1. EricMark

    How were dynamos on steam vehicles controlled?

    There Seems to be only two wires on the dynamo, guy with it had no idea on how it was controlled, with cars turning on the ignition would motor the dynamo on a free wheel and one would adjust third brush to set output, since to stop engine you turn off ignition it also disconnected dynamo...
  2. D

    eicr coding question

    How would you code a cooker isolator switch mounted within the cooker space, I.e directly above the hobs? It's a metal faceplate mounted flush on metal splash back.
  3. ses

    Steam room lighting

    hi all Having to replace two IP65 spot lights that someone fitted in a steam room The lights failed badly Struggling to find lights that will fit the cutout 75mm or cover it surface mounted which are steam room approved Seem to need to be IP68 and heat resistant Any one got any ideas or...
  4. A

    Pme and hot tubs

    Hiya all So on a pme system you can either use the earth from the cu and essentially export pme to the tub. Not against the regs afaik. Or tt the tub. Is there any tests that can be done (like the 23k ohms test) that will give a definite answer as to what method to use? For the people who...
  5. Midwest

    Shower & Steam Cubicle

    I was asked by a plumber colleague, to have a look at a shower/steam cubicle, someone had asked him to install. The client had purchased the thing off ebay about a year ago, and has just been in a position to have it installed. The thing has come with no manufacturers instructions, and the...
  6. R

    Steam Bath Shower

    Good evening. This is my first post and apologize for my grammar. I need to wire a steam bath shower which has 3500w max 16amp. I know that i need to use rubber 2.5mm cable but not sure what spur i should install. Can i put this on ring circuit ? Many thank for replies.
  7. tombrooker84

    Bathroom extract fan installation, flex outlet or not?

    Hello all, I've been reading posts on here about bathrrom extracts, and got me thinking. Do you guys install a flex outlet adjacent to them or do you simply go straight in to the fan. I've always used a flex outlet, as these things never tend to last over 2/3 years and it makes replacement...
  8. Guitarist

    Less sensitive smoke alarms

    I went to price a job up today and noticed the lady had physically disconnected her 2 interlinked smoke alarms, due to them always going off. Obviously, I was concerned to see this and pointed out that not only is this dangerous, but that her insurance is probably invalid. She is a heavy...
  9. Paul.M

    Stupid customers

    I was in my local last week and a bloke approached me and asked if I was a sparky? Ya see I've got a small problem. Every time I get a shower all my lights go off unless I have the widow open but its getting too cold to do that now. Told him it needs looking at asap. He lives 5 mins away so off...
  10. L

    DC Motor/Generator

    Hello guys! Does anybody know how the construction of a DC generator differs from a DC motor? Any help wold be great.:)
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