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We did a job a couple of weeks ago using a Solar Edge 3500. It's generating as expected but may be having an unexpected side-effect....

Customer has sent the following email:

"I was wondering whether the inverter, or any other part of the system might generate interference with electrical equipment ? We keep having periods of time where our internet connection keeps dropping in and out; needless to say its been alright for the last several hours. I guess its probably the phone line or the router."

Anyone got any experience of PV systems upsetting wireless broadband?
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I dont think it will be the solar edge equipment , as I never had this problem I have installed many solar edge systems now .

it could be your power point plug tops


Need more info' to comment.......................

ie. are they are merely using a std ROUTER/MODEM plugged into the phoneline and using std wifi (b/g or n) connection or are they using wifi extenders or mains power through adapters in certain parts of the house ??


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Customer has not had any internet problems recently and has decided it was nothing to do with his PV system.


I loose my ITV telly channels if it rains since the PV install, as the aerial is in the loft sat behind the panels.
I could faff about installing a new aerial outdoors, but I have found a signal booster was all it needed.
Im going to install a 3 way one in the loft and feed all the tellys from one boosted source.



That's quite probable, and indeed highly probable as the solar pv panels will act as a faraday cage and hence screen the signals, the installer should have picked that up during the site survey and advised you accordingly.

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