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  1. Z

    Trainee Has anyone joined a student membership scheme?

    I was wondering if anyone has joined a student membership program for networking and study support such as NICEIC? Does being a member provide you with much help with NVQ training? And do they help you to get a job with a company, or is it just for self employed electricians? Thanks, Zane
  2. J

    Omron plc cpm2a

    Hi all anyone have any programming experience with omron plc i have a few questions if anyone can help .
  3. L

    clone bsi module

    Hi guys, I have a spare bsi unit and would like to clone it to have as spares for my citroen berlingo multispace mk3 (2012) I have a progammer (minipro TL866) If I remove the eeprom 95128WT from the original, copy the contents, then write all data into eeprom in spare bsi unit will this work...
  4. J

    Commercial As installed drawings

    Hi guys, I've been asked to supply an 'as installed' drawing of an installation I recently carried out to include the position of the sockets/lights and mark up the EM lighting Ect... I'm no expert on CAD drawing but was wondering if there was a simple...ish program I could use to do the...
  5. B

    Advice wanted

    Hi all. I completed my apprentership in the military in 2009, I left the military in 2013 and got a job working within the hospital to allow myself to gain more more experience. However everything thing is contracted out and yes we do get hands on just not as much as I would like to. I want to...
  6. M

    ABB Frequency Inverter( Winder/Unwind. Application Program )

    I am a Beginner. I install a program ABB ACS800 ( Winder/Unwind , Application Program) .This inverter is used communication card to be run. I want to upload program to this inverter. This inverter program upload to another ABB inverter to download this program. I want to change (99.02...
  7. L

    design software

    evening does anybody know of any good design software for designing logos etc just got loads of cards from vista print and not happy with them going to design my own well a least try lol
  8. V

    Job Sheet

    Well as title really, im wanting a template or maybe a program to use on a PC/ipad/iphone for itemising the jobs im carrying out all it needs to include is time on job materials used what are you all using??? Dan
  9. P

    y plan heating system.

    I currently have a y plan heating system with a honeywell st699 time set, it got knocked and has stopped working. I have been given a drayton lifestyle lp111si off a friend, is it compatable with y plan mid position valve heating system? I just got the programmer with no instructions. Any help...
  10. S

    Microsoft Accounting 2009 Help please

    Hi guys I have a laptop (Vista) which has my accounting data on it. I want to set up a desktop (XP) and do my accounts on there. Microsoft have now discontinued the program. I have downloaded several versions but they all seem to give me an incomparability problem Can anyone help to either...
  11. W

    veritas r8plus alarm

    how can i find out the engineer code for this alarm system ( already fitted when i bought the house). i need to reprogram some of the settings and the user code does not work for programming. the default engineer factory code..1234 has clearly been changed so also does not work, or do i need an...
  12. K

    Production workers

    Who hasn’t come out with some of these statements at sometime? This is fool proof They can’t break this There’s no access to the work area while the M/c is working Everything is cross interlocked That can’t happen it’s physically impossible I’ve checked everything They’ll never defeat this...
  13. J

    great little cable calc software program

    Just updated my 'Cable Mate' software program which is brilliant and updates are free. For you guys doing the big one (The Design and Verification part of 2391) this is a secret weapon. I used the earlier version a few years ago for the big project and it helped hugely. Check it out. Its...
  14. M

    2nd ask Job sheet template

    Hi guys Giving it another go! anyone have a good template for a job sheet sort a thing you can fill in when quoting , materials needed/to order etc Cheers
  15. E

    Computer Test Cert Software for Mac OS X

    Hi, I've been looking around google for ages trying if find a Mac version of Amtech or Castline, and have yet to find anything for then the PDF's for the IET website. Just wanted to know it you guys had found anything. Thanks for your help Paul
  16. A

    Megger powersuite problem?

    hi does anyone know how to adjust the margins for printing certificates in this program onto a4 landscape paper. basically when im printing say a nic test cert there seems to be a centimetre of missing info on the right of the page, eg the rcd test x5 column has been chopped off the end...
  17. E

    Rogue Traders new series dodgy sparks

    reading in the elecsa newsletter that they,ve been assisting the program Rouge traders with some dodgy sparks . Anyone know when the program will be shown ? should be intresting viewing.
  18. Z

    Megger MFT1553 problem!!

    HI all, just wondering if anyone could help me out please?. I have the above tester, and decided i want to use the bluetooth function now to download results to my laptop, and i have one major problem, i cannot find the driver for the MFT1553 in the download manager driver list!, i have...
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