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  1. J

    project Peugeot 308 Rear Window Regulator. Worked out 4 connesctions + - up down . But hesitates going up every inch or so? Any ideas please

    project Peugeot 308 Rear Window Regulator. Worked out 4 connesctions + - up down . But hesitates going up every inch or so? Any ideas please
  2. J

    electrical window wiring/control

    Doing a rewire of a kitchen where the exisiting electric windows are remaining The previous controller/connections was cut out and thrown away with the builders demo! Never really had to connect up a electric window before- I have extended the 2x 2core cables the go to the 2 windows- with a...
  3. D

    nissan figaro window not working

    hi i got problem with driver side window switch relay tested an is ok but still not working properly when the engine running will drop window down but lift up the need disconnect relay put back and window going up When the engine is off and ignition on you can drop and lift up. relay model amp...
  4. D

    Window motor Wire Up Help!!!

    I need some help guys . I want to wire up some switches to my windows on my racecar. The windows, motors and regulators are installed . I have the wiring diagram but my electrical skills are novice at best . I have the window motor harness spliced and ready, and a couple 20amp fuse wires...
  5. E

    Leaving a window shutter switch pressed after it ran its course

    Hello everyone, I have an electric window shutter in my aparment and it has these switches: When i press one of them I have to keep doing it until the shutter has closed/opened. Lately I started to stick a toothpick in the switch and let the shutter run its course by itself, and save those...
  6. T

    Extractor fan distance from window

    Evening all Customer on a new build did not want to install an extractor over the hob ( would ruin the effect...... ) Building control have said they need to install a 60L/S extractor fan in the kitchen as its away from the hob, does anyone know if there is a minimum distance an extractor can...
  7. P

    Citroen Relay Window Weirdness

    Hi there.. I have a 2013 Relay. The electric window switches in the drivers door started playing up, only working intermittently. I took off the door panel and looked at all the wiring.. all looking intact as far as I can see. The passenger window works from the passenger door switch perfectly...
  8. C

    Gluing alarm cables to UPVC Window frames & Door architraves

    Hello All, I am hoping to find a recommendation from members for a small tube of adhesive that is suitable for gluing Burglar Alarm detector cables to UPVC Window frames and Door architraves. I don`t want to buy a Hot Glue gun and glue sticks as I only have 4 cables to run down quite detailed...
  9. sparksburnout

    How much should a window cleaner charge?

    Young bloke round my way is starting up window cleaning Monday, he looks rough as chuff but he's OK I always pass the time of day when I see him, he gave me a lift out the Van with an old heater once. Anyway he collared me and said did I want a window cleaner, and having never had one before...
  10. N

    Electric window motor for Seat Ibiza 2005

    Hi, My drivers side electric window motor (and electric mirror adjuster) no longer works - I am told water got into it so it is not repairable. As it is a rare model (6Q1 959 801C) for which no replacements are available, I purchased an alternative 6L1 959 801 motor and fitted it. Unfortunately...
  11. S

    Peugeot Partner window problem

    Hi Chaps, Over the xmas period, someone entered my van. Nothing stolen as nothing of worth left in there thankfully. I could see no obvious means of entry or damage. Only thing is, since then the drivers window will open but not close. I have to use the fob to close it. It also doesn't latch...
  12. D

    Window Switch issue Ford F250

    I just bought a 1986 Ford F250 and the passenger side window doesn't roll down. I took off the door panel and jumped the motor and the window is able to go up and down. When I got the window down, I noticed that without me doing anything, and everything wired up normally, that the window was...
  13. keniff

    Motorised lantern window

    Hi everyone! I've recently finished first fixing an extension and they have had a large lantern window fitted with a motorised window, needs power and there's a rain sensor to wire too, these go back to a control unit on the wall. I have put 2 x 3c+e to the window area from the controller to...
  14. F

    Can a 40mm hole be drilled above or below a window lintel

    Please see picure. is it safe for me to drill 400mm hole above or below to the left of the window. obviously not through the lintel but I cant find anything on about drilling above or below. I'm guessing you can't but need some clarity ( as I'm sure the lintel has to Come over a brick and a...
  15. C

