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  1. John Matrix

    Company kit and tools stolen

    Hi lads just looking for advice when it comes to Company kit. Things like test kits etc. If they are left in the van and they get stollen is it the electricians responsibility to foot the bill? We are being told to take them in the house. To me this doesn’t seem unreasonable because I have the...
  2. JD6400

    Stolen live 3ph service head !!!

    Well it is a first for me! Sent one of the lads out this morning to connect a couple of welfare cabins on a site in the centre of the village where our office is , and he phoned up saying that all we have is a live service cable just sitting in the box !? This is the photo I received
  3. B

    Tools stolen and ways of tracing them back...!!!

    hello, so I've been hit by the "scum of the earth" pests who decided to raid my van as I was parked outside tool shop... amongst hand tools and screwdrivers etc that they stole:mad: they also wandered off with 2 of my multimeter testers..!! Can anyone help me know if theres a way of tracing...
  4. EalingBadger

    Thames Valley police advertise huge haul of stolen gear

    Just in case any members might find this useful: Thames Valley Police seeks to reunite tradespeople with their stolen tools - (I had £10K of kit nicked just over a year ago...
  5. Gavin John Hyde

    Police recover stolen tools in bristol - Are they yours?

    My local paper are running a story from Avon and Somerset police trying to reunite the owner with there stolen tools.. Tools are from the Bristol area. Guessing they belonged to a fellow electrician as the video shows a megger MFT and some Makita tools amongst other. What power tools were...
  6. Gavin John Hyde

    Immobilise - register your items in case they are stolen

    Talking to my mates girlfriend today who works for the plod, she mentioned a website called Immobilise. Its free and you can mark your items such as power tools, testers etc with UV Pens or buy some fancy smart water if need be and then register them on the database. If stolen and recovered by...
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody had tools stolen in Wiltshire area?

    Wiltshire police have recovered a huge haul of stolen power tools and other bits and bobs stolen from vans and vehicles in the Wiltshire area... They also recovered a stolen caravan from the same site.... Police followed a tracking device in a guys tools to find them. It would not be...
  8. Sparky_marky2

    Stolen tools on site?

    Hey all, Just like to know your thoughts on stolen tools on site, I was working a job awhile back for Derby uni and the spark I was working with had a Makita Impact drill + battery stolen out of his bag even though we were working in a quiet area and we went upstairs to collect materials no...
  9. C

    I am going to get my tools stolen

    Hello Guys Its not if its when i get my tools stolen as there will be one night or day an unforeseen lapse in preventative measures will occur and i except that. The van has dead locks, and an alarm however what is the best way to insure (i.e good insurance firm) my tools and has anyone had a...
  10. Kamikaze

    Is this the best Volkswagen commercial ever?

    Is this the best Volkswagen commercial ever? Stolen and dismantled BMW X6 squeezed inside a Volkswagen LT van, thief gets caught at border
  11. J

    £100k worth of panels stolen! £25K reward.

    I have a Solar installation company in Rotherham, south Yorkshire. Recent developments have made sourcing materials very difficult. Our order books were fuller than ever so I took delivery of 200nr LDK Poly 235W panels on Friday 18th November to supplement the 104 we already had in stock. This...
  12. Markc

    Stolen Panels

    Not knowing of many problems of panels being stolen off roofs but for information, and if anyone here gets offered them, 16 panels have been stolen of Brooke, Norfolk village hall roof. I don't have details of what the panels are but they were part of a 48 panel system. It took 9 days for the...
  13. M

    Second hand Megger 1552 MFT

    Hi, is it worth buying a Megger 1552 MFT second hand from EBay? I'm aware of the pitfulls of privately buying stuff, I was wandering if there was a way to tell that the multi tester is stolen before committing to buy, are they registered etc.. Thanks Maddemanblue
  14. S

    20 meters of 25mm 4core SWA for sale!

    20 meters of 25mm 4core SWA for sale! anyone intrested? in lancashire for pick up. spare from a job i did but im never going to use it so thought id give it a go on here. no drum included just coiled up nicely, never been used. any not stolen haha
  15. S

    Hello clever people. I want to know about 'volt sticks'

    'ello. 'volt sticks'. what do you think about them?
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