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big danny

Hi guys,

Ive been enquiring at my local college about doing an SQA-HNC in Elec.Eng. Starts at the end of august, 2 years part time 1 day a week. i qualify to join it as i already have an SQA-NC in elec/mech Engineering and EAL-SVQ level 2 elec/mech eng.

Im only looking into it at the moment and it does interest me but im hoping some of you could tell me what kind of jobs i would be able to apply for if i do it.

im not interested in going further on to HND or Degree level(take to long)

as many of you had suggested in a previous thread about doing the c&g 2357 at college it turns out none around me offer it so ive looked at the HNC as another option

Any help is much appreciated


Depends which direction you ultimately want to travel in mate.

I'm doing mine now and am still not sure where I'll end up.

If you do a forum search you'll find a number of threads on this very topic

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as Lenny says, depends upon what you want to do, but i would advise you to do it, if your not in the industry you should expect to get a job as an electrical technician or traineeship with a view to fast track career advancement in electrical engineering (maintenance spark etc), might i also add that the college brochure and website will quote what i have just said, so bear in mind research plays a large part in the electrical HNC as lecturers rightly cant be assed teaching/telling, people will be more willing to help you if you try to help yourself first
good luck

big danny

i was an apprentice from 2001-2004 as a elect/mech maintenance engineer thats why i already have an svq level 2(my svq level 3 would have been completed in my last year also) and NC and done 3 of the 12 HNC modules before i left my job.
but say i went back 2 college and completed the HNC and maybe done some C&G courses(17th edition, inspection and testing etc) would i be entitled to be graded as something or would i need a svq level 3 or what.
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