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  1. T

    (Wrong category I know) Need advice on plumbing my own house?

    Firstly I know I’ve posted this in the wrong category, I couldn’t find the right one for some reason. I’m a industrial/domestic electrician, I’m doing a rear extension and loft conversion on my bungalow myself. I’m of course doing the electrics myself and I’m looking at plumbing the CH and...
  2. J

    Plumber needs training to gain Part P

    Hi, I'm a fully qualified plumber and do a lot of bathroom fitting. I'm considering getting training for Part P to enable me to sign off electrical work in bathrooms. Please advise on training courses and costs in the Tyne and Wear region. MTIA
  3. buzzlightyear


    I had a call from a customer ,I have problem with the shower it keeps blowing ,I had turned up to the job I said where is shower that keeps blowing .up stairs said the customer .went up the 13 wooden stairs in to the bathroom mmm. I thought looking across the stair well .now that's not a 45...
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    Thoughts on this plumber earning more than 200K per year

    Have you seen the story in most of the papers over the weekend about one of the plumbers working for Pimlico in london? Apparently he is earning over 200K per year... Having seen what they charge per hour its not that far fetched or out of reach. They charge upwards of £100 + vat per hour, for...
  5. P

    Hi I am a plumber and saying hello to fellow Tradesmen

    Hi I have been a plumber for the last 10 years and am a member of the Plumbers forum. I am finding alot more of my work involves small electrical jobs. I have a good friend who does all the certified electrical work for me but having some knowledge is always good. Looking forward to being a...
  6. C

    Plumber who is also an sparky, allegedly

    Hello guys A plumber done some terrible electrical work, one item had been securing jack chain to 25mm conduit with plastic cable ties. Can someone point me in the direction of an adapter that will hook around the conduit and provide a hook for the jack chain?
  7. sparksburnout

    Don't panic

    Don't panic. If you want to become a sparky it is dead easy, look here: Become a UK qualified electrician 17th edition Pat testing 2391 2377 2382 *&7 | eBay -...
  8. P

    Changing from gas!

    Hi guys. Came across this forum and I thought it might be a good place to share ideas and feedback, and even give advice, but I don't think I will be doing much of the advice giving at the moment. I am a plumber/gassafe guy looking to upskill into electrician boots. I am getting on a bit, 50 now...
  9. Arktosik

    Heating pipe and Swa cable

    Hi What is min distance between hot water pipe and swa or cat6 cable? can be run in the same box or no? I Just asking because plumber said its ok.For me not .I told him to put insulation on hot water pipes to keep normal ambient temperature.he said i dont need. Please help Thanks
  10. G

    mixer value on underfloor heating?

    HI all, installed a s plan, well i say s plan, heating up stairs and underfloor down, there is a 3 way manifold for the underfloor heating, a couple of question regarding that pls 1 actuator came , but there is a value i open with that stat so i assume i dont need the actuator ?? also i...
  11. L

    Low Voltage Help

    Hi all just looking for a few ideas from you all. Just received a funny call from a plumber saying that he has a problem with the electrics on a clients boiler system. He explains that he only has 12v at the control center where he should be expecting 240v. I told him to chase back the circuit...
  12. i=p/u


    Evening. anyone tell me a little about adding underfloor heating to a gas heating system.. at at present have 1 Chanel time clock to power gas combi burner. what way the plumber do this ? All the builder is saying is there will be manifold in corner. Anyone tell me a little about it? Thx
  13. P

    Domestic Honeywell programmer

    Called out because the Honeywell digital timer(does ch & hot water) blew up!! They've recently had a new combo boiler fitted.. Which is temporarily connected to a supply but the timer etc has been left disconnected!! Plumber thought there may be a faulty/damaged cable, But no breakers/RCD...
  14. marksparky

    Wavin underfloor heating stats

    Anyone any experience of the wavin underfloor heating system? Iv been informed by the homeowner that the plumber says I need 5 cores at each of the stats and that they are low voltage and programmable, now of course I can't get a hold of said plumber as he went on holidays, and I'm not sure if...
  15. J

    Conduit bending of double sets

    Where is the back of the bend on the conduit former?
  16. H

    Shower Problem.

    Was sub contracted in by a plumber to replace an electric shower. Old shower was going hot and cold intermittently. Plumber assumed the shower was knackered and told me to replace it like for like. No cable installation just a straight swop. Also as soon as shower was turned on lights in the...
  17. D

    Replacing shower

    Was wondering how many sparks when asked to replace/install new shower do the complete job(plumbing work as well as electrical). I've quite happily installed the lot in my own house but I can't imagine my PL insurance covers me if i caused a leak in a customers property. Obviously the...
  18. D

    bathroom light replace RCD

    Just to check... I'm doing a job for the plumber that recently rang me up ranting at me on a previous job and has since been using me for his electrics now :-) I am replacing a bathroom light for an ip rated one. There is no RCD protection which isn't needed as its like for like.... But I...
  19. H

    Wiring PIR sensors looping in and out.

