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  1. happyhippydad

    Any brackets to hold large floodlight to telegraph pole?

    My client wants to fit a very large floodlight 240w LED (Wirefield LED Commercial Floodlight 240W - http://www.rexelenergysolutions.co.uk/product/2500671142/Wirefield-LED-Commercial-Floodlight-240W-) to a telegraph pole. I was wondering if anyone knows of any brackets to use to attach to the...
  2. G

    Does anyone still fit panels on slate roofs

    Hi looking to see if anybody fits PVC panels on slate roofs, reason being I have 483 schueco brackets, for sale
  3. A

    4" trunking

    I've got a load of 4" trunking which is minus all the bits to join it together and hold the lid on. The joiners are no problems as I can get those. It's just the brackets to hold the lid on I'm struggling to find. No matter how google I use. Does anybody know where you can get them from?
  4. I

    security light cable

    when wiring a security light the type with mounting bracket, do you run the cable inside the bracket to the wiring box or outside the bracket ? i understand that it depends on cable run but i usually try to run it inside the bracket to allow for adjustment.
  5. M

    Advice please. Slate roof installation

    Looking at installing pv on my parents house a slate roof. Whats best way please? Seen a couple of youtube vids. One video using hanger bolts which spread to form water tight seals or other which meant cutting slate and then use lead flashing? All help appreciated. Thanks Sent from my iPhone...
  6. G

    Help with landscape setup, what hangers?

    HI all, got some panels to mount in landscape but having problems in what brackets to use I’ve got a few options the tiles are plain roof but i can’t find plain roof brackets with a 90 degreeto mount the rails vertically so can i use the plain tile bracket which has 90 degree bend on it and...
  7. Jackflash

    Suspending galv trunking

    Hi, installing some 50x50 glavanised steel trunking with steel conduits branched off to supply power to lights and sockets. part of it (about 8m x 8m 'L' shape) is to be suspended 1ft from the ceiling. what is the simplist way to do this? thinking unistrut screwed to the concrete...
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