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Currently in the process of setting up my own company while still being employed. I am a 18th edition Approved Electrician in Scotland. I looking a bit of information to which courses or qualifications that would be required for me to go out and self certify the work I’m doing. I’m already aware of the 2391-52 I&T but is there anything else?
Hi Mate

I am 19 years old and currently an automation maintenance engineer (3 year BTEC/NVQ LVL3 apprenticeship) at a large industrial firm and hold 18th edition wiring regs along with the C&G2391-52 certificate. I have always wanted to start up my own business due to all the perks it comes with and perhaps do some contracting work abroad (once this whole covid thing is over).

I have not yet started setting up my own company but doing research into how I could go about it and what kind of experience I would need, perhaps any recommendations on the next steps I should take? I don't have any experience working on domestic installations, just large industrial 3 phase machines which I carry out maintenance, fault diagnosis and inspection/testing.

I feel like were in quite the similar position in the sense that I would like to set up my own company whilst being employed.

Not sure about Scotland but guessing its the same as England, have a look at competent persons schemes requirements.. I think there is either domestic installer (Not sure of requirements for that) or electrician which you need NVQ 3 and 18th edition, to be assessed as doing EICR's you need 2391. More importantly for domestic though you need some building skills as you will be taking up floorboards, relaying carpet, plastering etc etc.

I started up my company back in march, I am semi retired but wanted to keep my hand in. I am more than busy enough for what I want at the moment but have to be honest if I was relying on it as a fulltime job the work just has not come in, there is a lot of competition in my area, I am sure I could do more marketing and get more work, but its not a bad shout to stay employed as it can take a while to get your name around and at the moment being in lockdown I have had no phone calls in the last couple of weeks.

As for starting the company its not cheap going it alone, you need all the tools (min 3-4k), a van, insurance and cps (around 1k). Some starting stock, things like wagos etc etc etc (1k). Then you have to think no pension, no holiday or sick pay and when you finish at the end of the day you can spend another 3hrs unpaid work doing invoices, paperwork, ordering parts, looking at new jobs etc. I am not trying to put you off, I have another property company and even I was surprised at just how much unpaid time I end up working.

I would recommend Coconut for a limited company account as its free and pandle for doing invoices etc again cause its free.
If you're 18th Edition and approved there's nothing stopping you from certifying your own work domestically or commercially.
The issue you might run into commercially is contract managers only looking to take on sparks that have their I&T tickets and certifications.

And domestically, the NICEIC and SELECT have become so common that if you don't have them, your average customer might see it as a negative, but it doesn't stop you from certifying your own work.
That being said, customers love a trust badge, so being able to stick on SELECT/NICEIC on the van is a plus, but itll set you back a grand £+ a year.

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