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  1. D

    Quarterly-6 monthly crap!

    So we are 6 months in to the 18th and still every RCD test label supplied with boards/RCBO's comes with a quarterly label. 14 starbreaker RCBO's fitted today..all with quarterly labels. Shouldn't manufacturers be binning their old stickers and supplying the correct ones? I'm having to make up a...
  2. G

    Quickbooks or Freeagent ?

    So Im looking to get more involve with my finances, Ive downloaded free agent and quite impressed by the 30 day trial. I here quickbooks is excellent , Any advice ?
  3. N

    Quote and questions help pv installation

    Hi guys new here had rolec round tonight to give me a quote for a pv installation using 14 panels south facing,they get supplied from germany through solarworld,all in all after the calculations had been done the system should be around 3400kwH, i dont have the funds up front so looking at a...
  4. B

    Emergency light testing

    When performing monthly testing, is it best to just check illumination by means of a quick operation of the key switch or, do you run them for say, half hour? Would either extend the life of the battery?
  5. O

    Domestic Calibration for part p assessment

    Hi, can someone clear this up for me please? Does my test meter need a current calibration certificate for my elecsa assessment? I have been told by a couple people that a check box with a record of monthly tests will be fine, is this true and in this case do you need to supply your out of date...
  6. S

    segens discount policy

    Hi People quick question regarding there policy. I spent over 100000k in a month with them but they only gave me a discount of 2% and i was told they only do it on a monthly basis, Is this correct as it makes a bigger difference to the bottom line.
  7. Goody

    Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover - advice needed!

    I went on a site and was given a quote of monthly premium of £35.56 for £250,000.00 professional indemnity insurance cover. Seems to be a bit high, could someone point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  8. O

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa Annual Fee

    Through my letter box yesterday dropped my renewal letter from Elecsa - money is tight at the moment, so I called them to see if they have any "payment schemes" Yes the lady said, pay your annual fee now, then pay your following years payments monthly, so at the end of the year your next...
  9. P

    Sole Trader-Taking On Extra Labour

    As the title reads, how do you employ someone to help at busy periods. Are there any forum members who can offer some guidance on how to hire temporary labour, I am a sole trader so seeking advice on insurances, payment and any other points that are required etc. Any advice would be grately...
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