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  1. CokeCanBrad

    UK Three phase testing PFC

    am i correct in thinking for determining the PFC, you can do a PEFC test aand PSCC test and which ever one is highest you can double and choose to be your PFC also is it true for 3 phase that PSCC Is usually always higher? Ive seen some people croc on to the earth and croc onto the neutral and...
  2. A

    UK Need help with some college questions

    Hi could anyone help with some questions for college? Possible effect of TNC-S earthing arrangement has on pfc compared to TN-S?
  3. Zdb

    3Phase PFC

    After having a discussion with a colleague earlier today I was wondering what peoples preferred method is when testing prospective fault current on a three phase distribution board. Do you: A. Perform a 2 lead test between L1-E, L2-E, L3-E, L1-N, L2-N & L3-N then double the highest value. Or...
  4. J

    Ze & Pfc (Pefc & Pscc)

    I hope someone can help me as im getting different answers off different people 3P & N Supply Ze: Disconnect main earth Set tester to 2 lead high L+PE (is this correct?) test between L1 - E / L2 - E / L3 - E recording the highest reading Ze (reconnect main earth) Pfc (Pefc) Set tester...
  5. T

    PFC measurement question

    Hi folks, I'm carrying out an EICR on a 3-Ph board which cannot be isolated fully - only certain circuits at certain times. Supply protected by 3x 88-2 fuses. When carrying out PSCC/PFC, I'm getting a small spark at the probe on the neutral bar/MET intermittently. Can anyone explain this? The...
  6. Z

    PFC test theory question

    Hi all! I'm at the start of a long road to become a sparky's mate, and I'm tryina wrap my head around something that might seem really basic. It's to do with the prospective fault current test. Let's say I get a reading of 1.2ka, and the main cutout fuse is BS 1361 type 1 which is 16.5ka. This...
  7. K

    AM2 testing

    Hi everyone, a few questions here Ze: In the AM2 is it just a 2hi test between L1 - Earth, L2 - Earth and L3 - Earth. Then take the highest reading out the three? and while doing that take the PEFC reading at the same time? after reconnecting the Main earth would I record my test result...
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