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Hi guys, I wonder if anyone out there can help me.

I installed an LED strip light round the drop ceiling in my bathroom for some mood lighting. There are three led strips in total, two are 5 meters long and the third is 1 meter long. The strip is rated at 4.8 watts per meter (total of 52.8 watts). The three strips are connected in parallel to a 60 watt, 12 volt dimmable driver.

I connected everything up and switched on - it took over 10 seconds for the lights to come on. I turned it off then on again - a bit quicker this time, maybe 5-7 seconds. After turning on and off a few times it was down to perhaps 3 seconds. I turned the switch off and left it for an hour then turned it on again - back to over 10 seconds for the lights to come on.

I thought maybe I've just not got enough headroom in the power supply, so I disconnected the two longer strips leaving only the 1 meter strip connected. It was quicker, but still took 3-4 seconds to come on.

Has anyone encountered anything like this before or have any advice for me? Have I bought inferior products (I don't want to name names at this stage!) - but to give you an idea the dimmable driver was £60 and 15 meters of led strip was just under £100 (both bought from an online led specialist store).

Any help or advice anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading.



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Have you consulted the manufacturer or the instructions?
Many led drivers seem to take some time to “boot up”

It may well be to ensure there is a stable power supply before energising the led array.


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Can you by-pass the dimmer (presumably you have it on a dimmer as dimmable)? Put a switch on instead.
It may be an issue with the dimmer module itself and the strip/driver is fine
As previously said there can be a bit of a delay sometimes!
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Thanks for the responses. DefyG yeah I wired it through a regular light switch and the delay is exactly the same. I was kinda hoping it was the dimmer switch as would have been an easy fix but unfortunately not.

I can understand a bit of a delay, but 10+ seconds?!?! You'd be in and out with your business complete before the light comes on!
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Thanks James, I'll dig out the instructions but from recollection there wasn't much info. I will fire them off an email and see if they can offer any suggestions.

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