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  1. diyterry

    Not looking good for planet Earth

    Causes | Facts – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet - https://climate.nasa.gov/causes/
  2. F

    External socket for sewage plant - Earth Rod?

    Hi all, I have been asked by a company that installs sewage systems to have a look at some recommendations from another sparks who has looked at one of their jobs. I haven't visited the job, but I have seen a few of their installations in the past and he has me at a bit of a loss. The plant is...
  3. D

    Another "exporting PME post"...

    I have a situation whereby a new build property has had a green electrical cabinet installed at its boundary, and a new 3ph PME supply installed. There is a 4c 25mm SWA from here to the detached garage, which will house the plant room (3ph ground source heat pump, 3ph PV inverter), and then...
  4. Dan

    Fire at a local plastics processing plant

    Fire at a local plastics processing plant advice reviews and feedback 2017 Watch: Drone footage of factory blaze -... Fire at a local plastics processing plant Are you a DIYer? find a free diy advice websitehere. Plumber in the making? find a plumbing advice website for the UK including...
  5. L

    And i thought domestic was dirty...

    Previous house basher for 4 years and qualified in that area. Started my new job this week and i am wiring up a flour mill. ITS HUGE, we have a production mill factory with about 4 new motors and 6 sensors wiring back to a plc unit. I have to say i am enjoying the work and seem to be getting on...
  6. a1guvner

    Industrial Radio Link Switching (200mtrs)

    Hi all, I have a need to transmit a switched signal over about 200mtrs, I was looking at Easy switch that TLC do and have been successful with them in the past for garden lighting projects. Has anyone used something a bit more powerful as it is going to be used to send a fault signal to a plant...
  7. edexlab

    Industrial controls courses

    I've previously asked this in the Course feedback section of the forum, but due to a lack of response I thought I'd appeal to the masses! I've been looking at various "hands on courses " for Industrial ie controls , as upto now I've not had much contact with this type of work, I've done plenty...
  8. J

    Please Help, Widnes, Liverpool Area

    Hi Guys, The company I work for carried out an electrical installation in Widnes before christmas on an industrial plant. Everything was inspected and tested as required. The operators of the plant are experiencing problems with a particular portion of the plant and have asked if we can get...
  9. B

    is the Industrial unit supply man enough?

    Hi Guys A friend of my mates is setting up a micro brewery in a small industrial unit. The unit is fed by a 3 phase 100amp supply the brewery plant is on order and the boiling part of the plant is fitted with 3 x 18kw (3 phase) immersions, then another piece of equipment has 1 x 18kw 3 phase...
  10. G

    Working live

    Hey guys, I was wondering where if in the BGB or if you have any links you could find some of regulations regarding working live, when you should etc. As an apprentice, I have already had to work live, so was wondering what the guidelines say about it, the necessity to work live and what should...
  11. A

    becoming an industrial sparkz

    Hi guys, I am a domestic/commercial sparks wanting to get into industrial work. Will having compex help me to get into this field or am I gonna hit dead ends even with compex due to inexperience. Any advice would be great thanks.
  12. S

    Cordless SDS Drill

    Hi All This is my first post on here so thought I'd introuce myself, Im 27, a first year Adult Trainee in Scotland and really loving my new career as an Electrician. I came accross this forum via one of the guys from college. As i've just started out im in the process of building up my kit...
  13. L

    Industrial how to calculate and avoid the Voltage drop at starting of gas compressor

    In a gas power plant There are 2 main transformers ( st1 , st2 ) taking from the grid 380 kv and step down to 13.8 kv ,and then feeding the main bus which it is divided into 2 buses ( A Feed by st1 , B Feed by st2 ) between them bus tie st1 = 380 kv/13.8 kv st2= st1 Bus A feeding gas...
  14. K

    Christmas at work!

    Any of you on continuous plants will know this senerio At Christmas production and maintenance would work 6-2 only. 2-10 and nights would just have production skeleton crew on. But if it was you due shift and you were needed you had to go in. Christmas day was special, I didn’t mind going...
  15. K

    Production workers

    Who hasn’t come out with some of these statements at sometime? This is fool proof They can’t break this There’s no access to the work area while the M/c is working Everything is cross interlocked That can’t happen it’s physically impossible I’ve checked everything They’ll never defeat this...
  16. R

    Solar Farm

    We're pretty rural and I've had several requests lately for field based solar farms. I understand in theory the following.... Enquire of DNO - Can we site a solar farm here? Contestible and no contestible costs Farmer will need planning - What does he need to submit with planning app, a...
  17. J

    Emergency stop guidelines?

    Hi guys, I am trying to persude a customer that activating an emergency stop when his machine jams up is the correct action to take. His machine jams regularly and he wants to add a general stop button to stop his plant when this occurs rather than activating the E-stop. There is already...
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