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  1. Dan

    Professional Electrician | Professional Electrician Magazine - Who buys it?

    Professional Electrician | Professional Electrician Magazine - Who buys it? Professional Electrician | Professional Electrician Magazine - Who buys it? Wondering who buys the mag? And if so, whether we can get a monthly discussion thread going about it and the articles within it, maybe? Let...
  2. J

    RS Solutions Mainslink 500m wireless mains to mains discount code

    Hi Guys, New to the forum, so first post. I need to purchase one of these Mainslink 500 m wireless jobies as communications cable between boiler and central heating has been cut and instead of re-running the cable, this seems to do the job. Has anyone used one of these Mainslink wireless...
  3. PE Magazine

    PE Magazine - 2018/19 Reader Survey - Win a PS4!

    Good afternoon EF members, Professional Electrician & Installer is committed to providing you with the very best monthly magazine in the electrical industry. We want to ensure that our content continues to meet the needs and expectations of UK electricians. In order to keep furnishing you with...
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC connections magazine

    For people who are not members of NICEIC or Elecsa's various schemes, the current issue of connections magazine has some useful info in it about the changes in the 18th edition. Some useful bits on how the certificates are changing and other useful sections. The bit on chasing up non payers...
  5. I

    Letter in Professional Electrician Magazine

    Read a letter about the failings of Part P in Professional Electrician magazine today. It was written by a "Pete" who uses an electrical forum and has over 50 years experience.... I wonder if it's who I think it is??? Anyway, a very well written letter, thank you Pete! :)
  6. sparkdog

    Planning guide magazine promo.

    Has anyone used the ? Had a visit from the rep the other day. A bit too expensive for me at about £1k for 2 years but seems well established and looks like it could be a source of work.
  7. Andy78

    magazine advert scams

    Just got a couple of calls this morning both from blocked numbers, both trying to sell me advertising space in magazines, both had a scouse accent, different magazines ( one a police magazine, one a cancer charity ) When I asked them for a number to call them back on they both gave me mobile...
  8. S

    Switched live in fan

    hi, Just reading through 'Connections' (ELECSA's magazine). Found an article saying it was aright to use the green/yellow for a SL in a class II fan if you sleeved it both ends with a brown sleeve. They cited 514.4.3 which in my book refers to PEN conductors saying it overrides 514.4.2 (thou...
  9. P

    Goldman Sachs banks on renewable energy

    Goldman Sachs banks on renewable energy: pv-magazine
  10. G

    Problem RCD warning

    Hi all,sorry if this has been posted before but just thought I,d bring it up anyway as it seems kind of important.I have just recently read an item in a magazine and it mentioned that a few people had had RCD,s blow up when they pressed the test button,didn,t mention any specific make of RCD but...
  11. whinmoor

    Possible Scam

    I had an unsolicited phone call this morning from a guy claiming to represent a consortium of independent schools. They wanted an MCS company to install solar panels on school buildings and did I want my company to be the exclusive supplier of PV to such schools in my county? I needed to pay an...
  12. S

    Dodgy Telephone Sales People

    Hi All, Just wanted to let you know about a call I had the other day and to see if its common. Before I start, I get calls from all sorts of advertisers all the time telling me that parting with £50 will turn into hundreds of pounds worth of business all the time and I don't believe any of...
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