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  1. C

    Can I drill through a 4 stud thick column to run one 12/2 wire?

    I'm running one 12/2 wire through a wall and I ran into a structural column. It is 4 studs thick. Can I drill through this column to run my wire? 1575333614 Just wanted to add that I'm trying to add an electrical outlet to the wall.
  2. K

    Domestic Downlights in 50mm thick plasterboard

    Morning all, I’ve been off the tools for the last 20 years but have kept myself up to date with the regs and what’s going on in general, however I am struggling with this and wondered if any more up to date sparkles can help. It is my own kitchen extension which has a vaulted ceiling, the...
  3. J

    Thick Architect needs Help!!!

    All the RCBO information I see online only show the outgoing cable and the built in N (in) going to the N terminal connectors and FE wires . None show the return wires as in a ring circuit. The L and E wires are obvious but where does the return N connect to. The N terminal bar or to the...
  4. R

    Crimped copper pipe filled with grease from a stepdown transformer

    Hi. I'm 16 and studying electrical installations L2 at college. The stepdown transformers near my house recently got changed for new ones and I found a short piece of thick walled copper pipe underneath where the transformer is. The copper pipe has a relatively thick wall, filled with grease...
  5. E

    380 volt

    A friend of mine has just bought a pizza oven and the rating looks like 380 volt single phase at 4.5kW. Any idea how I can connect this to our current supply ? It's definitely single phase as the thick flew coming out of the unit is only 3 core (live, natural, earth)
  6. R

    Thick plasterboard wall?

    Not stricly an electrical question so apologies if this is the wrong place to ask... Has anyone ever come accross a dividing wall which appears to be solid/thick plasterboard? Drilling in for fixing trying to feel for the cavity and drill bit emerged in room next door. Wall seems to be...
  7. D

    3 layers of plasterboard stud wall

    Hi, has anyone else ever come across a stud wall that consists of 3 layers of plasterboard just stuck together. I thought it i had a nice easy job of cutting out a couple of fastfix boxes and fishing tv and Power cables into loft but as i was cutting out the boxes i realised it was a bit...
  8. M

    What formulas will I need to know to pass City and Guilds level 2?

    I know the basics- Ohms law, Power, Joules, C.S.A and Length. But I am not so clear on Lenz's law, Faradays law and some others which I can't even remember. Sorry if I come across a bit thick, This is my first year of electrics.
  9. F

    RCD on TT system

    I isolated a lighting circuit, confirmed and locked off. Went to fixture, rechecked for any voltages using a combined clamp meter, looked good carried out removal. Prior to this, customer upstairs working on laptop was warned I was working on the lighting circuit, but should not effect her...
  10. brs73

    trusted tradesmaen

    has anybody tried to register with the trusted tradesmen link on this forum i've tried a couple of times but it wont let me enter a location,tried postcode,area,country,shoe size etc i'm either thick or untrustworthy!!?? just thick i think???
  11. J

    120v bathroom light to 240v

    hi just a blonde thick question can anyone help?????
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