1. G

    Fusing of fans to comply with manufacturers recommended instructions

    Manufacturers want there fans fused to 3a on the permanent feed but the switch wire is still on the 6a MCB doing an eicr is a c2 if there is no RCD protection
  2. S

    Recommended CCTV systems

    Hi. One of my regular clients' father's house was broken into last night by an armed gang. They beat him up a bit and burgalled the house. Pretty shocking, four people smashed the rear patio door and simply ran in and terrorized the 2 occupants. As he was elderly I expect they cased the house...
  3. S

    Recommended books please

    Hi All, Great forum, thank you to those who make it possible, newby here, hoping to become a sparky soon, I know there is no substitute for proper training and official publications but I am hopeful that one of you - good people - will recommend a book(s) that will help with becoming an...
  4. Murdoch

    Based on this a rewire was recommended FFS

    Yes .............. this ............ I was asked for a 2nd opinion So if you operate in the Cobham area of Surrey and think you're about to get an easy rewire off a lady pensioner .......... think again ........ you're not.
  5. Steve Smith

    Recommended Work Boots.

    Sorry for my weak english and posting. I'm working better than my sellers two years or more, and I wear shoes worn, but they do not seem to last, whether the stitch is restored or starts to get rid of bits. The last pair was bought, repaired after two or 3 weeks, so my wholesaler changed the...
  6. P

    Recommended Installation for Downlights when Cable is side entry

    Hi, What sort of installation method would you recommend for installing up/down lights on a house when the cable entry is from the side? The lights only have rear entry available so I assume I would have to mount them on a low profile Junction Box. The cable I'm using is 1.5mm SWA 3 core...
  7. S

    Can anyone recommend MFT calibration service centre in the north east

    Hi All - as per the title, any recommendations in the north east as I don't really want to send the tester via courier ! thanks
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Recommended bathroom extractor vents for fitting from inside

    Been asked to price up for a bathroom fan installation, nothing to out of the ordinary there, except the bathroom is on the 4th floor of a townhouse! add the basement area below and its a tad high. So clearly not going to use a ladder or hire a tower just for this job. There are quite a few fans...
  9. J

    Recommended way to route DC to outdoor cameras?

    Hi all, I'm having a think about how to neatly route 12v DC inside two rooms to two outdoor cameras. Camera one is mounted up high, approximately level with the ground of the first floor so it's just a case of drilling a hole straight through from the outside to the inside. I have two ideas...
  10. B

    Recommended Wholesaler for 95mm singles / meter tails & accessories

    Hi We have a new 3 phase 200A supply installed which is to supply 4 flats & a low load landlord supply. We need to source 95mm singles that will connect from the ukpn 3 phase head into a stand alone isolator which will then connect into a 3 phase distribution board that will supply the 4 flat...
  11. E

    Recommended installer of Dead locks for my van please

    Good afternoon everyone. I am hopping you can recommend a firm for fitting dead locks to my small van. I have a Citroen Berlingo. I am in south London. Thank you for any help
  12. Dan

    Stuff you have bought after being recommended on TF advice, reviews and feedback

    Stuff you have bought after being recommended on TF advice reviews and feedback 2017 As the title says, for me, Rubi ts 60+ (back in the day) Wash boy That old tiling book (can't remember the name?) Sigma tile cutter!!!! Pop up tables Ats blades Laser level Tilemaster adhesive... Stuff you...
  13. spud1

    LED lighting for Milking Parlours

    Hi, Just had an enquiry from a new customer asking me to quote to install LED lighting in some agricultural milking parlours. (I'm assuming it will likely be retrofit for whats there) My initial thoughts (Without seeing the Job) are High Bay/Low Bay LED fittings. (Assuming high barn like...
  14. C

    Smoke/heat alarms

    Hi does anyone know of a reason why different makes of smoke and heat alarms can't be interconnected ? I have several jobs of installing them adding to existing smoke alarms and I haven't been near to the jobs to check the brand already installed? I planned to fit aico . Thanks
  15. K

    How far away would you make Next Inspection?

    Hello everyone, just wondering what period you would allow to Next Inspection on the installation Certificate, in a case where you've fitted a new CU and recommended that a new earth rod is fitted + earth bond to an oil tank? Thanks.
  16. vxwestie

    Voltage optimisation Units

    I have two customers wishing to know more about voltage optimisation, a pub and a farm. Both having 3phase 100amp per phase supplies What units and companies have people delt with? Who comes recommended as decent to deal with?
  17. J

    Help ASAP with dimmer

    Hi Guys, I have a client who wants to launch a new light into the UK, and they have sent me over a specification. I have pasted some details below. I found out that R,L Type means resistive load, but i still dont know if i need leading or trailing edge? Dimmable with R, L type dimmer (dimmer...
  18. D

    Code question PIR?

    A PVC cable that runs from the house to a shed clipped on a wall to a metel clad socket in shed? No conduit. Thanks