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  1. Pete999

    A blast from the past, at least my past.

    Back in the building boom, I worked for one of the large builders in the South West, throwing Houses and Apartments up at every opportunity, We were expected to carcase a 3 be house in a day 1 sparky and 1 Apprentice, not much time for mentoring or tutelage there you would be right in thinking...
  2. M

    want to complete nvq on the path of least resistance !

    I have everything except nvq and am2.Maybe half of photo evidence for portfolio.What are the best companies to go for that will do most of the work for me. I know I have to get the photo evidence.Its putting it altogether and time.i am doing the nvq at college and its begining paid for but to...
  3. PiesRus

    Me! PiesRus the thread must contain at least 20 characters

    I'm just trying to introduce myself but it looks like I'm having trouble with intro - ing myself I tried . But this web site isn't friendly. Anyway! Good evening my Friends and Ladies & Gentlemen. I have been sparking for 30 odd yrs and I still think I am an apprentice in many respects. I...
  4. R

    They could have at least used sleeving?

    What's going on.. Had to do an EICR on this property, noticed a shed load of overheated Halogens on walking in... Then I removed the board cover!!
  5. Wilko

    2391-52 in at least 25 characters

    This has been a mixed week of classroom fun and exam terror for me, but alls well that ends well. I took a week and treated myself to the new C&G Initial / Periodic Inspection and Test qualification. It's the replacement for the 2394/5 and has only recently been released. Three exams and a...
  6. W

    Hello - at least 20 Characters?

    Evening fellow sparks !! Hoping to learn lots off of you lot I remember all the useless stuff
  7. R

    Domestic Ze

    hi all, I posted about this recently and didn't manage to get back online till now. I've got a Fluke 1653b multi function meter. In the last few weeks it has stopped recording Ze and Zdb readings ( readings on L-E setting) are 0.00 and on L-N reading are0.00 and PFC is 10kA ( this only happens...
  8. W

    Guidance Note Books

    Hi guys. Just wondering if any one uses the IET guidance notes 1-8. I mostly refer to my regs books or on site guide and I'm wondering if they are worth buying?
  9. V

    Nice tidy job

  10. D

    Domestic Trying to find Legrand RCBOs

    Does anyone know of anywhere stocking Legrand RCBOs please? I'm after a 6A and a 20A for a job and cant seem to find them anywhere. I'm in South Wales but would be happy to buy from reputable on-line etc if necessary. Obviously I've tried all my local suppliers and even Screwfix dont have...
  11. M

    lantern with moveable pir

    evening all! i'm looking for a lantern fitting, pref polycarbonate, with a pir that is directional? or at least a 180 degree one? any ideas please?
  12. C

    socket heights(Scotland)

    I am looking for some advice regarding socket and switch heights in an extension where the 2 bedrooms have been extended and some of the existing sockets kept and the switch kept. Basically the building inspector has pulled the new socket heights up and I asked him to relax this as it is an...
  13. B

    Big Customers

    I have made the big mistake that 75% of my work comes from one company who are a subby for the local council. Work was steady and well to be fair the money was good yet the 60 days terms took some getting on top of.. Well now then i get at least one rewire a month loads of maintenance...
  14. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC ? or another body

    I am contemplating joining a scheme but unsure what way to go our work is a mix of commercial and domestic and whilst I was the qs for NIC on last company I worked now I am on my own not sure which would be best Cheers
  15. paddyc3112

    van security.

    I had my van broken into over the weekend. Just wondering what others do to stop this happening.
  16. G

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB approved?

    Another jib enquiry to what Is actually required to become approved? I've been trained to 17th edition I qualified 2 years ago and have my nvq3 am2 etc. I've just taken the 2395 but ive been told by someone who apparently called the jib and enquired, that u can't be approved unless u have 2395...
  17. A

    What reasons we are hiring a generator

    What reasons we are hiring a generator? Pls. share
  18. B

    Question about Fuse Box in New Build

    Hi There, I'm in the process of buying a new build from Barratt Homes in North East England. Upon looking round the show home the fuse box was located half way up the wall inside the store cupboard under the stairs. However after looking around the plot we are interested in buying, the fuse box...
  19. F

    DECC reveals disappointing April installation figure

    DECC reveals disappointing April installation figures | Solar Power Portal As we all predicted ....
  20. O

    Is it worth trying to get agency work as a sparks mate while at college?

    No real experience here and trying to get myself into the trade down the mate route as suggested by you lovely folk. Thing is I know there will probably be a lot of competition for these jobs(if they even exist going on the agency's I use for driving) but I dont have an ECS card either which...
  21. S

    PIR question

    First of all I'm not even sure if this needs to be marked down or not! I'm about to do a PIR on a friends property and whilst checking out another bit of work needing done I noticed that the main water service has just been bonded with a 10mm earth linked off the gas pipe and linked between all...
  22. rmaynard

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) ECS/JIB Grading

    i am sitting my ECS H&S test tomorrow and was wondering what card i can apply for, i have checked the ECS website and its really confusing, as i can work out with the qualifications i hold i will still only get a labourers card but maybe someone more in the know can advise me further, my quals...
  23. S

    Elecsa assesment Monday, only registered yesterday!!

    Hi all, I have my elecsa assesment on monday morning, i done the registration stuff online yesterday and they called me back a bit later in the day saying they had a free slot on monday morning, as i was a bit on the spot i said yep thats fine.:confused: Well, hopefully it will be but i was...
  24. T

    Business networking events??

    Anyone been to any? Were they worth it and how much do they cost?
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