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  1. R

    Scantronic 3400 panel

    Hi Looking for manual for my old scantronic 3400 panel year about 1992, needs reprogramming after power and battery failure
  2. M

    Scantronic tags restricted number range

    Hi Folks, After some experimenting I have concluded that the Scantronic control panel has a limited range of tag numbers that it will accept. I have dozens of tags, all of which respond normally to an RFID reader, and some of which were specified as compatible with Scantronic panels. But only...
  3. S

    Scantronic panel problem

    Hi, my panel is a scantronic 9448+ ,when the system alarms only the internal panel buzzer sounds. If I do a bell test ( 4 enter then code ) the outside sounder , sounds and the strobe flashes. Thanks.
  4. C

    Scantronic 9651 v2 speech dialler

    hi I am trying to find some info on scantronic 9651 trying to install a v2 speech dialler . I have no problem installing these great we systems not much on the the dialler I got the whole kit together the guy said it was all compatible
  5. D

    Re-setting a Scantronic alarm - help needed!

    Hi I have bought a home with a 500r Scantronic alarm which needed a new battery in the main box. My partner stupidly didnt read the manual, opened the box in our loft and set the internal alarm off once he 'replaced' the battery. Our code didn't work, and it sounded off until he disconnected the...
  6. C

    Home Alarm System

    I have searched online for a GSM home alarm system and Visonic, Yale, Infinite Prime and CommPact seems to be the most popular ones, what are your thoughts and which one you suggest me to purchase? I have rang two installers today and one said he installs Scantronic alarms and the other one...
  7. Amp David

    Scantronic alarm choice

    Looking to fit this alarm panel to replace an old one. Any comments from anyone who's used them before regards ease of use, reliability etc. Scantronic 9651 EN 41 - Intruder - Alarm Panels - Scantronic 9651EN41 - Alarm World | Burglar Alarms & Home Security | CCTV and Access Controls and...
  8. S

    Wireless alarms?

    Any good recommendations for wireless alarms? Buying a house with no alarm in and don't want the mess of running in cables at the minute any ideas?
  9. J

    Veritas 8 C Alarm HELP! Please :-)

    Hi, i've had a Veritas 8C alarm for over 1hr and out of the blue it suddenly went wrong. The 24hr light on the control panel has started constanly flashing red whilst the unset light stays green. The alarm won't met me set it. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks Jayne :o
  10. S

    Which wireless alarm system?

    With the breakdown of society on the cards and less police around soon, I'm thinking of fitting an alarm system in my place. I don't want to run cable as new place and Mrs says no to cable, so thinking wireless system. Needs to have internal sounder to 120dB, prox tags and auto dialer and pet...
  11. R

    burglar alarms

    evening guys. been asked to look at a job which include atemping to get the olb alarm working,. it seems all in order but no one knows the code for the system. is it possible to get a master rest for them??? thanks, Ross.
  12. W

    Advice for House alarm Install

    Hi all, Looking for some help and guidance on what kit and how best to install a house alarm. Checked some of the earler threads and there seems to be a range of opinion. Long story short mate of mine came home last night and caught a little toe-rag in his front room eying up his plasma...
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