    Should I be having problems with PIR security lights that are wired as a radial looping in and out from each light? I have 3 in a radial controlled via a switch but having problems getting them to work right. Any ideas? Is it because they are all linked? Back feed etc?
  20. S

    Rcd Protection.

    I'll cut a long story short, I installed an in-line fan for a customer of mine about 6 months ago, i took a supply from the lighting circuit into a cupboard within the bathroom, where the customer wanted the isolator installed. The cable was clipped direct within the loft, then to a small length...
  21. C

    Shower pump

    Plumber has asked me to run cable for a shower pump. It has a 13a plug on the pump. He wants it installed in the bathroom for the new power shower. I have checked the regs and I can't see how this can be installed to comply with BS7671. It would not be 3m away from the edge of the shower tray...
  22. K

    Todays Job

    Todays job was to go to a rental property, to replace a shower and to also find out why 2 sockets in the lounge wern't working! Shower not a problem! Sockets in the living room are another story. After lifting many carpets and floorboards i came across this Nice i thought but this wasn't...
  23. B

    shower cable, copper pipe

    Evening Gents, I am going to do a homer with a plumber next week, the job involves putting in a new shower circuit. Got a "curveball" scenario thrown at me and it got me wondering. the shower pipes are to be mounted externally down the wall, consisting of a copper pipe or the water, and...
  24. H

    Wiring a heating system.

    Hi, I need a bit of direction and help never really touched a heating system before and just have a few grey areas that I need clearing up. The work I have done in the forces for 12 years has never took me down the path of heating systems now I am fine with connecting up combi's simply fcu with...
  25. E

    2 Quick Questions to save me finding my book.

    Hi Guys, just need to double check a couple of things here as my 17th is buried in the shed somewere and I have lent my OSG to someone who is at collage... 1. What is the min distance in mm a socket or cooker point must be from both cooker and sink ? 2. On a double socket there are 2 earth...
  26. L

    Domestic Shower 9.5kw

    Hi all my sister bought a house with old 9.5 shower she's had bathroom Upgraded and plumber ask her if she wanted like for like shower fitting so he's fitted a 9.5 kw shower its fed on a 6mm cable fused at 45amp mcb today the pull switch failed when the shower pull switch was open the live...
  27. i=p/u

    rcd tripping

    i got call today saying rcd tripping one side of the board, he called when i was passing , so i popped in and tuned all switches off and turned on one by one and leads me to the fused spur for the gas heating... anyway left to monday now ...... what would you logical approcah be to this, i...
  28. S

    Domestic Mira Power Shower

    Morning gents. Just want something cleared up so I know whether it's me or the plumber that needs to go out. Customer last Friday had both myself and the plumber in last week, I was rewiring immersion circuits, plumber was laying bathroom floor and raising the toilet to fit it in. So last...
  29. Z

    Stroma Certification Scheme Part P with Stroma

    Hi guys, Here is a new player on the market for part P. £250 for a year membership. Any opinions? Thanks!
  30. R

    Anyone know about power showers?

    Hello folks, I'm after a power shower to replace a broken one but I've never dealt with them before and haven't got a clue where to start. I'm after something that is run from an external 12 or 24v transformer preferably, do they still make them like this as I can only seem to find mains ones...
  31. L

    who connects the thermostat

    can you please give me some advice electrician has run a 3 core and earth from boiler to room stat honeywell 2360b who connects the stat and who connects to the boiler ??
  32. chrish_1977

    Customer getting in my face

    Hi all, i hope this is in the right section (if not i do apologise and will not do it again). I need some help with a very problem customer, I have carried out a c/u change and issued a EIC, then 2 weeks later I get a phone call blaming me for the boiler not working, called to the address and...
  33. S

    Underfloor heating plumbed

    Have a job wiring single storey extension. Lights, sockets extractor fans etc and all ok and on with job. Customer now decided to put in underfloor heating and plumber on with that now. Never wired this type with zone valves and thermostats etc to three rooms. Anyone know where I can brush up on...
  34. C

    Power Shower Issue - Advice needed

    Hi all I have just spoken to a friend. She is having a Power Shower installed. The plumber has already started the job - he has done the pipe work etc. Apparantly he has let my friend only just know that he wont be able to sign off the electrical side of the works as he does not hold the...
  35. P

    immersion heater tripping rcd

    Well looking for help again.Got asked to have a look at an immersion heater that trips the rcd as soon as it reaches set temp.This can be set at 50 degrees to 90 but as soon as it gets to the temp off goes the rcd.Have cheaked ir on cables back to board no problems,restance of dual elements 1...
  36. K

    Shower changes, straight forward or not ???????????

    I have a querie, i have recently started my own business after working for someone for 15 years, passed my niceic domestic installer assesment and am getting very busy. Now to my problem, what do we do if we go to a customers house as their shower is bust. NO RCD PROTECTION, NO MAIN BONDING TO...
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