses. I'm not sure as to how it all started, I believe that some important MP or similar's relations got injured whilst working at home, which prompted an...
  6. S

    EICR - made me laugh

    One of my friends has recently moved down to Dorset (from London). Had an EICR carried out by a sparks down there as it’s a bit out of my catchment area (Kent..). He asked me to have a look at said report. There are several things that annoy/make me laugh about this report that was done. Let’s...
  7. buzzlightyear

    ok laugh of the week

    how many sparks that go hob knobbing with the gentry fork , posh houses with a stables . I would love to hear from you .
  8. D

    Monday Funny ... try not to laugh

    A little light entertainment to get you through the morning
  9. S

    Commercial Sometimes you have to laugh before you cry

    Got a call from a beauty salon to ask if I repair electronic beds. I said no but the very camp voice begged me and told me no one would repair it apart from the German makers - and they wanted a fortune. He badgered me until I said I would come have a look. I've never been in such a place like...
  10. Pete999

    Homeserve, don't laugh are they getting better?

    Over the last couple of weeks I have had some bother with a leaking Kitchen tap, not a cheap one, quite expensive to be honest. Any way the Guy who installed it for me is very elusive, annoying to be honest, promised to replace it under guarantee etc, just ignored all my calls and texts, so much...
  11. M

    Had a good laugh at this....25 characters yet?

    Found this whilst ripping out on a job today...they were knocking down part of the building....not sure if its genius or rough....maybe both???
  12. S

    For a laugh just put this up

    as a garden ornament on the extension the neighbours built last year, will be removed once I start building mine but I still need to wire it in..........properly. Its just a shame that I could find a neon porn one though, oh well better luck next time.
  13. Baker1988

    A Quick Laugh.......

    Just been recommended this from my youtube feed and it give me a bit of a laugh.
  14. S

    Made me laugh - had to share

    Whilst driving in Buckingham this morning, I got stuck behind "the poo lorry" Zoom in to the sign on the back.
  15. R

    Drill Bag

    ALDI - Sunday Special Buys 5th August 2012 Just a heads up... In on Sunday. I bought one last year to keep my 10.8V drills and bits ect in. Works really well and will be buying another on Sunday.
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