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After having made some floorboards in the bedroom secure after the cowboys who did the electrics in this house a long time ago couldn’t be bothered, I have duscovered that the sawn-off end of the floorboard had been hammered back under the wall, and as a result, the outer insulation on the cooker supply cable and lighting cable has been damaged, revealing a small part of the cables inside. I’ve taken s close-up photo of the cables and there doesn’t seem to be any damage to the inner cores insulstion.
Can I use wago connectors in a wago box to remedy this issue?
The cooker cable has been plastered over and tiled. The damaged section of cable is underfloor.
Cooker is on its own 32A circuit.
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good question - connections are best avoided - also - as it is plastered in i doubt you would have the required slack to make a connection
what you need is an electrician to come and do a few tests - such as a IR test to check there is no damage to cores of the cable - even though it looks like there is not.


if the inner core insulation is undamaged, i'd be inclined to just wrap with self-amalgamating tape. would be a good idea to do as he^^^^^ says and get it tested first. i'd not cut and make joints unless absolutely necessary, bearing in mind that cooker cables carry a high current which could be excessive for wagos and suchlike.


I initially agreed with Tel's post above but looking at the picture the damage looks quite bad. I think I'd get someone out to have a proper look Gary. They can determine if the damage is not too bad, or if it is too bad, the best way to join the cables (or pull through new cable if easy enough).

Also, are they singles? If so are you sure it's the cooker? They dont look like meter tails but I couldn't say absolutely not from that picture.
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They’re not meter tails. The cables are underfloor in the upstairs bedroom.
CU & meter tails are downstairs.
Without actually lifting the floorboards in the bathroom (no electric shower in there) it’s hard to say 100% it’s the cooker cable between CU and cooker isolating switch, but the cooker is the only heavy draw appliance in that part of the house.
Ill be investigating further where the cable goes.
This house only has 6 circuits in total. Cooker is the only one with big basterd cables ;)
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Had insulation resistance test done.

RFC 1 & 2: >199 megohms
Cooker: >199 megohms
Lighting 1: 1.1 megohms
Lighting 2: >199 megohms

1.1 Meg complies, but only just!
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Slightly delayed update:

1.1 Meg was being caused by PIR in the security lights. They’re both on the same circuit.
Disconnected PIR, now get >199 Meg :)

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