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  1. buzzlightyear

    this lady will sadly missed

  2. L

    Commercial Labelling.

    Hi all, I've recently had an occurrence on a shopfit job I've just finished in Spitalfields where as usual I was the only trade who was beaten with a whip to finish by the hand over date which obviously turned out to be pointless as there were chippies & painters etc there in the following few...
  3. D

    Joke PIR

    Was looking at a job today to quote for a rewire following a PIR (done in December) for a 3 bedroom house. The PIR was conducted by one of Northern Ireland's biggest companies, but its nothing short of just being a bit of expensive loo roll. Some notes on the testing: Ze - N/A PFC - N/A...
  4. S

    Average Price for PIRs?

    I am wondering what is the average price for PIRs? I have seen some in my area charging as £25 for one. What is the average price you charge and also please post your areas to see if there is a trend per area.
  5. C

    Enrolled on 2391 today!

    £680 that I hope will be a worthwhile investment for my career! More exams...joy :iamwithstupid:
  6. A

    Elecsa Free Screwdriver

    Anyone else got one of those free Screwdrivers from Elecsa? Not being rude as it was a free gift but man its crap. Absolutly useless. Havnt found a single screw head that it works on yet. Anyone else?
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