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Been doing alot of fuse-board upgrades recently and unless i find a potentially dangerous fault like open lives on a ring or neutral to earth fault on a circuit which will have to be sorted whatever.

I will put the following on the certificate:

The following observations were recorded and recommended remedial work listed:
1. Some metal light fittings not earthed (class 1) requires rectification.
2. High resistance readings on sockets (R1 + R2) tests - Check all connections on sockets.
Etc Etc

I am i doing the right thing because we are only responcible for the fuse-board change and all findings are noted and the client made aware and its up to them to pay extra for retification.
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as for 1. in your post. if you find unearthed classI fittings, you should not energise that circuit unless they are either removed or earthed. you would be leaving a dangerous situation. at best it's a C2.


you can only advise on work done...

as long as your work is suitable you cant force any other works

as for metal fittings leave danger notice...!


Correct, Any broken rings found are noted and downgrade the fuse, your not responsible for other things if you are there to change a db only. Your findings should be followed up with a quote to sort any remedials..
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I go round with my wander lead and any metal item with no continuity back to MET gets noted and i recommend it needs rectification as soon as possible if they dont go for the remedial work its up to them i have made them aware of the potential danger
Basically, if you know of any dangerous situations prior to changing the CU, then it's best to refuse to do the change unless the customer agrees to have them sorted as part of the job. It's hard to walk away from work, but sometimes the customer needs an ultimatum. Obviously, there will be things which only become apparent when carrying out full tests, but if you advise the customer at the start that xyz will need rectifying if found to be dangerous, then you will be in a much stronger position.
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