Solís is a resort (balneario) in the Maldonado Department of southeastern Uruguay.

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    Solar Solis RHI inverter ignores minimum SOC setting

    Hi All, Kit is Solis RHI 3.6k 5G inverter and two LG Chem RESU 6.5k combined with an LG RESU+ box, which is a CAN comms gateway and busbars. I have my SoC clip set at 20% with a grid top-up at 10%. The inverter ignores the 20% limit and regularly drops the batteries to 10%, which halves their...
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    Solis RHI-3.6K-48ES-5G stuck in off-grid mode

    Hi All, Main issue is as per title: inverter is stuck in Off-Grid mode. I used Self Use over the summer, which worked well, priority PV order Load > Battery > Grid. Now the UK has moved into pseudo-monsoon season, I'm only generating 1kWh/day, so I shifted my loads to off-peak grid hours...
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    Solis Battery installation

    Hi we have been asked to fit a Solis batteries and inverter to an installation and I wanted to check if the battery set up detailed will work completely independent of the solar panels as they have their own micro inverters fitted. Its our first exposer to domestic battery set setup and I can't...
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    Can Solis Inverter and Solic 200 work together?

    I have a 4kw system and a Solic 200 installed - all good since installation. I had a Solis inverter and Pylontech battery installed, but the Solic and Inverter do not work together! The Solic boost button does not work and I have the warning lights. I had hoped and asked the installer that if...
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