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  1. westward10

    New words and phrases.

    We have heard self isolation and social distances but I have had an email from my boss saying I have been furloughed, must admit I had to Google this so whether I have a job at the end of this who knows.
  2. D

    I have no words....

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OqXj66RUZs
  3. buzzlightyear

    another builder goes

    Lancashire construction firm Marcus Worthington and Company enters administration - https://www.lep.co.uk/business/lancashire-construction-firm-marcus-worthington-and-company-enters-administration-1-10026893 another builder.
  4. buzzlightyear

    whats with the five words

    now with the new alterations on the forum,me was thinking do I need to get the oxford dick out when replying to the some post .lol.
  5. M

    Lost for words.........

    Doing an eicr and came across this....just beggars belief that in 2005 when this was installed someone actually did this looked at it and went Yep Jobs a good 'un
  6. B

    A picture paints thousand words

    Dear All, I took this photograph as because I need a new box. I need a new box as the switch on this one do'es has ceased to function. I found it ceases to function as my washing machine shut down. I have three questions, 1 What is the correct description of this box? 2 As a novice to...
  7. the pict

    Why are these words so expensive

    £254.00 (Zero Rated) This part of BS 5266 gives recommendations and guidance on the factors that need to be considered in the design of and the installation and wiring of the electrical emergency lighting At the end of the day its ink and paper so why the ludicrous price when considering...
  8. pirate

    A story in four words at a time...

    OK, it's been done before, but hey...why not? I will start it off, in traditional fashion. all you need to do is add your 4 words, from time to time...
  9. Dillb

    Mobile app, ok is this enough words now?

    Does this site still support any mobile apps such as Tapatalk?
  10. EWP

    I am just lost for words.......

  11. T

    A picture says a thousands words

    Couldn't resist sharing a pic of view where I am
  12. M

    Domestic installation of a hot tub

    Hi, I am installing a hot tub in a friends garden,I am using 2.5swa cable straight out of the dis board on a 32A mcb,to a commando switch/socket,I am not sure if i have to use an rcd aswell next to the socket??
  13. R

    Help me choose right voltage transformer

    Okay so my Xbox 360 Slim Power supply has: Input Voltage: AC 100-127V 47-63Hz Output voltage: DC 135W 10.83 A, Power Plug: US Plug, Size: 17 x 7 x 5.2cm? = I want to convert 220 voltage power to work on this Power Supply, so basically I need step down converter. Can you find me one...
  14. SJD

    Calls from Manchester offering to get my Google listing to the top for my area!

    I wonder how many others are getting calls from an outfit in Manchester, that claims to be able to promote my webpage so it will come up at the top when someone searches for an electrician in my town? It almost sounds like Google themselves are calling (possibly that is the aim), but if you...
  15. L

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Can anybody take 5 mins / few words to explain briefly whats going on...r.e JIB ect..

    Hi Lads Can anybody take 5 mins / few words to explain briefly whats going on...r.e JIB ect.. I'm not nieve or ignorant but up on the North Wales coast where self employed sparks are 10 a penny nobody is talking about it, and even though i'm reasonably educated I just don't really understand...
  16. P

    anyone looking for a new job? Proof reader needed asap

    Exam board watchdog investigates question paper errors | Education | guardian.co.uk poor sods will have been stressed enough as it was but can you imagine trying to get your head round a multiple choice paper where every answer is wrong?? the mind boggles, I reckon some heads will roll for...
  17. T

    2382 Questions.. Where in the book??

    Evening all! I have been doing my 2382 exam simulator.. I did terrible!! Am i right in thinking that ALL questions asked in the 17th regs book can be found in the big red book?? I understand some of these may be simple questions and easy for many of you to answer. But could you tell me...
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