    Window openers

    any ideas,6 electric chain window openers,none work,either open or close. 230 volts at each opener,switched by 3 position switch,off,open,close.
  16. E

    Replacing a window extractor fan

    I've been asked to quote for replacing a window extractor fan on a double glazed kitchen window. I've not done this before so haven't said yes yet as I want to make sure I'm not going to muck up the seal. For those with experience in this area, presumably when the hole for the fan was originally...
  17. Simon-0116

    neutral to earth high voltage

    Been to look at a faulty socket on a rcbo and wont hold in, tried to test trip times etc but reading voltage on earth. Supply is tt, 3ph and 1 ph to a domestic property. Shared earth rod. Cant turn house off as belongs to separate person. So tested voltage at 3 ph db, 230, 400 v etc but...
  18. S

    Spot the Fault

    Hard to see, but it's in the middle of the picture ...
  19. A

    Pv Panels Moved

    I had a panel install done about 18 months ago and i stupidly said it was ok for them to cover the window (only access point to the roof from indoors), but now i know i have made a mistake and I'm looking for a rough ball park figure for the 6 panels to be moved probably about 1m along to enable...
  20. T

    Window regulator motor, how can these two please

    Hi all I am replacing a window regulator on Mercedes c class and unfortunately the way it connects to the cars wiring is different from the old one. How can i connect these two/marry them up without causing a problem in the system Thanks
  21. M

    152mm/6" diameter window mounted Extractor Fan

    Hi guys, I've been asked by a builder to fit a pull-cord extractor fan into a window, which has had an 152mm (approximately 6 inches) hole drilled through it. This measurement was given by the client. I'm struggling to find a fan which can be fitted to a window, with that size diameter. Do...
  22. D

    Domestic Extractor fan install on openable window?

    Can anyone shed light on this situation. I have been asked to install an extractor fan into an openable window located in a student let. The window opens sideways. The bathroom was previously installed into the loft of a back to back property with a dormer. The bathroom was added by taking...
  23. G

    Scam warning

    Trading Standards would like to warn motorists of a roadside scam reported to Cheshire Police. Drivers have been flagged down by men from a supposedly broken down car. They have either asked the victims for cash so that they can buy fuel or pay for taxi fare. The males have also offered...
  24. M

    Alarm door contact

    Hi guys and girls Have any of you got a way of fitting a door contact on a double glazed PVC door as because of the door edge shaped profile I am struggling to find a way that looks good. Thanks
  25. i=p/u

    velux window opening when heat detector goes off

    as the title says guys, have been asked if this can be done , now ihave never thought of it before , anybody give me clue how this would work and what device will be getting added to do this. i will find out soon enough but i would like to have a little info for when the time comes.. thaanks
  26. N

    Dont you just love builders

    Was carrying out an inspection recently on a property when i spotted this in the garden was being used by a plasterer whilst rendering the outside , i couldnt get round to get a decent pick so it was taken through a window but when i left there was a large sign stuck on the window , and for any...
  27. N

    pir code opinion??

    hello all, what would you code a bathroom fan that has no isolator, fed direct from light fitting? was thinking code 4 as does not comply but still can be isolated via mcb the same way you would isolate a light fitting etc. also had to issue a code 1 for a db with enough room along the...
  28. D

    Couple of Pics from my recent PIR on a takeaway

    not much but fun!
  29. A

    Joining alarm cable behind plaster

    I have an new bay window and now the existing magnetic connectors for the alarm are too short to reach the window. The alarm wire needs extending but where the joint would be is going to be plastered over. Is there any acceptable way of joining the cables behind plaster without having to...
  30. J

    Bathroom fan and isolator switch

    Hi, Apologies for the repeat post but I have re-measured the bathroom/fan and it now appears to be within zone 2. I've attached a picture (2 mashed together) with measurements. The fan is mains @ 230v. We've had an extractor fan wired into our bathroom by an electrician. However he's put the...
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