1. barninks

    EOL resistors

    Im not massively experienced in fire alarms... But can you use one end of line resistor on a different brand of circuit? Currently we're using a kentech board and only have esp resistors to hand? Can I use those. I presume they are no different to any other brand.
  2. S

    Checking loop tester readings from a sample socket.

    After calibration of my loop tester,I am considering using a socket in the house for future calibration checks and to connect various low resistances in series with earth via a rotary switch to give a range of readings,and if so what value of resistors?Thanks for any advice...
  3. D

    honeywell g2 and activ8

    Evening all, I think I am being thick but I cant fathom out how to wire activ8 sensors into the g2, I will admit I have never wired one, have been fitting accentas since forever but I cant find an idiots wiring diagram for the panels, I downloaded the 137 page manual and I have the activ8...
  4. happyhippydad

    Leds and capacitance...

    There are always quite a few threads where the problem is the LED staying on slightly even when switched off and I see that the solution is to fit certain resistors as a snubber. I have never had this problem. I guess I have either been lucky or have found a combination of switches/lamps that...
  5. dlt27

    Glowing Led Chandelier.

    Hi I know something similar has been posted before, but can't find it. I have fitted a varilight eclique dimmer with a chandelier that has gu10 dimmable megaman leds. When the switch is turned off the led's continue to glow. Am I right in thinking the problem is that induced voltage from the...
  6. A

    Simple Question about LEDS and Resistors

    First off, I want to say that I'm not an electrician and don't know much about electricity. My question... Is it ok to have two resistors connected to a 3mm led? Please don't ask why two resistors. I just want to know if it would harm the led or have any kind of negative effect on the circuit...
  7. M

    Resistors In Series-Parallel

    Me again folks After Sintra helping me out yesterday i've stumbled across another problem. I've attached the problem if anyone can help or guide me in the right direction i'll know how to work these out in the future. Thanks in advance folks. Mark
  8. M

    Series and parallel

    Can someone just please clarify I have the correct understanding here. With a series circuit with two resistors in it the voltage from the source is dropped equally over the loads and reduced to mV on the outgoing side. Now if you tap into it before it hits those resistors you have created a...
  9. tombrooker84

    LED flicker on non dimmable JCC led7

    Hello guys, Just installed 2 bathroom spotlights along with an extract fan, the feed is at the switch and from there to an isolator and obviously fan and lights. However when the fan is turned on the lights flicker, I've been reading previous threads about putting resistors across the switched...
  10. C

    LED 'Dummy Load'

    I'm having no end of issues with a current install. What I've got is two 3gang dimmer switches from Lightwave RF. Gang 1 - Auraled 240v 5w Warm White LED Dimmable Lamp x4 Gang 2 - Auraled 240v 5w Warm White LED Dimmable Lamp x6 Gang 3 - Auraled 240v 5w Warm White LED Dimmable Lamp x2 Gang 4 -...
  11. H

    Texecom Premier Alarm

    Hi, short off it is my sister has bought a texecom wired alarm and wants me to fit it and to be honest I did a course about a year and a half ago on alarm installation but since then cause I was an electrician in the army and for past year been doing domestic electrician with elecsa, I haven't...
  12. E

    Led glow

    Installed led spotlight on landing controlled by 2 way switch. When switched off it continues to glow. Presumably this is an induced voltage in the strapper. Is there any cure or even any need to cure it?
  13. T

    test board resistors

    hi all, anyone have any idea what resistors colleges put in test boards to simulate longer cables for decent ring test results? cheers!
  14. S

    Changing Direction (alarm related)

    I did post this in the welcome section and someone pointed out it was best i posted here Im simon from Birmingham, Im about to do my part p so any help and info would be great on that, however what i would really like to do is get deeper into Alarm, Fire and CCTV installs in particular Fire...
  15. J

    Help Needed. 16 x 16 LED array.

    Hello, I'm new to DIY electronics and I would be EXTREMELY grateful if someone could help me by answering the following: 1. I would like to set up a 17 x 16 bulb LED array on a piece of Veroboard. The bulbs are 5mm. 204 red (655nm) and 68 Blue (485nm). This will eventually be a 14 Watt, 120...
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