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  1. JK-Electrical

    A Rather Obvious Forged EICR

    I know for a fact that the attached EICR is a forgery. I suspected as much even before I had been given a copy of the report. My suspicions were confirmed the moment I noticed that the tester had entered 25 years as the estimated age of the installation. The installation is in fact, brand-new...
  2. Pete999

    A rather Mundane questione

    Anyone know where I can get cards of fusewire? Don't say B n Q cus they don't sell it, and don't ask why I want some I just do OK, end of story.
  3. D

    Rather Expensive Test Adaptor

    £128... Really!! Would cost no more than £15 to make one...
  4. happyhippydad

    Tails (or rather T&E) behind skirting.

    Hello all. About to do a CU change and from the pre works visit it looks like the 16mm T&E from the meter is run 3m to the CU behind the skirting board. No mechanical protection seen. TNS. Ze = 0.28ohms. This clearly isn't acceptable and I shall advise getting it changed but my question is...
  5. Strima

    I'd rather install Ikea light fittings

    Than these horrible EM fittings from a national wholesaler. Designers need to try and install things like this themselves... 2x 1.5mm were a very snug fit. Beer time...
  6. C

    Rather High Ze with all the bonding in place

    Carrying out an EICR on a property in london, the supply is a TN-S supply with an incorrect tenby earth clamped around the PILC Sub mains cable. Long lead tested all the main bonds and i am very surprised to still get such a high reading with these parallel paths in place. 3.25ohms With the...
  7. Pete999

    Now i found this clip rather funny

  8. S

    Pyro cable surplus to requiremets 3L 1.5mm

    PHOTOGRAPHS TO FOLLOW. Approximately 70Metres of 3L 1.5mm red, plastic coated, MICC, Pyro cable. I had to purchase a full 100Metre drum for an emergency job. Only used about 20Metres. I checked the price on this today and I was quoted £460.00 including VAT for 100Metres. I would rather not...
  9. Irina Nistor

    Commercial NVQ portfolio - New Electrician in Borehamwood Looking for a Chance

    Hi, guys, im an electrician to be or wonna be, got 4 years experience on site, technical certf C&G2365 Level3, testing and inspecting course, have my own testing kit Fluke 1652B, ready to jump on building up my testing and ionspecting skills, 17th edition and still need to build my NVQ...
  10. happyhippydad

    Best way to bond metal framed building?

    Evening.. I have been trying to think of the best way to attach a bonding clamp to a steel structure and could do with some opinions please. At present I am thinking of a bolt through one of the steel columns and attach the clamp to this, but I'd rather get the clamp on a smooth surface...
  11. B

    Caravan eicr's

    Hi all, I appreciate this has probably been discussed and length previously but would like some advice on pricing of eicr's on static caravans, I'm only talking about the caravan installation itself (including hook up lead) the whole site it also to be inspected but this is a seperate job...
  12. imago

    Plumber/gas engineer in Wales?

    Can any of you good folks recommend a gas engineer in Wales around the Dolgellau Machynlleth area? I need to get a quote on a full install of an LPG system (currently coal fires only). I'd like to get someone recommended rather than a random selection, and if they can advise on tank suppliers...
  13. R

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa HELP!!

    Hi gents Looking to gain my elecsa accreditation for my private jobs so I can set up on my own, have chosen elecsa as i am already a NICEIC QS for my day to day company. My question is... I want to carry out a DB change at home for my assessment but the existing install is only about 2 years old...
  14. E

    How the customer view the Government.

    This is a text message from one of my customers who had an install in December after the 12th. He is a professional person who works in a regulated industry. "Hi, yes very disappointed with the government, the arrogance of this particular department that they think they know the law better that...
  15. E

    MCS annual Visit

    on your Second MCS visit Is this based still around the ONE solar pv job you will take the assessor to later in the day. IE Quotes/Sap - Contract - Surveys- Wind Cals - Roof Cals based around the single job????? or Will the assessor need access to all documents for all jobs you completed...
  16. C

    3 phase junction box

    Hi all, Is there a 3 phase juncltin box commonly available? I have a 3 phase board (small low useage) and would like to run 2x sub mains (single phase) from this supply - but would rather not come out via MCB's from the 3 phase board, would rather come off before the 3 phase board vai a junction...
  17. M

    RCBO Outisde Lighting

    Hi I just wanted to clarify some things that i have been told by my maintenance contractor. I am in a large commercial building and we have a terrace which had 8 bulkhead lights. We wanted these changed as they where getting old and grotty and now we have some nice feature lighting. I was...
  18. R

    Approved voltage indicator

    I currently have something similar to this Toolstation > Digital Catalogue but have a feeling it might not be approved:D, particularly as the exposed legs are 15mm long on mine :( So, any recommendations on what to buy? What makes them 'approved'? And why are they so expensive? £50 to...
  19. W

    Occasional work

    I have few contracts pending. I rarely undertake residential work but I have a few niche contracts awaiting start, within a month or so. I will require the services of a part P registered company. The actual electrical work carried out will be small. I can advise on what is to be done and...
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