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  1. S

    HNC home learning

    I am looking at taking the HNC electrical course on a home learning basics. I am askibg if my company will put me through it does anyone know if there are any goverment schemes which will assist my company? If my compnay aren't willing to pay for it I'm willing to pay on a module by module...
  2. T

    What can I do with a HNC Electrical Engineering

    My situation: I have completed a HNC in Electrical Engineering but do not currently work in a technical role. I would like to change to a more hands-on role or at least more technical role (or at least one with room for development). A role in electrical maintenance (industrial) would be ideal...
  3. HJC

    Building Services vs EE HNC

    Hi everyone, Quick background, I'm looking to further my career and start a hnc in either electrical engineering or building services engineering. I'm currently an approved electrician with the jib and feel that a hnc is the next logical step. In terms of job prospects, salary and further...
  4. S

    HNC Electrical Engineering

    I'm looking for some first hand advice and opinions from anyone who has completed or is currently studying a HNC Level4. Thinking about making the leap as a few jobs I like the sound of ask for it. I've been qualified as a spark for a little while now and am getting a bit bored and would...
  5. S

    HNC Building Services Engineering / Elec & Elec

    Hi all. I have been trying to do some reading up on my options for possibly doing a HNC next year. I had originally looked at doing a HNC in Electrical & Electronic Engineering as it seemed the most logical step forwards from my current qualifications as follows Apprenticeship NVQ L3 2391...
  6. D

    SQA Electrical HNC Modules

    Does anybody know where i could do the following sqa modules by distace learning. 1) DG3N34 Electronic Testing Skills 2) FY9T34 Analogue Electronic Principles 3) DG3C34 Combinational Logic 4) DG3G34 Electrical Networks and Resonance 5) DG2W35 Active Electronic Circuits 6) DG5834 Engineering...
  7. Sparksaflyin

    Anyone got any info on hnc/hnd

    Anyone with any advice on the hnd/hnc courses I’d love to hear from you. Seems like a lot of time I’d have to spend away from my kids unless anyone knows any different??? All help welcome!
  8. E

    Help with my career: HNC and BTEC

    Hi everyone! I need some advise to continue developing my career I moved to Edinburgh from Spain almost 2 years ago and as my english was rubish I couldn´t get any job on the electrical field, so I had to work as Bus valeter, cleaner and handyman. Although I´m 27, I have 8 years exerience as...
  9. D

    Does having your compex and/or 2396 design help towards electrical and electronic HNC?

    Hello all (first time posting so apologies if this topic has came up before) I am looking towards doing my electrical and electronic HNC through teeside open learning and have been told that you can use level 4+5 (compex,design) qualifications as a RPCL (recognition of prior certified learning)...
  10. T

    HNC Teeside university

    Hi Did anyone doing electrical and electronic engineering ,I stuck on electrical and electronic principles TMA 3 and dont have clue where to start .
  11. C

    Elwctrical/building services HNC choice

    Hi I am a qualified approved spark now working in estimating for the past few years. I have the option of completing a HNC paid by the company I work for on day release. But, what do I go for Building services or Electrical/electronics? The company is commercial/industrial and completes...
  12. T

    2396, HNC - HND, opinions?

    Evening all. I'm looking at furthering myself educationally. Have got 2394/95 and have been looking at both 2396 and HNC. other than the cost and time of the HNC being a lot higher than 2396 what's people's opinions of each of them? Thanks.
  13. D

    HNC electrical engineering project help

    Hi, I'm currently in the 2nd year of my electrical engineering HNC and trying to complete my project but feel like I'm going in circles. My premise is that I'm replacing 35 fluorescent lights that are energised for 24 hours per day for LED fittings and a new switching arrangement containing PIR...
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