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Hi Everyone my name is Jay I'm based in East London. I'm looking to get some voluntary experience if anyone is willing to allow me to tag along with them. I've completed Level 2 & 3 (2365) Electrical Installation, have 18th Edition as well as Level 3 EAL Inspection and Testing. I'm really proactive and willing to help out if anyone needs a helping hand. Thanks for reading my post.


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Welcome to the forum how long have you been in the electrical trade?

If you post your advert for work here in the looking for work forum you may get more responses :)

Edit: It got moved. Cheers Westy. :)
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Hi Lou thanks for the reply. I've been working for over a year now combining electrical studies. Need more experience in the field with a competent electrician. If you know anyone in the London area would be appreciated. Thanks
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