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  1. EalingBadger

    The hoary old topic of PME, TN-C-S and earthing rods (not TT)

    Somewhere along the line I picked up a suggestion from a forum posting or two that the DNO does not like you to connect an earthing rod to his "earth" - even though it is effectively just creating yet another, local to your installation, earthing point for the multiple ones already assumed to...
  2. lurch

    hot topic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . scary in places.
  3. S

    A bit of a similar topic (Dahlander)

    4kW Dahlander motor on Göckel G2 sharpener draws too much current evenly across all of the phases at slow speed (14 Amps instead of 8.5), keeps tripping. On high speed 5 Amps only. Resistance between all of the windings is 4-6 Ohm's. Must be evenly shorted windings somewhere, or previous owner...
  4. S

    What thermal problems could exist in Airborne structures / circuits ?

    I have got an interview and have been given this topic to do a 10 min talk on. Please help me
  5. i=p/u

    Faulty ps3

    Not sure if anyone has had problems with ps3 but il ask anyway , turns green, yellow and then flashes red... Anyone any experience or know of symptoms like this....
  6. vxwestie

    two installations, one earth rod

    A customer of mine has two installations (self contained barn coversions) connected to the same earth electrode. Each consumer unit has a 16mm cable connected to the same rod. I cant help thinking this is poor practice, but what regs does it break, if any?
  7. Sintra

    Life Insurance

    For you guys thinking of going abroad to work you will more than likely find that your life insurance will not cover you to work overseas. I found this out a few years ago when i was talking to a financial advisor and it was confirmed by the insurance company. I now have to inform the life...
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