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  1. N

    Running cables horizontally along the 150mm top of wall

    Top of the wall – where the wall meets the ceiling there is a 150mm zone where cables should be run. It is at the top of the wall and runs horizontally around the whole wall House is made of concrete floors. So I'm planning on using the top 150mm of wall (safe zone) by ceiling, to run cables...
  2. M

    Solar Edge inverter installed along with pvdc monitor & growatt voltage optimiser?

    Bit out of my area but hopefully a quick one for someone with the right experience. Central Oxford domestic installation done by reputable company for elderly lady. Single property has installed: Solar Edge single phase inverter Growatt voltage optimiser VO60 PVDC Voltage monitor? 3kw battery...
  3. Flux

    First post

    Hi all, New to the forum, hope to get some help along the way and share advice etc. Thanks Adam
  4. robman29


    Hi, I'm a sparks working in the Essex and Herts area and (unfortunately) London sometimes (always a long drive with lots of traffic, or early in and out), pretty much use the forum for reference, most questions I want to ask have already been answered and I'm very greatful for that, a lot of...
  5. mack3rs


    hi ppl on here to tap into the knowledge and hopefully provide some. :)
  6. M

    Don't shoot me, I need some clarification.

    I'm not an electrician, I'm a chemist, and although I think I know the answer I need a clarified clear answer from someone who knows what they are on about. Its not strictly electrical but my MS (multiple Sclerosis) nurse told me what MS was using this analogy. Imagine you have a lamp... and a...
  7. P


    New member just saying hello!
  8. S

    Old man a spark, his old man a spark, and now me. be a spark they said, Be fun!

    Hello all. Just taken over the family business. Im noot green having grown up with it, but there are going to be time i ain got a clue. thank in advance.. oh and where to i post my first issue? i have a simple "what the hell is going on here question!
  9. Monkey Nuts

    Hi all :)

    hello everyone i'm chris from east yorkshire although i'm DEI, part p and BS7671 qual, i have limited experience, so go easy on me ! :D hoping to learn lots from you all stay safe chris

    New Member

    Hi all, Thank you for the welcome Dan. I'm 52, self employed domestic sparks and look forward to reading and contributing on here with everyone. All the best to everyone.
  11. D

    Just Joined - Hello

    Hi there, Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I've been a Sparks since 1999 carrying out all different types of works. For the last 4 yrs I have been working on the DNO side of things, Live cable jointing,OHL's etc for all networks across the UK.
  12. R

    Minimum Height Of Conduit

    I have just finished a job for a customer part of which entailed running 20mm conduit horizontally at 1.75 metres above ground along a vertical railway sleeper type wall at the end of a parking area for their two cars. I have just had an email from the customer saying that they want the conduit...
  13. telectrix


    As title, this morning I am totally confused. Been out to a call-out and observed the following: several peoples, both male and female, out in the sun, actually running along the pavements or at the side of the road. sometimes singly, occasionally in pairs. there are no bush fires; no...
  14. D

    Steel trunking

    Hi guys Been asked to perform some remedial works on site....lot of which is Missing 100mm galvanised trunking lids missing. Can they be bought alone ? ( as i cant find them ) or will the whole trunking section needs to be replaced ? does anybody have any better ideas ? ta
  15. G

    Domestic Mains replacement help needed!

    Hello, I am a non-electrician and not planning on doing this myself but was wondering if anyone could offer any advice... I live in a leasehold property. I came home one day to find no mains supply. We have had our provider (British gas) in who said the main fuse outside is fine and the...
  16. Clark3169

    Domestic RCD's tripping with no current?

    Hi guys, I am helping a friend with extending the ring main and adding some lights etc... in his new bedroom. I have put in a few new sockets & some two way lighting etc... I have isolated the circuits by turning off the appropriate MCB's at the CU which is split and both sides are protected by...
  17. E

    large junction box or enclosure wanted

    i've got to replace a board, it's in a stupid location (behind a garage door frame) and wants moved about 4 foot to the left. half of the circuits come throught the back of the board along with the tails and the other half are clipped to the black wall and go up. ideally i want an enclosure...
  18. K

    Voltage droop

    Hi guys and girls I'm new to the forum and it's probably on here somewhere but could someone please tell me a simple way of calculating volt drop as I'm not having much joy with the Maths side of things and I've got my 2391-10 in two weeks as easy as possible plse
  19. T

    New Trainee for Hemel Hempstead

    Hello everyone, My name is Alan and I have recently decided on a career change, I have just starting studying the Train 4 trade skills course for Domestic and commercial Electrician. Hope to pick your brains sometime in the future. Regards Alan
  20. J

    stairway lighting circuits

    Hi been working abroad for a few years and now back in the uk , question i have is in a stairwell in a sheltered housing scheme do the lights in the stairwell still have to be wired on the 1 circuit under the 17th edition ? stairs cover 5 floors thanks in advance (17th edition course booked...
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